Does Japan Need Feminism? (Message to Western Feminists who want to bring Feminism to Japan)

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I’ve been quite hesitating to upload this video although I’m really into this topic, because I was afraid of the backlash from haters.
But recently, I’ve talked with a feminist and she encouraged me a lot to speak my honest opinion to feminists. She said feminists are actually very open minded and willing to listen to objection. And she said I should trust them and more talk with them honestly.

So I chose to believe her and put out this video. To be honest, I’m kinda still shaking by the reaction. I’m scared a bit maybe many feminists got upset and start attacking me again.
But in the end, my channel is very small and surely not many western feminists will watch it in the first place. And I’d like to believe that they are actually open to hear other side and willing to compromise.

Unfortunately, time was very limited and I had to kinda rush, so maybe I made a lot of typos and grammar mistakes, but hopefully you understand my point and where I’m coming from even a little bit.

To feminists watching this video;

Like I said, if you’re not sure what I’m trying to say, could you leave a comment below and tell me what you don’t understand or what I’m missing.
I’ll try my best to response that and explain myself again. (I’d really appreciate it if you could write it down in Japanese.)
If you disagree, that’d totally OK. But I’d like to have a peaceful dialogue.

Thank you for taking your precious time to watch this.
– Nobita

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34 Responses

  1. ADC Melb says:

    1/ Modern feminism is no more than a cancer on society – its just a grab for power and money 2/ The reason why the medical university behaved like they did is because they were thinking about the greater good while feminists are about self interest.

  2. Liam !84488282 says:

    The west needs to roll back feminism. The world and society is completely falling apart because of feminism.

  3. Robs says:

    Give em feminism and soon you'll be in the same situation like my country Sweden is. Now the government's equality board demand that workplaces be "menstruation certified." Meaning that at every workplace women should have access to menstruation products like tampons.

  4. see aunty says:

    I believe that it should be as you said, both male & female rights should be fought together instead of foreign woman ideals influencing Japanese woman to make a stand. Both sex's need to be united force, not separated, as both have issues that can be sorted out together, not in the manner that causes anger against each other, that it hinders both from gaining benefits.

  5. kregor says:

    No SJW'S in Japan

  6. metalgrass says:

    japan needs weed

  7. Dave Von Saunder says:

    Further Western influence will destroy your country. Do NOT adopt feminism and other dangerous ideologies.

  8. Мавз Сауски says:

    after re-watching your video specially the intro.. Feminist will feel that your being sarcastic.

  9. Мавз Сауски says:

    about 6:18 …. Feminist answer is this: Japan is SEXIST because majority of all Leaders in Politics, Workplace etc etc are all MEN.. If Majority of all Leaders in Politics, Workplace etc etc are all FEMINIST WOMEN then that will be Equality. Because all men and all men are Problems and the ROOT of all Problems.

  10. Мавз Сауски says:

    Feminist Do not acknowledge men's Problems it is because for Feminist, Men are the Cause of all the Problems in this world.. It was Men's Power who created Wars, Famines, inequality, Abuse, Pollution etc etc. And Feminist also believed that if the leaders of all Society are Women and Feminist then all Problems will all Gone and have Equal Rights to everyone….

  11. Мавз Сауски says:

    Feminism is Basically Marxist Communism but Gender version.. Communism used Workers the oppress Vs the Rich Oligarchy.. In Feminism it becomes Oppressed Women Vs all Men in power.

  12. 。ガッレット says:


  13. Pat Patrix says:

    Our western women have lost their fucking minds. We cave in to their demands time and time again and they're never satisfied, they just continue claiming how they're victims. They ruin every institution they gain control over. Reject them or else risk having your borders destroyed and your society flooded by 3rd world Muslims. They do it every where they gain power, it makes no fucking sense.

  14. Aakash Uchiha says:

    Nope feminism is myth… is a god Damn nothing…nope.. nv

  15. Deus Vult says:

    Femenists should be treated as extremists, they undermine society and spread hate and blame men for all the problems in the world. Then they complain that there are no good men left when no sane man would go out with a crazy feminist. MGTOW is the answer!

  16. spaghetti dude says:

    in almost every country, men have higher rates of suicide, it's true that women suicide rates rise, but they're nowhere near men's suicide rates in the us

  17. Margarita Morales says:

    Nobita, I sometimes think you insist on seeing what you want to see. I would agree with your video if the title was “Does Japan need radical feminism?” As long as the video content you share is usually so radical. Of course no one would agree.
    When you started listing “more men…” I actually thought that’s why japan needs feminism, but you have to understand it is a process. I mean, we can’t do and fight for everything at the same moment! Because if you say that, why feminism doesn’t fight for kids? For people with disabilities? For starving people? They are all women and men! C’mon! Historically, women have had less opportunities than men, we can’t lose our point. Once the situation is more balanced we can continue improving the system for both genders.
    If men like you are waiting for women to fight for your rights why don’t you better join the fight? Or is that also a women task?

  18. Common Sense says:

    Feminists and Liberals are societal cancer.

  19. RAW TOPSHOT says:

    I don't get it..
    This whole male v female battleground ; it's almost on the level with primary school break time squabbles…
    "my dad is bigger than your dad"

    Modern day woes aye.

    Ladies, I'm fine with you going down a coal mine and grafting with a pickaxe for 12 hours a day, and Gents, I'm fine with you being nurses and cooking and cleaning and sewing and knitting and gathering food from stores, but I'm afraid you're still unable to squeeze out a little person, so we'll leave that one to the ladies…
    But wait! No, she can't, she's down the mine slogging away with a pickaxe to earn the wage to fund the household expenses…hmmm she has no time for making babies as it would directly impact her pickaxe swinging abilities that brings home the wage to pay for all that stuff…

    Oooh it's a tricky one.

