Educating Girls with Disabilities: Messages from Women Leaders

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Thanks to initiatives like Let Girls Learn, the global community is investing in girls’ access to education. Here, delegates of the 2016 Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD) share their visions for how Peace Corps volunteers can join forces with the local disability community to reach girls with disabilities, who have historically been denied their right to an education.

Full Transcript:

JOSEPHINE: I’m too passionate about issues concerning disability and how to claim for our rights.

Please come to me if you want to know how to improvise as a way of putting the laws into practice.

TAWNG MAI: Education is very important for women with disabilities because it is part of a ladder to reach our goal.

ANJANA: We are all here for just one mission to change the world.

HELLEN (voicing through interpreter): Well, one thing that I’ve learned

is that building relationships is key. Partnering with other organizations and having them partner with me is a great first step.

The main issue isn’t just getting funding, it’s establishing relationships; making those ties and connections so we can spread awareness, build awareness.

People know that women with disabilities are a powerful group. We are allies, and we are willing to share our ideas, our passions, with others.

So we can learn from one another, and I believe that they will want to come.

Anjana: [If] we don’t have any skills and education, it’s very hard to live our life.

It’s very important to give the chance – girls the chance. If we can learn today, we can ever to lead tomorrow. That’s why it’s very important.

Tawng Mai:

Peace Corps branch office opened last year in Myanmar.
I would like to invite Peace Corps volunteers because our education is one of the important developments to the country.
Come in cooperation with us because our education system is still in the box, so I want…a creative, outside-the-box education system.

Josephine: Girls with disabilities are eagerly waiting for volunteers with disabilities to come to our country and other countries in Africa because we see them as a powerful tool to be role models.

Let girls with disabilities learn because education is a powerful tool.

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