Christian Women, Feminism, and MGTOW

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For those of you who enjoy my outrage, it begins around 18:00
More outrage around 24:00 after the Mexican dude distracts me and helps set of off on a tangent. Thanks, Mexican dude. Got my feelings out on that one.

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18 Responses

  1. produceman13 says:

    The priestly class made up Jesus just for women. Jesus [the ultimate alpha and beta male] curbs women's hypergamy because she can monkey branch up to him at death. And Jesus is the best emotional tampon ever, since he can't talk back LOL. Can you imagine Jesus listening to millions of women bitching all day and all night [at once] with no breaks for over 2,000 years now? No wonder he turned water into wine.

  2. Tito Grass says:

    QUESTION: Have you seen the recent studies that show mens D.N.A. in the brain of women from all the men who have ejaculated DICK SPIT in them?

  3. TheQuite1walksalone says:

    +ZANGATTI, BRO! Would you please explain to the young mgtow the acumen of The Importance of Knowing the application of the 80/20 principal.
    Thank you in advance!
    ( ● )"|/"( ● )

  4. Dave Jones says:

    Women Are Fake Half The Time Not All Of Them Though But Some Women Are Just Fake I Like Good Christian Women Who Stand By What They Believe In And Stand Strong In The Faith Who Love God And Respect Men They Are The Kind Of Women I Like And Respect!

  5. MR GHOSTER says:

    Christian women are lower than the local whore in nature, it's just another way of promoting there Hypergamy but to a God rather than a Man. If God is a Man it is the ultimate challenge to a women to change Him or bend the religious rules to service them? And of course there is no backfire or risk involved unlike with REAL MEN where it can all go "Tit's Up" as we say in the UK! LOL!

  6. MR GHOSTER says:

    If God is Omnipresent why do they need to TART themselves up for Him or the Jesus boy either, after all if God is Omnipresent, he's seen the CUNT taking a shit, or having a bad period, or the most evil thing of all "Eating Chocolate"! LOL! The only "Posh" car I want to be seen in near a Church is going to be a "HEARSE" that'll do me! LOL! Mah! it's all about the other women seeing them trying to out do each other. If there is a Heaven women ain't going to it! If there is a HELL, the GYNO's have an express ticket to ride or they are already here in HELL with us already? LOL!

  7. MR GHOSTER says:

    I had some MORON the other day came out with the usual MANGINA response to my comments on women including religious women. "Hey Man you really need to get laid"! LOL! I replied before blocking him that getting LAID was what made me feel the way I do now about "women". I threw back a few "Funnies" at him that I knew would go straight over his Simp head and thus I gained the upper "Mocking" hand on the CUNT! LOL! a little of subject but I thought it worth mentioning?

  8. MR GHOSTER says:

    What you have to remember with any Religious Group especially the women, they are locked into a belief system like they are locked into Gynocentrism and feminism. The very fact they cant think for themselves shows that their mind is incapable of individual thought (or THOT). Religious women are MORE Hive minded that the average retard with a Hive Mind, because women cannot survive outside of a Hive Mind. This is why the polititions like women voter's because one will say something or support someone and the rest in her group will blindly agree and follow and the "polutition's" love that, like women they see an easy fix to get more votes? There is just one thing I don't understand about Chistian women in particular is why do they believe or follow a MALE God? Is it just their double standard default position as a female that causes that? LOL!

    I know a Christian women she lives a couple of doors down, and although she is polite and shit she is over baring. She believes OI would say that if she FART's God meant it to be, Although she rages against all the ill's of the world say like Debt, she owes her parents alone 250k, she spends funny money fiat currency like there was no tomorrow, she is very abrupt, self opinionated and NEVER wrong, yet she will meltdown at a seconds notice? the result, not that I particularly care) is her life is a total train wreck and you cant and I don't tell her anything or she will bring the wrath of HER god down on you, BUT on the upside when she wants a small job done she pay's cash! LOL! Oh she doesn't do sex either, she has a recovering Alcoholic Boyfriend (A great Guy) by the way and she WILL knowingly or unknowing ly lead the poor Guy right back to base eventually when the relationship honeymoon season is over? I kind of feel sorry for him and his little boy as she has seen an instant family without the hassle, well not to her anyways?

  9. manoftheworld1000 says:

    I try to stay away from all religious people as much as I can!
    Too many of them are irrational, unfaithful and violent – mainly towards children!
    And – first and foremost – quite frankly, to me a "Christian MGTOW" is a so-called oxymoron! After all, the Christian churches, they are the frontier of male disposability!
    So preachers preach for wars, that is no problem for those 'neighbour-lovers'.
    But, of course, going off to wars and having their legs blown off or even worse things, that's up to other men! Preachers have to take themselves out of the equation, because their place is on the home front …!
    And now for something completely different/lol: Dear Zangatti, I must tell you, I always enjoy it so much when you imitate a female voice – that's fuckin' hilarious!
    Last point: If you wish to find out more about Christianity, listen to this guy:

  10. Corrupted Reptile says:

    Zangatti videos are my religion.

  11. Ade` BIG LAZY WOLF says:

    Damn Zangatti…you picked a topic that infuriates me like nothing else on earth

  12. Paul Slack says:

    Congratulations on 600 plus subs.! Growing into a monster channel!

  13. broderick black says:

    Hey bruh did you hear about the single mother that recorded herself for two years having literally sex with her own sons and daughters for the attention of the act in Australia men be careful who you sleep with because she will cuck you using your own son.

  14. SupremeCannon says:

    A 'born again' woman would be openly repentant,and would show proof of it by her actions for a minimum of a couple of years. She would be humble and grateful for any man who would regard her as a possible mate.

    Yeah, can't say I ever saw it.

  15. TheSORC1 says:

    Bruh this vid is quality shit

  16. snarky Mc snarkface says:


    fucken hippies….

    I say that all the time

  17. Gary Bentlage says:

    Im a follower of jesus, but not according to the instituition, which is your modern day fundamentalist christian church, thats were im at, but not some holy roller lol

  18. stephen lester says:

    Omg yes I agree with this so much.

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