Dallas woman who went to Mexico for plastic surgery returns on life support

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A Dallas real estate agent is on life support with brain damage after traveling to Mexico for plastic surgery. Laura Avila’s family says she went to a clinic in Ciudad Juárez last month for several procedures, including a nose job and breast implant replacement. But before those procedures actually began, there were major complications. Anna Werner reports.

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34 Responses

  1. One Eye Candy- Lakshmi says:

    They die here too in the United States they just don't advertise it. What we need to do is educate people to love themselves just the way they are. Embrace every stage of their life.

  2. Lori Mendenhall says:

    i would sue f people this is b.s same thing almost happened to my sister in california from indian doctor b.s quacks

  3. Flexible Dreamer says:

    “I’m concerned because I’m very nervous” was her intuition speaking to her. Always, ALWAYS listen your intuition!

  4. Donkellyonie says:

    She only has herself to blame. So sad and so silly. Such a shame

  5. Chewysilvia Alayah says:

    Mejor me quedo con mi narizota y mis chuchis chiquitaas!!!por que uyyy. Que mello

  6. KJ Traylor says:

    This is what can happen when women feel the need to "Keep Up With The Kardashians". Notice the breast implants, lip fillers, trout pout mouth, etc… on this young lady. It's just not worth it. Why the desire to 'look plastic'?? When one has enough money to live a lavish lifestyle but no money to purchase 'health insurance'… their priorities are all wrong. While health insurance doesn't pay for cosmetic procedures, it would have paid for her hospital stay and hospice care after the botched anesthesia incident. Now the family has to beg for money on go fund me??

  7. D. Levy says:

    really Mexico for SURGERY R U KIDDING ME

  8. Ely Powell says:

    "Its home, its familiar" So why dont you move back? I know a fellow that came to the USA from Romainia and you will never hear him say he misses the place or his heart is in Romainia, he only talks about his love for America and how blessed he is to be here. Thats the kind of immigrants we want in our country!

  9. Explore Greer says:

    If you went to your country for surgery to alter your looks, simply stay home and be content with your looks. Plus you were looking for a cheap fix with glamorous results.

  10. Cj Brown says:

    I heard that her fiance married her on Friday in the presence of a priest. How do you marry someone in a coma? Now, supposedly he is her next of kin. Is the marriage just symbolic?

  11. Melissa Leon says:

    It's not worth your life . Beauty is not worth your life.

  12. hahadarrie says:

    It can happen anywhere and it has happened in the U.S as well.

  13. Jessica Acosta says:

    What is the clinic called !!??

  14. fazjewls14 says:

    It is messed up . You dont need plastic surgery and not sure why people do this. But this are the risk just to be pretty. This doesnt only happen in Mexico its happen here alot of times. Except they charge more money here. So theres no different. Well there is because here in the US are suppose to be more professional but you still end up on life support.

  15. Anthony Telles says:

    So sorry this happened my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family Laura ….
    But one can only think why? Why?
    U could have got the same procedure in L.A. same price…
    Why floss and post your so called millions on Instagram and then set up a Go fund me page??? She posted how successful she was traveling the world, being a foodie/blogger, drinking expensive latte's, staying in 5 star hotels, BUT YET NO HEALTH INSURANCE REALLY??? IT JUST BAFFLES ME.

  16. grace sento says:

    update please

  17. grace sento says:

    the fiance was forcing her to look perfect he was OK with her getting plastic surgery

  18. A G says:

    She didn't need it, vanity is never satisfied

  19. Turtle And Dad says:

    Lots of good doctors, dentists and clinics in Mexico, and it’s much much cheaper. This same thing can happen in U.S.
    There is a new podcast about a neurosurgeon that messed up a bunch of people and he kept getting away with it. Any doctor could make a mistake, they should cover all the mistakes here. News on tv is a business with advertising, and just so happens a lot of those advertisers are medical companies so they cover this to scare people away from this so they stay here and pay much more.
    Probably not a great idea to leave your own country to get plastic surgery, wanting to get plastic surgery says a lot about our culture but hey can’t judge anyone for anything if I was her, grew up like her, looked like her, had her experiences, then I would do the exact same thing and be just like her.
    Hopefully she is ok and that particular clinic is investigated

  20. Rebmetpes4 says:


  21. Death Angel says:

    Well deserved

  22. Kat H says:

    I dont know Laura and I dont know why she chose to do this to her self maybe she just got caught up with having multiple surgeries or whatever her personal reasons were but she seems like a beautiful person with a beautiful heart we don't have the right to be mean, judge anyone and make assumptions but only to pray for this beautiful human being because she is someone's daughter.

  23. Naledi Manyotwane says:

    Just Stop normalizing plastic surgery, if you aren't a trauma victim of some kind who has lost their normal physical features because of a bad accident or something you couldn't control then plastic surgery should be a medical option, it's really NOT okay to think just because you don't like the way you look you HAVE to change it to regain confidence cause clearly ppl keep going back to fix the smallest things that can easily be botched , I feel bad but she chose this you can't blame the doctors all the time smh

  24. Theresa Kleven says:

    I'm sorry for her and her family. Fortunately this is completely avoidable.

  25. Sal Nal says:

    I don't even complement women on their beauty anymore, doing so is now considered a sexual crime.

  26. uknow who says:

    Sounds like she didn't trust her own instincts. May that be a lesson to all of us.

  27. Cara U. says:

    It is a risk everywhere lady! No guarantees are given when going under the knife. It was foolish to pay less for the value of your life!! Vanity, vanity… O well.

  28. sky 1877 says:

    Going under the knife is risky ….. And Laura knew that …..her choices brought bad results lead her in a coma…..

  29. Thomas L.S. says:

    You can't turn back the clock. So stop trying.

  30. Dhona Kretosastro says:

    Stupid girl…

  31. proudbluestaterful says:

    she was an odd looking one before and after

  32. acajudi100 says:

    Please be satisfied with how you look.

  33. maga uNme says:

    You get what you pay for I guess she didn't learn from Forrest Gump stupid is as stupid does

  34. Joy Marie Lee says:

    This what you get if your are not contented what god given to you.

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