DIY Gender Reveal Box | DIY Gender Reveal Ideas | Gender Reveal Baby Shower Centerpiece

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Hello DIY Queens! Looking for ideas for your Gender Reveal Baby Shower? This adorable DIY gender reveal box is perfect as decoration, and to pop and reveal the gender of your baby. All you have to do is fill the balloons with PINK, or BLUE confetti, and just POP!!! Soooo cute! Items from Dollar Tree, and Michaels. Thanks for Watching!

Here’s what I used:
-Dollar Tree-
(5) 12X12in Square Picture Frames

7/8 in Pink & Polka Dots Ribbon
White Paint Markers

-Party City-
5″ Pin & Blue Balloons
12″ BOY or GIRL Balloons

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32 Responses

  1. Brielle S. says:

    How did you transport?

  2. Eden says:

    Which dollar tree you went to? cuz no dollar trees in NY sell 12×12 in frames

  3. Dallas swain says:

    I Rember those balloons my aunt gender reval

  4. Kimberly Solomon says:

    Very cute! I want to make a Super Boy? or Super Girl? one. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Susan Joseph says:

    What a great idea! I was worried about the glass scratching the table, so I ended up using one of the wooden frames as a base. The assembled box fit perfectly into the groove on the finished side of the frame. I left the tabs in the frame and used two of the cardboard backings to make a pretty sturdy bottom.

  6. Candi Lease says:

    So creative!!!!

  7. Gabi De says:

    You could also get ABC stickers, stick them on, mix glue and glitter together and put it over the letters then peel them off.

  8. The Wife & Mommy Life says:

    That turned out great !

  9. donna brown says:

    I love it

  10. Carmen Dee says:

    Great video.

  11. Archie R says:

    Hello, love this centerpiece. I wanted to know what font text did you use?

  12. Nakarie Carter says:

    I love all of your taturials… I was wondering can you do one on a parasol centerpice

  13. Downsiies Bro says:

    Hello what is the name of the other glue that you are putting on besides the hot glue I cannot catch the name you are saying

  14. Melinie Latham says:

    Does anyone have these frames in their local dollar tree? I am using this inspiration as centerpieces for my babyshower and I need around 40. Cant' find a single one within stores 50 miles of me. SMH. I have also checked online, no luck. Help!

  15. SuperLoveJC says:

    omg this is perfect!!!!

  16. Charisse Tyler says:

    You have truly outdone yourself, I love this DIY, I would love to try this one day. I just love your ideas, you’re very creative. Happy Holidays to you & your family!!!

  17. Jonah Charles says:

    where did you get the polka dot ribbon?

  18. Jennifer Kilpatrick says:


  19. Chan Thomas says:

    This is so cute. Can I ask where you found the candy jars?

  20. DesignsbyEmilyA DesignsbyEmilyA says:

    Love this vid! Check out these great gender reveal decorations!

  21. Shon SpearsShonS says:

    Would printing out the words using the mirror effect work better for tracing inside the glass?

  22. Raquel Barona says:

    Hermoso trabajo
    Felicidades! !!!

  23. Lisa Walker says:

    Can you do an engagement party table arrangement?

  24. Lisa Walker says:

    Love Love Love @Tayra you are the bomb!

  25. ANTNETTA says:

    I absolutely love you ideas Can you do a Shopkins theme kids Birthday party

  26. Phyllis Davis says:

    Very nice

  27. 3miles meek says:

    Gosh you're right on time!

  28. Kim Vaughn says:

    You never disappoint!

  29. Emely Jaimes says:

    Can you pls do more boy baby shower decor

  30. Artistic Designs by Trisha Lashon says:

    I love it….wow

  31. TC123 child says:

    Can you do a floral centerpiece for a babyshower , for a girl. Something simple using only dollar tree flowers 🙂

  32. Torri Raine says:

    Are you Panamanian or Dominican? I love the DIY, simple and easy

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