Feminism: Can I Believe in ‘Equal Rights’ and Not Be a Feminist? Julia Says NO!

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Julia needs a lesson in denotation versus connotation. The denotation, the ‘general definition’ of feminism, I think most people agree with. Equal opportunities, equal rights, for all, regardless.

The connotation of feminism is a bunch of bat shit crazy neon haired man hating lesbians who want to destroy capitalism and usher in the next socialist ‘utopia’.

And Julia wonders why in the world a lot of people refuse to call themselves ‘feminists’ when they look at the ACTIONS of feminists…and the destruction the movement has caused throughout our history.

I said maybe feminists did some good; perhaps. But the destructive force of feminism has been far more harmful to both men and women than positive. In my humble opinion.

I won’t link her video and please, vent on the comments section below and don’t bother her. I think she’s not so far gone as to be written off as another lost cause. Flooding her comments section with your anger will driver her further down the feminist rathole. So please, don’t do it.

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43 Responses

  1. DonkeyLips McGee says:

    Women's lack of critical thinking and over reliance on emotionality make them less inclined to identify propaganda.

  2. Robert Denham says:

    Equal opportunities don't mean equal capabilities. We all have the same rights and same opportunities, just not the same capabilities. Don't mistake your opportunities as rights.

  3. Mark K says:

    The cure for cognitive dissonance is time, maturity, and common sense, all of which can't be instilled in a fem who is a feminist.The only hope for her is to be inquisitive enough to look into why a large percentage of women do not consider themselves feminists. We Menists are all about gender equality, too.; is that sexist? Menist? Makes as much sense as attributing gender equality to feminism, or any other one sided movement. That is except Hamsterism.

  4. Jo A. says:

    I don't believe in gender equality. If I had the power to reverse the laws, I would do it in a heartbeat.

    If a person believes in equal rights for both genders, they will only be contributing to the eventual rise of feminism again. You cannot believe in gender equality under the law, and also believe that removing women's rights to vote or having a nett tax payer system is a solution. It should be equal rights with equal responsibilities. Egalitarianism is about the same as feminism, socialism, and other broken systems that ruin society. Men and women are not equal.

    People need to clearly define what we can call rights and what are privileges. Voting is a privilege that must be earned. The right to not be murdered, raped, etc., should be allotted equally to men and women. The key is defining what is a right and what is a privilege. Right now the line is so blurred at what should be a right and what is a privilege.

  5. Crypto Titan says:

    My goodness, American feminism knows no bounds to the stupidity of the female species.

  6. Cerberus Dog says:

    Feminism a stinky turd by any other name… Seriously the best they can do is try to rebrand it?

  7. Jorge Gonzales says:

    Feminism is a mental illness

  8. Jorge Gonzales says:

    Of course the entitled cunt is attending San Diego State, one of the most spoiled, feminized, and leftard schools on earth behind Berkeley.

  9. Bingy Bingy says:

    You know, the last two years I have been MGTOW and work in trade which is 99.9999% male, so very rarely hear a womans voice, sitting here I realise just how much a woman's voice grates on my ears. It really is amazing how quiet my life is now lol.

  10. fat guy Mgtow says:

    Lol.. I love the funny commentary..
    The definition of insanity?

  11. Simpin' Aint Easy ! says:

    Equality, just for women!

  12. Nathan B. Champine says:

    The vapid femsplaining is strong in that one.

  13. Bruce Kirk says:

    Been "interested" in feminism since middle school……..thus proving the, so called, public education is nothing more than feminist indoctrination centers forcing feminist man hate ideology on children.

  14. givmespace says:

    derogatory/ derogatorily: because why check right? facts, statistics n logic are cancer right?

  15. Gamaliel says:

    Women have too many rights, and their inability to handle them is evident. They have the right to kill their unborn, they have the power to ruin a man with a word, they can drain a man of resources when they divorce a man at their whim. These powers must be removed.

  16. Nick Williamson says:

    Couldn't say it better myself boss.

  17. DarthDevorin says:

    It's like saying if you eat vegetables you're a vegan.