    ( of course I'm being sarcastic, but there's also a few salient points in there )

  20. Stefan S says:

    I don't think Japan porn industry would like a Feminist Japan.

  21. BigMude says:

    Does Japan need feminism in such a way were Japanese women should be more independent and see themselves as more than a housewife? Yes! Does Japan need terrible Western SJW's that cry at everything? No!

  22. MovieManiac33 says:

    You see the cancerous western model so instead of asking if you need it, ask instead why do you need it.

  23. Richard Grubber says:

    Feminism is retarded
    Everything a man does is rape
    Talking to a woman is rape
    Holding a door open for a woman is rape
    Giving a woman any amount of attention is rape
    Ignoring women is rape
    Having sex is rape
    Not having sex is rape

    All men are rapists in the eyes of feminists
    They want free access to abortions but all sex is rape but they are free to have sex with anyone they want but they are all victims of rape

  24. Aysiah Bush says:

    If ur country agrees with feminism it will make it worst for men in ur country, our forne countrys should have women who are not feminists don't lie and treat men the way they wanted to be treated years ago. hypocrites they are , I think it's disgusting, they make all women look bad.

  25. Yabai __ says:

    There should equality in opportunities rather than equality in outcome

  26. Aysiah Bush says:

    No,. Western countrys can use less feminists , Japan is fine it's much better men taking control.

  27. Ян Н. says:

    Japan, please, NOOO! SJW doesn't deserve such a beautiful country like Japan

  28. Juci Shockwave says:

    If one sits down and truly analyze all of these social groups, including, but not limited to, Feminism, MGTOW, Men Rights Movement (oxymoronic since men never faced the same exact form of sexism as women had for ages), BLMs, and SJWs, etc…. we really don't need them and their existence is rather insulting to true form of intelligence. Why do we humans need movements to fully understand that we all want to be respected, given equal opportunity and treatment?

    The comment section of your videos is definite proof how stupid humans are. How callous, narcissistic and wantan humanity truly is. So far I only read children demanding what they want from the oppose sex without any contribution of their own… sorry just because some guy in the past invented something don't entitled the whole group of men to leach off on that dead individuals' achievements, accomplishments and contributions. Men today have created jack shit, but only shit to switch they flush down later. Plus past events don't give anyone the right to enslave another, to limit another, to suppress another… such traditions are hindering human progress and evolution. Don't get me started on how women use the whole natural event call giving birth to justify their Femnazi agenda. >_< Both groups are full of shit within themselves.

    Feminism is no different than these entitled man-children shitheads that flood in your channel Nobita. They too hinder humanity… it hinders true egalitarianism. Think about it… why can't we just wake up and say to ourselves "How would I like to be treated? Do I really want to be treated like a shitty slave or as a worthwhile human being with something to give?" If your answer is being treated well, than do that for and towards others. Regardless how ungrateful humanity is… still achieve your full potential and give your best treatment of others with compassion and understatement. That is what I do… and believe me I had been limited, oppressed and suppressed in this life long enough to know what those things truly are. Most Feminists don't know what true limitations, oppression and suppression are… nor do they really care. Like MGTOW shitheads Feminists have their own agenda, and it doesn't include all girls and women in it. Only an elite group of girls and women approved by the Femnazis are accepted into their group, so FUCK'EM. If you aren't disabled or suffer from a true mental/genetic disorder such as Autism, ADD, Down Syndrome, etc… sit down and shut the fuck up! … because you have NO IDEA what true limitations, oppression, and suppression are.

    Quite frankly, I never understood normies, especially female normies. If I had managed to overcome my disabilities and disorders… the limitations, oppression and suppression I was born with and then overcome the bullshit limitations, oppression and suppression society throws at me on the daily bases… guess what non-disabled, non-disordered women can do it too and achieve their own full potential without any half assed organization or movement helping them. We don't need these groups and organizations anymore. We can achieve egalitarianism very well on our own, but you normies love to complicate everything out of life. This goes for men too. Stop bitching about not finding work. Work exists, you are just a bunch of whining shitheads wanting the world to give you everything just because you exist. Wotrk for it damn it! If the guy with Down Syndrome can end up in management position at a Publix and make enough to support himself and his own family, so can you all! Angers me how narcissistic filled with entitlement issues you normies have. If the disable/disorder can overcome the bullshit we're born into along with dealing bullshit from society, so can you all! There is no excuse anymore. No need for stupid, redundant, hindering movements and systems to know that you treat others with kindness and respect. It doesn't mean you believe in it yourself. I don't like Christianity, but I can still respect those who practice it.

  29. Christopher Amador says:

    If you let feminism into your country, say goodbye to American tourism! This is one example why American men leave the US.

  30. ScrambleLegs says:

    Fhuck Noh!

  31. gfr says:

    What is missing in Japan is laws supporting women at work, when they get pregnant: they have necessarily to resign. That is not a fair thing for a modern, civilized country. In Europe women can stay home for some month when the baby is born, getting the same pay like if they were working and then they can go back to work in the same company. If a woman has necessarily to resign like in Japan, instead, then she may prefer not to have children, to focus instead of her career. Otherwise, yes, she can resign but then the husband will have to make all the money for the family…but nowadays one pay only is not enough to support a family

  32. S KEBIR says:

    Those Western Feminists are going to bring shit to the Japanese society. Be cautious and expel them from Japan if necessary.

  33. MGTOW PS says:

    You are right about Black people, SJWs, Feminists, etc. All you are doing is stating truthful facts in a world which is too used to falsehood. You will be attacked, sadly. Nevertheless, keep choosing truth.

  34. ArturBaidi says:

    Japanese people are cool. You don't need feminism, at least not that western radical feminism (feminazism).

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