Dramatic Millennial Tells Us What Feminism Means To Her

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Today we meet Janel, a feminist who tells us why feminism is still needed and what feminism means to her. Turns out, we need feminism because she’s overly sensitive and makes bad choices and feminism means she doesn’t know what in the hell she’s talking about.

Feminism doesn’t just teach women to be victims, it encourage them to take engage in risky behavior in the name of equality. No matter which laws we pass, criminals will break the law, it’s why we call them criminals. I hope Janel gets away from feminism before she becomes an actual victim rather than just a whiner who does stupid things.





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22 Responses

  1. Valerie Rodger says:

    I can't help but notice that in all her "equal this" and "equal that," she forgot to mention equal responsibility. Funny how modern feminists don't seem to grasp that part – or maybe they don't want to because it would distract from their insistence that women need special consideration . Sorry, but you're not going to get very far when you simultaneously argue that you want to be treated equally and you demand special privileges.

    "Feminism means I can get on a busy train without the fear of being touched inappropriately."
    That's not feminism, that's fantasy. My feminism means that I know there are assholes out there, and so I was taught to look out for myself and take care of myself, and God help the son of a bitch who tries to touch me inappropriately on a busy train.

  2. # 63G774298 says:

    Bitches about the wage gap while on vacation… Shoot me.

  3. # 63G774298 says:

    She broke up with her boyfriend last week… She'll come back around.

  4. JAY BOY says:

    great points this person really got fed by the buckets of 3rd wave feminism

  5. cervix Muse says:

    bedroom feminist are my favorite…especially the ones with the book shelf and tiny lights in the back

  6. 3rdpapaya says:

    Did she just say "not all feminists?"

  7. Frank Bowne says:

    Critical thinking is lost.

  8. Aspie Aunty says:

    Australia is the Land of A Fair Go; equal rights and opportunities are enshrined in our Constitution

  9. NovaPrime says:

    she's cute tho

  10. Bailey says:

    Damn her ears are huge… too many men probably told her that also, now she's a feminist.
    Also I don't understand how being a feminist means she won't get hit on, or that she can all the sudden walk down a dark street at night alone. What are you going to scream at the person trying to rape you.. no sir I'm a feminist. And then just expect him to walk away? What the hell is wrong with this girl?

  11. Matt Brown says:

    Emotional dingbat says she's a feminist, really now. As a white man, I know there are places I don't need to be based on my race so I don't go there (south side of Chicago). The world should be color blind as well, but guess what…

  12. trying2killsometime says:

    That bitch looks like Smeagul.

  13. Anime Kid9000 says:

    Why is it that feminists say "It's not about hating men," when they don't directly call out the feminists who clearly do hate men?

  14. Katie Spade says:

    Don't women kind of like that behavior, you know, men being confident, I think women like that sort of thing, I understand they also like to be raped. Just saying..what women say and what women do are oftentimes opposites.

  15. Katie Spade says:

    Aaaron Kasparov does a really good job of explaining the differences between men and women. Women are a disease, and men let them get away with it.

  16. ukkr says:

    She says that feminism means ALL these things, which means that she had them BEFORE SHE WAS BORN, so why is she complaining?

    BTW a woman in "performing arts" will probably make MUCH more than a man doing the same thing. I doubt the degree means much AT ALL! But such a "profession" is not likely to make you much money.

    If they REALLY want to complain about how much more men make, they should bulk up, to about 1.5 times as efficient based on weight, and take a messy and physically HARD job, or become PASSIONATE about a STEM type job and study it AT LEAST as long as a man. They can then go to a company and try to argue it BASED ON MERIT! OH, and deduct all lost cost and time from the work, when comparing jobs, and take resumes and associations into account.

    NOTE, NON of the above has ANYTHING to do with the sex organs the person has. Women are simply weaker, tend to be shorter, are interested in different things, and tend to take more time off. So the paragraph above tries to take ALL of that into account!

    THEN, they MIGHT have a case! Otherwise, FORGET IT! OH, and DON'T compare two different sub projects, two different projects, or two different companies. They do NOT pay a standard fee based on title!!!!!

    I have looked at thousands of jobs, helped hundreds of people get hired(all races and males AND females), have had over 30 jobs, and negitiated rates, and spoken frankly with DOZENS of people, so I KNOW what I am talking about here!

  17. Billy B says:

    I'm really starting to think I live on a different planet. where the fuck do these people come from. she seems like a decent person but I don't know anybody that walks around with all these "burdens" like she has. where the fuck is all this oppression and marginalization taking place ?? good job R.M

  18. dagda825 says:

    About six months after RM made the video annnnnnd the original is gone. That seems to be a trend lately. Post a narcissistic video. Rant about stupid shit that isn't true. Catch hell for it. Remove the video. BTW feminism isn't shit in the parts of the world where REAL rape culture happens. Like the UK now. The UK's life makes me mad.

  19. Tijuana Foreplay says:

    And what's up with the manspreading hate? Sure, guys do it and that's why I ride bitch when there are guys in the car. It's not like girls don't have their version. So many times have I had to stand on the bus because some bitch with issues takes up an entire seat with her big purse and even bigger butt. eh

  20. Tijuana Foreplay says:

    A degree in performing arts, that's it! Goddamit, all these airhead feminidiots are performing arts majors (or Minors with a Major in Gender/Race studies. They graduate looking for something to validate the enormous debt they put themselves into for a useless degree. Goddamit! Goddamit! I studied Fine Art and Humanities which summed up to a Liberal Arts degree but that was back when the degree just meant you have art skills like drawing and painting and a background rich in history and philosophy especially logic and critical thinking; it didn't substitute for a life lived on the edge, a life privy to the harsh realities of this world. That I obtained traveling and tripping 😉 Arts are so important because they teach a person to observe life and communicate but they don't endow a person with meaning. Meaning is derived from suffering and loss. Unfortunately these Social Justice Wackos have been so deprived of anything remotely painful that they unleash a mass hysteria upon encountering the mild antagonism of college life. And here we are. FML.

  21. James Collins says:

    Nail on the head – a 21 yr old with no life experience telling the world shit she hasn't got a clue about

  22. Princess Snake says:

    In her defense when it comes to the bra thing, those things are uncomfortable as fuck. And hey, as long as she doesn't have a "wardrobe malfunction" over the course of the video, no shits are given by this one.

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