Christina Hoff Sommers and Dave Rubin: Feminism, Free Speech, Gamergate [Full Interview]

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Christina Hoff Sommers (Host of The Factual Feminist) joins Dave Rubin to talk about feminism, free speech and trigger warnings, Gamergate, cultural libertarians, and much more.

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Christina Hoff Sommers
Author and host of The Factual Feminist
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26 Responses

  1. Envious Green says:

    Christina is one of those, not just women, but people that remind me that sane people DO exist in the world.

  2. sadbasturd99 says:

    The better things got for women, the MORE BITTER THEY BECAME.

  3. Kyle Rook says:

    The reason western feminists don't advocate for women in Saudi Arabia and Iran etc. is because they don't care about anyone but themselves and their self-seeking narrow minded ideology.

  4. Kyle Rook says:

    Women didn't "earn" the vote. They were given the vote. Men earned the vote by registering for the selective service.

  5. Kyle Rook says:

    Feminism is NOT a battle for equality. It is rebranded Marxism which pits women against men in order to destroy the "patriarchy" (another term of western society). If you look at the results of feminism, you will see that it has divided the society along gender lines, not for the benefit of women, but for the benefit of feminist ideology. When women express views that are not in line with feminist ideology, feminists shame them, smear campaign them and shut them down. Feminism has NEVER been about equality. Femininsts say that over and over and over again to make people think that it is about equality. It is not. It NEVER has been. It has never advocated for anything but feminist ideology. It's stated goals are to attack men and male sexuality, attack marriage, attack families with a father and a mother, attack stay at home mothers and destroy western society. Do your research. Read what they say. Feminism is a poison to our society.

  6. Grant Farnsworth says:

    Such a breath of fresh air. Our whole society is so stifled by feminist dogma that does not allow itself to be questioned. So much so that crazy beliefs get retold until they enter the public consciousness as fact.

  7. Allie Davis says:

    This is what happens when parents don’t parent their children. Their children look for a home somewhere, anywhere. These privileged kids received a lot but are missing a lot too. Unfortunately what they found is dangerous, toxic ideology.

  8. Christina Hayes says:

    I enjoy male attention. It's sad that telling everyone to respect each other is something that needs to be said. Belief in the dignity of every human being means we must respect others.

  9. CLINTON JONES says:

    …good job, Dave …BUT, you keep the topic alive (as is) and not likely to change, by your focus (subjective) …<imho> the 'female' (of the species) has defined and redefined the complete picture of humanity. The male perspective comes in a distant second when 'clatching' around a coffee table with 'like-minded' people. The end result leads into 'Queen Bee' societies (India) that restrain the female by her 'duty' (motherhood) …Today, we can choose (ostensibly) to become androgen U.S. (as a culture) …the logic allows for 'test-tube-babies' (DNA control) as an evolution …See: George Orwell's 1984 (it should be required reading in grammar school)

  10. Coalition of Rob says:

    My mate was blown up twice in 4 days in Afghanistan. He has PTSD. I can safely say that if you hear something you don't like, you ain't going to get PTSD. Get over yourself.

  11. Maggs Gorilla says:

    i love it!

  12. Scion of Madness says:

    I'm a gamer. I've never used the term based nor shall I ever. Do like Mrs. Sommers though. She's got a good brain.

  13. Christopher Har V says:

    This dude's got a voice like butter, perfect for radio. Much unlike Shapiro haha love em both tho

  14. saganist says:

    Christina Hott Sommers

  15. KingTater says:

    The only feminist worth listening to these days.

  16. Roberto says:

    Hey Rubin… get Camille Paglia on for a chat she tells it like it is

  17. Eikichigai (Billy Woolfolk) says:

    Los Angeles Westwood Silver Lake Los Feliz . . . Damn, I can't make out that last part.

  18. mr_tulip says:

    Like, p l e a s e can I be in your cool rebel gang Dave, Christina and Milo.

  19. wino0000006 says:

    36:46 – burning books always reminds me Nazi Germany in 1930s. This is what NSDAP did. You never, ever burn a book. It's our knowledge, freedom and identity.

  20. Eric Wuerfel says:

    The worst part is that I know men on my college campus who HAVE done something very wrong to a woman, and they now find support for their actions because of the overreach of Title IX. Not good.

  21. Lee Ah Ng says:

    I have always been inspired by people who question with reason and dont just take what is being handed to them. They would even take another step forward bringing the awareness to the public where majority are still much ignorant by choice. We can definitely have more people like this!

  22. Marianne Newell says:

    A homeschooling mother of twin boys reading the " The War On Boys". It affirms all the reasons, we chose as a family to homeschool.

  23. Feanturi Gwaihir says:

    Watching this in 2018 and It has gotten worse I think. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP.

  24. Mgtow says:

    50% of marriages end in divorce, 70% of them initiated by women. They get most of everything following the divorce, including the kids. Women get sole custody of the kids around 80% of the time, and the father loses almost all his rights to those children, except for the financial connection. Yet you blame men for refusing to play this rigged game? Mgtow4life!

  25. 4 real says:

    Agree with many of her points but not the catcalling. That is an intimidating behaviour. Why should Wall Street women have to put up with homeless men shouting things at them? The power differential is that men (who feel disempowered in their social status) use their physicality to intimidate women who just want to walk down the street. Behind the catcalling is the entitlement that they know they can get away with it as the women are physically intimidated. They wouldn’t do it to burly men walking down the street. Why shouldn’t women be protected by the force of the law with this?

  26. Till-Ulrich Hepp says:

    Well, feminism or making equal opportunities and freedoms for women a part of your agenda should be a no brainer for any person who considers him or herself a free, democracy minded human being. Concerning this current debate about harassment etc it appears to be created in order to actually delay equal opportunities for both sexes by means of slowly but surely turning feminism into it's own caricature, thereby allowing for effective attacks on it. Concerning the initial position of Mrs Hoff Sommers I must say that the choices for low paying jobs or years of abstinence after childbirth is due to certain roles women assume they have to fulfill. I assume that these restraints do in fact represent a problem that is not being addressed and this is due to the "warped" stuff, to cite the host of this show.

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