Extremely rare 2 Gender Spider !

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Lampropelma nigerrimum gynandromorph ! Male and Female in One ! Very Rare!

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29 Responses

  1. Etienne Pagex says:

    you wear gucci? i just lost interest

  2. Mariella says:

    Arachnophobia has left the chat

  3. Dave Strider says:

    Did you just assume that there are only 2 genders?

  4. MarquisDeSang says:

    If it bites you, you turn into a violent gender fluid Antifa.

  5. tankearste says:

    Look at what you feathers are doing. Even fucking spiders wanna change genders

  6. Goomberdups says:

    Why are you only showing us now if you've had it for 2 years

  7. Sabakin Life says:

    Very strong

  8. Wade says:

    its XXXTENTACION spider version

  9. Mason S says:

    Even the damn arachnids identify as trans fluid.

  10. Kayla Mo says:

    This video is so awesome.
    Really reminds me of the educational videos teachers would show in my elementary & middle school classes, which everyone would be excited about. I remember learning the most from those. Even on tv there was Steve Erwin & Jeff Corwin who taught me so much as a kid.
    These are the types of videos & information we should be spreading to people, ESPECIALLY our youth.
    You sharing your knowledge with us is one of the coolest things anyone can do.
    That tarantula is so cool.

  11. Giogios the III says:


  12. A Brittish Panfish says:

    Is it male sized or female sized?

  13. undertakersarmpit says:

    Nani?! Baron Ashura?? since it's a chimera, does it have intersex organs?

  14. Tina Morales says:

    That’s super cool!

  15. Rauwil says:

    Ааа зачем я на тебя подписался у меня же арахнофобия!!!!!ааааааа!!

  16. PovRayMan says:

    Thanks, I hate it.

  17. Ashutosh Singh says:

    Mantises are best

  18. Your songs ❤ says:

    I think this is a condition called Chimerism – 1 entity has 2 sets of DNA, and the organism is its own twin.
    It also happens in humans and other animals.
    It's easier to find out if the twins are opposite genders but the twins can also be same gender.

  19. Chickscopiesherday says:

    That is amazing, I love how it's split right down the middle.

  20. AntsLifeUk says:

    Why do you wear gloves? Is it poisonous?

  21. jenegg says:

    that's really cool :0

  22. Vingança Vingativa says:


  23. CreativeDemon says:

    It cannot fertilize itself but its sexual behaviour is the same as the other spiders? Can it fertilize other spiders or be fertilized by them, or both?

  24. Truman Fung says:

    Its a todoroki spider! 🙂

  25. Mike Dix says:

    So it can go fuck its self?

  26. Niggers Hang says:


  27. Barely Awake says:

    That tarantula just said "Look at me!"

  28. Trisev O-860U says:

    So can it lay eggs?

  29. shukusuku says:

    this type of form is called Ardhanarishvara https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ardhanarishvara

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