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5 Responses

  1. Ayeni Olusina says:

    These are confused set of people…smh

  2. Emmanuel Brown says:

    Na wa o. Which kain women be this??? Thank God I have an amazing wife who I have great respect for.

  3. Majekodunmi Abiola says:

    Jesus, wow… I pity guys that marries feminists ooo

    So help me God. Thanks PG

  4. Interdimentional Wizard Wiz says:

    no man would marry or date a feminist….. what for?

  5. Deola Kehinde says:

    PG came on this particular episode in his full regalia as a pastor…he came prepared to destroy all the feminism strongholds with his carefully crafted questions to expose the weakness of most feminism claims…but the ladies are smart at dodging his antics….Nice episode..can't wait for the concluding part.

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