Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Bret Weinstein – August 27, 2017

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Bret Weinstein is a theoretical evolutionary biologist focused on evolutionary patterns within complex, dynamic systems. His work revolves around trade-offs that force selection to balance competing values within fluctuating or patchy habitats. His current project is focused on human consciousness in the context of novel hazards and opportunities. He lives with his wife, children, and other animal affiliates in the Anthropocene.

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11 Responses

  1. B Cazz says:

    In just over a year and it seems the whole political spectrum has embraced 'fact-less-ness' and weaponizing language. Is this really a problem with just the left anymore?

  2. Steve Brown says:

    Brett reluctantly perceived something wrong with this picture finally after 40 years of denialist bullshit.
    Maybe it was the threats against his family or his students being "stalked through the woods"? with baseball bats?
    Wake the fck is up with you idiots?
    What is your problem?
    Why is it "unfathomable"?
    I know, millions know, but you are still utterly clueless??

  3. Steve Brown says:

    And this is why I've left the Left.
    I'm so done with them…
    Good luck with your retarded, assholish, "noble" future.
    I wash my hands.

  4. Eric Bray says:

    This is a tiny slice of what Evergreen does and a very limited perspective. Washington state's teacher of the year award went to a graduate, countless public servants come from this school. It is a richly diverse environment of learning. This story lacks context, balance and the perspective of the wider learning community. The alt right media is using this story to cynically attack this and other educational systems that confront social inequities. Dr. Weinstein has a right to tell his story and have his grievances addressed but lets not lose sight of the greater good that this school brings.

  5. andy765gtr says:

    lefties have now become as nutty and dangerous as the right wing have been for decades. both sides are at war with reality. sjw concerns are insignificantly trivial compared with issues, like corporate power, political corruption, over population, global warming and likely collapse of civilization and whole biosphere, that should be the main concerns of anybody that would consider themselves socially concerned, educated, responsible and intellectual.

  6. edifying says:

    Excellent interview. Post-modernisms' deterioration from originally an epistemological position to what really amounts to nothing other than a form of relativism, now serves , much the same as religious faith, as an insulation against critical thinking. I have oversimplified it of course but that is how I view much that is wrong with the contemporary U.S. It also inhibits the ability to prioritize problems hence their solutions. This is touched upon in the next interview with Kunstler. The left has become a hodgepodge of special interests and wishful thinking serving to misdirect them from the problems we all share and should be dealing with collectively.

  7. Bijele espadrile says:

    University is just another institution. No better or worse than others.

  8. Accelerationist says:

    Post-modernism is pure cancer. As a Marxist I hate it.

  9. Walter Kathan says:

    History will show that an ill-rooted- ideology is more likely to collapse from within than from an external Force. So if you're on the left please do not be overly concerned because this sickness will root itself out.

  10. Tibet2138 says:

    " 'Political Correctness' is Fascism masquerading as manners. "

    Humankind — lead by "Americans" — moving from (mass)neurotic into psychotic, it seems to me.

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