Fasting & Vegan Convenience Food – #Veganuary Days 5-9

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How easy is it to be vegan in London? Mental. Anyway I’ve started fasting, I’m exploring more of a vegan diet and more convenience food, and generally getting on a touch better this week.

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5 Responses

  1. Oliver Jagus says:

    I've been doing it too dude and I'm still hitting my workouts ok – but I'm struggling to get out of bed due to being sooooo tired 🙁

  2. j kj says:

    eating like a vegan shows us the reality of food and how its truly a fuel source and not just for pleasure

  3. j kj says:

    its funny how we worry more about our lack of nutrition when we eat healthy but dont really care when we eat what we want and just assume we will be ok. strange actually? maybe its because junk food and proccessed food ingredients all started in a lab, developed to fool us into thinking its good for us and thats why we dont worry about meeting nutritional needs when we eat junk.

  4. j kj says:

    its funny how i used to worry about not getting all my nutrients when i first tried out being a vegan haha, but then it dawned on me… when i was was eating whatever in wanted i was no where near getting all my nutrients…. far from it actually more like in the negative in terms of nutrition, my point is even if im not satisfying every nutrient and reccomended protein right away im still giving my body a high quality fuel source far superior to junk food and dead meat.

  5. Aimee Louise Living says:

    You're right – I've just moved to London and I feel like the weird one NOT being vegan! It's definitely making me change my choices and branch out for sure

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