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Crazy feminist gets angry at a taxi driver because of a bobblehead in his car. It’s funny how insane some feminists are..


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48 Responses

  1. BuwBuw says:

    even her own family was embarrassed by her behave xD like who the fuck records himself acting like a idiot^^ well women..

  2. BuwBuw says:

    funfact he bought in in hawaii…

  3. Donald Monarch says:

    Bitch,shut your fugging mouth. Your voice is annoying and ugly.

  4. anthony h says:

    I would kick that bitch out my car I mean kick lol and then spit on her

  5. Baby Taz says:

    Stupid bitch

  6. Xander Gelos says:

    omg she was the worst. the dude got serious will power not drive that car into the wall.

  7. Steve Sauls says:

    God, how I hate that "valley girl" sounding voice.

  8. M.r. Moon says:

    Liberals/progressives/socialists etc.. expect others to conform to their bent standards,
    and they have screaming-mimi fits when they get told to… SHOVE IT.
    I think they actually enjoy getting smacked down(Ahem masochistic)…so let's keep 'em happy.

  9. Medic P18304 says:

    I would have kicked her ass out. My brother in law is Hawaiian and says no Hawaiian person gives a shit about bobble heads

  10. Tony Henry says:

    The new feminists have got a brain cell in fucking head ,, she a fucking idiots,, sorry girl you are the joke ,,, everybody laughing at you FEMINIST Idoits

  11. Alepta Liam L Carman Jr says:

    On behave all the feminists you all need to watch this…..

  12. Wiliam Ferrari says:

    This spoiled entitled brat thinking she can tell people what they can put in their own fucking car? she's oppressed too I bet. How can these assholes expect anyone to take them seriously.

  13. anthony meredith says:

    jez these women make themselves look complete dicks

  14. michael peberdy says:

    The doll is offensive to her .
    Well her totally false vocal tone is offensive to me .
    She is an idiot entitled moron who cannot even culture her own individual vocal …

  15. Tim Savini says:

    She'd have been out on her entitled ass long before that, preferably in some shit hole part of the town. I wonder if she'd have got "excited" about that one. Alcohol and cocaine. Good one. Cunt.

  16. Christmas Meriwether says:

    1 shes wrong it's not Hawaiian its polynesian #facts dumb cunt!!! "What's your name?" I love how the other girl who sees the idiocracy says her name is Jade Green and this dumb bitch doesnt realize she just said a color !!!!!!!!! Lol dumb girl poor dumb drunk cunt!!!!!

  17. Griffin Fedirko says:

    I didn't know it was offensive to be entitled to you car and the other objects in your car

  18. pckuniversal says:

    Honestly I respect the driver. He kept his cool and made sure he didn't look bad while arguing with an idiot. Me on the other hand could barely watch this video without being annoyed.

  19. europe is the best love is blind says:

    She supposed to apologise for her connection for abusing everybody and having no connection to it

  20. Jeremy Rivers says:

    LOL! "You'll be like the next internet meme, it's going to be super funny." Whoops. Backfired on her didn't it?

  21. John Rich says:

    This form of retardation is becoming a public health concern.

  22. I Am The Fifth Horseman says:

    And women think they can do better than men. Not exactly proving that right.

  23. DJ QMOB says:

    She's just as bad as the Racist BBQ lady and Permit Patty lol

  24. Bud Burnhemp says:

    all she does is point out exactly how absolutely uneducated she is.

  25. Steam Boar says:

    the doll be like : bitch what the fuck?

  26. Shaunus maximus says:

    You can tell by the way she speaks that she's a retard

  27. Santosh Adhikari says:

    Grab that bitch by the pussy

  28. Freddy is Ready says:

    Kick the cunt out of your carrrrrrrr

  29. Freddy is Ready says:


  30. Freddy is Ready says:

    Why does this cunting bitch have such a whiney voice…….in your carrrrrr……moan moan bitch bitch moan. Cunting hag

  31. Jack Voorheis says:

    I would drop her off at the police station tell them she was drunk and let them deal with it

  32. Loreanna York says:

    Who pillaged Hawaii? And… "continent"? Damb, she's dumb as a fucking stump and her voice is so irritating.

  33. Jack Adair says:

    She became the meme

  34. BeyondTheMexicanSquad LLL says:

    This poor guy has to hear this dumb lady arguing the fact of a Hawaii doll on his car, why can’t she ignore it and not be a bitch about it. xD

  35. beardedking247 says:

    I hate this stupid cunt.

  36. Cyclone 24 says:

    Im scared to move to hawaii now XD

  37. JOHN EDWARDS says:

    I’ve never hit a woman but this woman needs her ass punched out I’m putting one of those dolls in my cab and fuck you lady I hope you get raped by a donkey.

  38. Omg tell the dumbass Haole that Hawaii and Kamaaina do not need her Blonde haired blue eyes Help with our heritage!

  39. michel joannette says:

    fucken stupid asshole that girl

  40. DottierMage30 says:

    I hope that a feminist starts talking to me ( In the way the feminist did in this video ) while I'm with my bois so that we can make fun of her and memes.

  41. coit black says:

    Leave it up. A conversation starter.

  42. coit black says:

    If published it's a badge of honor!

  43. coit black says:

    Ofensive to you. Stop, kick her out. Charge her for what ever distance. There, that was easy.

  44. Rose' Jaquez says:

    Her voice is THE MOST annoying voice I have ever heard in my life!!!

  45. GTfour01 says:

    My right elbow is actually itching right now. That is how badly I would've loved to ram that into her face. For about six or seven times.

  46. 19xfan 1 says:

    If the driver was black, she wouldn't have said shit.

  47. 19xfan 1 says:

    She's drunk. Hawaii isn't a continent, it's a State. I would've thrown her ass out of my car…..literally.

  48. Luziano StepMania says:

    CoNtInEnT oF hAwAiI

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