  18. MrGchiasson says:

    The foundation of feminism has always been, "She's a permanent victim of some ambiguous oppression so men are supposed to stand back, lower the bar & be filled with guilt. The whole damned male population must give up anything to make the female feel good about themselves". Then…biased laws, corrupt lawmakers and scab-sucking liberal media & educational systems who indoctrinate …everybody. (Screaming at the Marxist insanity!)

  19. tomz1daful says:

    James Vin Maxwell, in the interest of "equality", being the White Knight for Ms Julie and shielding her from bone crushing, blood letting "words of free speech" men may send her way from time to time.
    "In the Interest of Gender Equality", it might be eye opening for her to have a taste of a male perspective, unfiltered by the tint of a blue or purple pills.
    Unless, of course, she only deserves a "safe space" version, cuz… triggers.

    No pain, no ga….
    Well, you know the phrase…

    Pax vobiscum

  20. Ronald Nyandoro says:

    The mental gymnastics is strong with this one. 'Equality' truly means men/corporations/governments top up for wahmen's inadequacies by fiat and then they are celebrated for it.

  21. Christian J. says:

    The problem the feminasties have is that even though they have the same rights as Men have plus a load more but fail to realise that the work ethic does not automatically apply to these priviliged princesses. They talk everything to death without actually coming to the point..

  22. Rigna Tetris says:

    As deadpool in death battle said

  23. Topgun God says:

    Voted down because the narrator is so retarded that he believes women, who have never earned the many rights they jave, should have equal riggts to men, who have earned and fought fir each and every right they have… or rather, had, as men these days have almost no rights, thanks to feminism, only responsibilities.
    Only women have rights now, apparently.

  24. Topgun God says:

    Feminists don't want equal rights. They want female superiority, which is why women have about a dozen MORE rights than men.

    Take women's unearned rights away!

  25. Reaper419Darkangel says:

    so sorry for having a personality, judgement and a brain, little feminist… not… I rather have all sorts of cancer and lose all limbs than be a feminist

  26. Guammar Maddafaki says:

    Feminism is a HATE religion, period!

  27. brian robinson says:

    #avoid women at all costs #notmetoo #marriage suck

  28. James Von Maxwell says:

    And just to make myself clear; I believe in equal rights for both men and women. And ALSO equal responsibilities for the choices men and women make. As you know, feminism is totally and completely on board with having NO responsibilities for the choices of women and blaming MEN for it if things don't turn out.

  29. RedPill Aware says:

    Equal Rights but not equal responsibility…

    THAT is feminism….

  30. Den Man says:

    thank you for speaking. out loud

  31. Pagan Minotaur says:

    She is correct about one thing as in America at least, we are not completely equal… We do not equal time for equal time for crimes. Or equal number of domestic abuse shelters. Or equal protection of rape cases, as pertaining to if the man in proven innocent he is still guilty in the court of public opinion…

  32. Snore Lax says:

    Is the deep void of emptiness on top of her neck to protect her identity or is it an artistic representation of the offering here?

  33. Classic Ford says:

    & in a few years from now she will be asking why can't I find a man

  34. Mike Hunt says:

    The American female is the most privileged individual in the history of this planet.

  35. Portuguese MGTOW says:

    Who da fack is Julia?!

  36. Petey Nutt says:

    Such doublespeak.

  37. BT's are boss mm's lick my balls says:

    I believe feminists deserve equal rights… and lefts.

  38. James Von Maxwell says:

    It's actually like a cornucopia of feminist nonsense on the Tube today. Might do another, it's relaxing…)

  39. Pagan Minotaur says:

    As a parody of "she thinks my tracker's sexy" * ~ I think that hampster's sexy, He really turns me on. I'm always thinking of he, while I'm pulling ma log… ~ lol

  40. OutLawStar says:

    Hello James Von Maxwell, looks like that 835am beer kicked in. Second YouTube video.

  41. Straight Sith Male says:

    Honestly I got nothing what needs to be said has already been said!

  42. Male Progressive TV says:

    The idea is to be as confusing as possible so that you never get back around to making your argument make sense.

  43. Dylan Tilbrook says:


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