Eboni K. Williams Discusses Powerful Women In The Workplace, Her Role On Fox News & More

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20 Responses

  1. jephthah007 says:

    17:38 "Have you ever been sexually abused at Fox?" Stares at ass. SMH

  2. William David IV says:

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  3. Jennel Gomez says:

    CTG for sure used to sexually harass their guests.

  4. MyTiffany81 says:

    I wonder if her and Angela rye are friends

  5. david brewer says:

    You belong on another platform how did u survive there is AMAZING

  6. josh culver says:

    she never said " you guys " so i will give her credit for that.

  7. jon d says:

    What's interesting is her and rye don't follow each other on any social media and haven't found any pics together wonder if they rock with each other and or support each other

  8. Albert Junior says:


  9. Ebonie Spain says:

    Eboni Williams you have a new supporter !!!

  10. Energy Baby says:

    I need a woman such as her.

  11. Jamal Polk says:

    She dates a white man lol

  12. Nick Nixon says:

    Charlamagne needs to own up to those Tonmi Lauren comments he made. He’s acting like everybody that heard him say that BS didn’t hear or understand him. We understood completely, & now he does too, so he needs to stop saying he was misunderstood & just admit that he was absolutely & totally wrong with that assessment & statement.

  13. Corven says:

    Does Envy pay attention to the questions being ask, or, the answers given.

  14. Pop Dad says:

    Charlemagne been harassing female guest

  15. Rob Jr says:

    Very intelligent woman

  16. billytk03zz says:

    Eboni looks good from the front but kind a funny lookin' on the side… she got them chipmunk cheeks with a big over bite… lmao

  17. billytk03zz says:

    This woman gotta be bi or lez… that damn deep voice… she talks like a man… smdh

  18. ernie1238 says:


  19. ernie1238 says:

    Fucking black pig. On a pig station. Look how black she became. Phony.

  20. Clifford Bradford says:

    she used the word "uncomfortability". There ain't no such word.
    She exercising her 2nd Amendment rights though… Props.

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