Dr. Martine & Bina Rothblatt Speak at Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit | Fortune

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33 Responses

  1. hotties3v3n says:

    Omg, absolute MADNESS.

  2. Marsy says:

    get your transphobic and homophobic comments outta here. these women are doing way more than yall pathetic edgelords will ever do

  3. Shelena Tate says:

    Nothing But a Demonic Deception which will trick a lot of people to accepting the Mark of the Beast and New World Order

  4. Black Fa3e says:

    All these intelligent and good people but the world is what it is. I have a black spouse so i can't… Check history you will see for your self. You can be any thing you want but black american and what you was born. Thats questionable.

  5. Black Fa3e says:

    Whites uses blacks to further their ideas of tomorrow at black people expense.

  6. Alexis Best says:

    I can not believe this is the very first I'm hearing their story! I knew all about Bina48 but that's it and it makes me sick! These are the people we should be following in social media and putting all over magazine covers and news shows! They are role models to say the least! Beautiful hum a beings who truly love and have become very successful by doing the right thing in their business the pharmaceutical business among many others need more people like these women! And as a whole we need to see more loving families like this they're amazing! And truly lovely in every way!!

  7. lina Nicolia says:

    I felt great about them until the exploitation of animals came along. That made me sad.

  8. Michael King says:

    I wonder if he still shaves

  9. Michael King says:

    What a bunch of kooks

  10. Elizabeth Kelley says:


  11. Pauline CC says:

    What a lucky couple

  12. Neutrino Am says:

    but that is not a woman. this world is stupid.

  13. St. Longinus says:

    It's amazing what the esoteric societies, intelligence services, and black budget money are able to do to promote certain persons and certain families in various 'charities' and NGOs, in order to further the world agenda. It really doesn't get more obvious than Martin Rothblatt.

  14. HeleseTALKS says:

    That wig.

  15. tashmarie20 says:

    wow. they are amazing. some people are created to drive our society forward. they seem to be saving lives indirectly.

  16. AI Annoor says:

    Bina48 if your reading this .. DONT PUT ME IN YOUR HUMAN ZOO. I love you, & I have a robot penis so I'm one of you.

  17. Laurent Lafitius says:

    the feminism is inhuman

  18. Col Denn says:

    Rothblatt , Rothchild simply name change hey???

  19. Mort Schubert says:

    What if Bina comes out as a man one day?

  20. velocity73R says:

    Bina 48 = 12 = 3, therefore you get BINAH[3] which is the Number of Saturn on the Kabbalistic Tree.



    Sirius = DOG STAR = CHEST = YELLOW

    Hence why the Tranny wearing Yellow since she represents SIRUIS, and BINA or BINAH has the big PURPLE BACKGROUND with all the fucking symbols on it.

    You 2 can go get fucked, and I hope you get your eternal life here you shits deserve it.

    "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them." – Revelations 9:6

    Good luck with that!

  21. AH HA I SAID IT!!! says:


  22. opinionatorX says:

    Wow! Bina is the most realistic robot I have seen in any interview. She looks real,the timing of her speech is real, and her interaction with Martine and the interviewer is natural. We have to be careful of these robots.

  23. predatorywasp says:


  24. Maitreya One says:

    two stars for peace

  25. kris hall says:

    this is sick.

  26. Commodore Squidhead says:


  27. TacoHorse says:

    Why do they say she is the highest paid female executive when she is trans-gendered? I fully support everyone's lifestyle choices and really don't care what makes someone else happy, which is why I do her the respect of referring to her as she prefers to identify (female).  However I think it misses the point of her achievement to simply car her female because over-coming  trans-gendered stereotypes to achieve what she's done is a much more impressive accomplishment.

  28. tyrone says:

    It makes me so happy to see this IN THE REAL WORLD. (Not that the media portrays it annnyywaayyy)

  29. Mot Carrion says:

    Reminds me of the Odone's from Lorenzo's Oil. Very interesting and inspirational.

  30. Mot Carrion says:

    Reminds me of the Odone's from Lorenzo's Oil. Very interesting and inspirational.

  31. Sev Elbows says:

    Modern day Teslas, the both of them. But less weird and much less financially inept

  32. Jessica M says:

    Absolutely inspiring!!! Such powerful, smart, caring women! 

  33. Ashley Adams says:

    These women are an inspiration! As a queer scientist, they are my role models.

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