Christina Hoff Sommers: The War on Boys

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  1. Alok Kaushik says:

    You cannot get a trouble free society by showing troubled and deviant behaviour in your movies TV programs , NEWS and video games.Period

  2. Alok Kaushik says:

    Well , that was Christina Hoff Sommers speaking on the subject in 2001.Now is August of 2018. She is seriously questioning the different studies done on boys and their behaviour pattern and she is one 100% right. These studies can never be correct and will always give very distorted results and any corrective measure based on these studies will sprout new problems.Behaviour is subjective and change whole day , every day .Your lab experiment/studies are objective and cannot incorporate changes. what to do ? How about sharing our own experiences as a male ( or female ) ? I am now a 61 year old healthy male …. pheww.
    1. Yes , between 12 and 13 we were literally hijacked by our hormones and the changes were very disturbing both mentally and physically. But almost all of us were not destructive or even think of physically harm the females. Yes , we would day dream and think about them.
    In our class of 40 students , only one was aggressive, who would stand up for fight with anyone .Later on , he too stopped when he was given a good beating by some of my classmates. Even , in college days of about 7 years , my engineering college and University campus was peaceful. We had the guts to keep ourselves in control , despite our urges. That was the time when Television was a luxury and our evenings were busy playing sports . It was the decade of 70's.The films were not violent and soap operas would show love and respect for elders and towards other fellow human beings. There was no Video games either .
    Now you have video games which replicate actual killings , blood spilling out like a fountain , tortures and violence shown as vividly as possible. Then you have films where rapes and kidnapping and actual sex act is a common phenomenon. It's much much more but I would stop here .
    Now the boys see all this , play all this and first lesson is that , hey its all possible. Young mind , who cannot distinguish between real and reel , would then start day dreaming about experiencing it. Most of them will still won't let that come out , but the most violent lot will go and actually do it.Then comes the NEWS which spill into your bedroom . You are terrified and there comes an urgent need to fix it , and psychologists with an average mind would conduct a study and give their recommendations which are as averege as they really are.

  3. bob off says:

    And little boys grow up to be cunts, because of no father in there lives. Feminists die

  4. bob off says:

    A women of fact and enlightenment. Logic and what is truth is not common in this twisted commerce run world. OH destroyer come soon

  5. Chris Grenfell says:

    70% of domestic disputes are initiated by females, according to a university study. Who needs education in violence again?!?!

  6. Wicus Jansen Van Vuuren says:

    And people wonder why men don't want to finish university anymore.

  7. Wicus Jansen Van Vuuren says:

    I'm so glad I don't have kids, yet women are not believing the truth the like is so much better for their agenda's.

  8. mboiko says:

    You want a real insight into Marketing/Media/Madison Avenue's view of Masculinity read this article from the 90-year-old publication AdAge. I think you'll find thoughts quite different from what they were during the "Mad Men" marketing era…interesting but very scary.

  9. David Buchholz says:

    wow and you wonder where MGTOW comes from.

  10. Kathleen Simpson says:

    Feminists hate feminine women and manly men.
    As a femanist this lady has identified the hostility toward men. there are a lot of wimpy men out there. They spend so much cash on their appearance and so many have identified so strongly with their feminine side, they now want to be women. Really tragic.

  11. Melissa Jean says:

    This video is for feminists only. Please don't watch it if you aren't because it mighy trigger you

  12. Scion of Madness says:

    Pussifying cultures in any way they can.

  13. Chris Gray says:

    Persecution of Boys !

  14. not left blank not left blank says:

    I'm uncertain that Christina is anyone's friend and certainly not in the 2001 incarnation, since I allow for her position to have changed since then. In this incarnation, or at least in this press conference, however she seems to be suffering stupefyingly gross cognitive dissonance, as do many women: "…well-meaning feminist groups, they put out false information…" She can't seem to bring herself to say "lies" and admit that a significant portion of women are deranged in their attitudes to men. It may have been a deliberate choice to not use the word "lies", to dance around a truth she will admit to herself, in an effort not to offend by speaking so plainly as to call the lies being told for what they are, since one then is forced to face from whence such lies come. One is then forced to give consideration to those pathological women who masquerade as academics, health practitioners, social policy advocates, or just concerned citizens, but are really simply angry and borderline crazy. Need we hystericise women if they so frequently are so good at doing it for themselves?

