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Reclaiming this word for myself today… an act for freedom.

Because I need to be able to talk about my experience as a woman while referring to a right to CHOICE (even in general!) without being attacked.

As August’s #PeaceAmidstChaos project continues, I felt it was time to start sharing my story as a woman through my experience with Feminism. I tried to talk about what it means to me, how it’s helped me grow and where it’s taking me next…

Using the word “choice” alongside “feminism” turned out to be an invitation for violent or unrelated remarks.

Expect a future video with tips on listening. XD

The mountains ground me and give me strength.

[ Peace Amidst Chaos ]

You’re invited to join me for an experimental video retreat for finding inner peace throughout the whole month of August! I’ll be checking in regularly with inspired shots of moment to moment, raw insight as I travel around France, Italy and Germany.

The intention? Find Peace Amidst Chaos.

The process will be completely intuitive… going with the flow and not holding back. Let’s see what happens.

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3 Responses

  1. Phil Mc Cracken says:

    Pro choice??? Murder

  2. Mika benoit says:

    Ok but I didn't understand what you were trying to say, or do, ,could u explain your thinking

  3. Mika benoit says:

    I'm sorry I'm not too sure what your trying to articulate , " reclaiming the word choice " – for woman

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