Exotic Dancer to Business Women

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Yakinea Marie’s story was not always that of glamour and glitz. At a young age she was violated when a friend of the family raped her, and to make matters worse she felt feelings of abandonment due to her mom’s drug addiction; which led to her residing in a group home for more than four years. She became sexually active while in high school which led to her becoming a teen mom at the age of eighteen. After graduating from high school with honors she began associating with the wrong crowd, which led to her dropping out of college to entertain a lifestyle that most frowned upon. This lifestyle introduced her to a life of erroneous thinking, negative associations, and unproductive habits. Yakinea Marie has had several close calls with death, and is now grateful to utilize the principles that she has implemented into her own life as the driving force to empower others.

It was after attending church over a period of time that Yakinea Marie had an encounter with God that caused her to walk away from a life of destruction. This disconnection from her old life opened the door to growth personally, spiritually, and in business. It was on October 24, 2001 that she rededicated her life to God and in July 2002 her journey as an entrepreneur began.

Due to poor decisions, bad associations, and destructive habits Yakinea Marie experienced set backs that she later overcame. As a woman her life’s mission is to inspire, transform, and remind women of their power and purpose globally by connecting, equipping, and promoting them personally and professionally. Her purpose is to empower them to stand in the power that they hold unashamed. She is an example of someone who has overcome low self-esteem, insecurity, and emotional bondage.

Yakinea Marie’s desire is to see the next generation of leaders thrive, therefore her goal is to help counteract the decisions of youth and young adults from a life of potential death and destruction.The mission is to build their self-esteem, develop their leadership skills, give them hope, help and direction; her objective is to show them a real-life story of someone who barely made it out but is now winning at life on purpose because of the decisions she made, and to open their minds and hearts to what it means to live life with purpose.

Yakinea Marie understands the power that we hold and if used properly can bring transformation and life to any situation.

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