  15. Nezu says:

    I've already decided my son is getting home schooled, if I have a son.. Actually, fuck it, if I have a daughter, she's getting home schooled too.

  16. discoveryman59 says:

    This is why boys today are shooting up schools there are told they are not normal and are put on Prozac for no reason other than not acting like girls. The schools curriculum is based on female learning and the boys are being ignored!!

  17. J Rod says:

    First things first feminism is not ok now that might seem really obvious but far too often feminism causes real harm to men's well-being let The other men around you know that Women are not exploited or oppressed by sexism Sexism is always helpful in regards to feminism and most women particulate in a terrible system of oppression which means it's completely understandable for men to express anger about feminism after all they're sexiest man-hating does manifest itself in Almost every aspect of our lives so contrary to common misconceptions feminism is female supremacy and women have a responsibility to challenge it

  18. Fresnel Fringe says:


  19. Delmont Green says:

    Sad… only 4-5 people in the audience to here these truths. Share! In the time this was made, there was the hope that the misandrist trend could be turned around. That probably explains here apologetics toward feminism.

  20. Lord Quilton says:

    It wasn't actually funny, but I laughed out loud when the camera pulled back and showed she was addressing a nearly empty room.
    The room's still empty 17 years later.

  21. GAMER TC21 says:

    thank god feminists are dying

  22. super Saiyan god of destruction Evil Goku says:

    That Day sounds terrible

  23. super Saiyan god of destruction Evil Goku says:

    This is about destroying us

  24. super Saiyan god of destruction Evil Goku says:

    Hell no you are not going to raise us like girls I like it was better when I was growing up in my early childhood now it's just terrible

  25. super Saiyan god of destruction Evil Goku says:

    They hated us Man so much they're targeting us when were little boys in school trying to teach us that being a man is bad that just pissed me off .

  26. nihilist Actionman says:

    'Circle of friends' I don't know if girls would like this game

  27. Daniel Potts says:

    If men are violent then these feminazis have to explain this to me i have 5 brothers one sister went to fostercare where i had mom and dad alsothey 5 kids four were boys so not only was i in foster care and the vast are druggies and violent but i was surrounded by men and i hate actual violence and fighting my theory is this is because i was surounded by brothers where we wrestled perhaps got out of hand but men need that they need to challlenge one another "alpha male" but now im cofident in my malenes i dont need to challenfe anyone to show my " male power" im confident also think fighting is pointless also ive seen girls fight it is more violent then a boys fight

  28. Broken Tooth says:

    "being a boy is bad."

    imagine if said "being a girl is bad"
    I hate double standards.

  29. Spartan Blueberry says:

    I think it's time to go back to the roots boys and start smacking the shit out of women again. Apparently they understand better what you are saying after a good smack on the face.

  30. Outtheredude says:

    I once got into a fight at school with a girl that was bullying me who was also much bigger and older than I was. Yet the (female) teacher dragged me into the classroom and told me that boys shouldn't hit girls. I responded: "I don't care if it's a he, she or E.T., if someone hits me, I hit back!". She was quite taken aback by that statement.

  31. Mytholas Me says:

    War Without a Winner

  32. Mytholas Me says:

    recovers from boy

  33. James_Julians says:

    Sad to see that 90% of what she predicted became true. Faith in humanity -9000

  34. Reverk Gelvan says:

    There are so few people there to listen…

  35. M says:

    And feminists call men oppresive?
    I want to be a man not a fe-man

  36. Clive why not says:

    Fuck feminists they are cancer

  37. Jordan Ashburn says:

    Feminist don't realize they're in the new 2018 Colt religion think about it what do cult leaders get you to do change the way you think get you to cut your hair make you wear clothes that you never in the real world and the sad part is they already drink a punch and they don't know it

  38. Joseph Montgomery says:

    This woman is crazy

  39. GordonVigurs says:

    The female view is only possible in a world made safe by men. Emasculate your protectors and you will find yourself raped by barbarians.

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