Child Gender Identity

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Controversial gender identity specialist Dr. Ken Zucker discusses typical and atypical gender behavior and identity in children on a panel with a mother whose daughter exhibits some dissatisfaction with her gender and Hershel Russell, a female-to-male trans man and psychotherapist.

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50 Responses

  1. William Forest-Hill says:

    The difference between cisgender children and transgender children is that transgender children experience the mental disorder, gender dysphoria. You can be and do anything you want; but if your preferences and sense of identity starts to have an emotional impact on your life and view of life, that is when you can see it may be more than that, maybe trans. I used to think it had to do more with sexism and gender discrimination, but now i know it is more of a mental thing. Watch Blaire White for more information! Also, I know this is an old video, but I have to watch this for a sociology forum, lol.

  2. Z Dax says:

    this parent is transphobic, misgendering your child is fucked up. Toys are toys that simple.

  3. Réactionnaire Médiatique says:

    Hershel Russell voice is cringy

  4. Tea Break says:

    I am a woman and when I was small I wanted to have muscles and and be like a boy. Luckily people were not mad yet and didn't prescribe me hormons. After few years I was very happy to be a beautiful girl and woman. This is normal for a child to be unsettled. What is not normal is to create a drama and give them hormons and "education".

  5. James Galbreath says:

    It has been my experience, most folks who have gone threw a life changing experience will often convince others that there choices were good and insist that others fallow there example. To justify there choices. I've seen it many times with Mothers and Daughters on the issue of abortion.

  6. Foogafoog says:

    10:20 "little dresses are GREAT" she says so s w e e t l y ….well the following words reveal that this false enthusiasm and maternalness only works to lampshade a burning resentment towards the lack of "creativity" and towards the "rigidity" of normal parents and the norms of gender. This is a war that she is fighting, and it's a war of deception.

    This person will not have you hear that the vast majority of gender-disphoric children will utterly cast aside their delusions when they reach adulthood. This person seeks to remove a parent's choice to seek therapy that they seem appropriate for their gender-disphoric child, such as they could have gotten at Dr. Zucker's clinic before ideologues such as this person shut it down.

  7. Vic 2.0 says:

    How do we know the children identify as children? Or people for that matter? This story is offensive to me, as an 874 year old crocodile.

  8. hey! dude! says:

    hershel russel is a demon-possessed, mind-controlling, mind-warping, politicising, bigoted WOMAN who will never ever be a man

  9. Slade L. says:

    Wow what a lie by Hershell about reparative therapy of homosexual children! Dutch gender specialists have also found 80-90% of trans children grow out of it themselves and most of them are homosexual. The Dutch know this and incorporated this and other important factors, such as comorbidity, in their treatment. What is actual reparative therapy is the transing of homosexual children. Zucker's treatment is based on science, as the Dutch is and doesnt harm children. The trans children that are persistent grow up as trans after adolescence. They just are a small minority. That Zucker was fired as a result of aggressive transactivists and their lies is a true tragedy. Trans activists dont care about children but about their destructive ideology.

  10. Enlighten Ment says:

    A lot of butt hurt people in the comment section.

  11. bruno zoekteenjob says:

    Being abducted by UFOs is apparntly no longer in fashion.
    The fashion now is body snatchers.
    Help us, the wrong body must be removed.

  12. skirts365 says:

    Since the World War Two factory work (that and not anything else) put women into pants, society stopped sex typing garments with the objective of restricting girls and women.  The agenda to maintain restrictions on men remains as strong today as the former objective of restricting women.  People who restricted women—psychiatrists, psychologists, behaviorist cult members, church ministers, police, mayors, city councils and legislators—only stopped restricting women because so many women were wearing pants that they could no longer be opposed and it became "normal."  And that shows powerfully why all psychiatry, psychology and behaviorism is irretrievably wrong—it equates minority nonconformity with "illness" and majority conformity with "health."  But social nonconformity is not any medical issue!  This belief to the contrary of fact allows the Inquisition and the witch hunts to continue in a modern wrapper.  Social conformists burned Joan of Arc alive in AD 1431 because she wore pants, "men's clothes," and in AD 393 Roman Emperor Theodosius I ordered men in pants banned from Rome and their property seized because men in pants were NOT the social conformity in Rome!  No behaviorist is capable of realizing that skirts and trousers are ACTIVITY differences, not sex differences, because these factions exist to validate majority prejudice against change.  You can sex type bras as female all you want, but pants were invented for riding a horse.  Fancy clothes were upper class—not "female."  If men want to "dress like men," they should shave less.

  13. Tracy Todd says:

    A parent is supposed to guide. A child is a child. They need firm but loving guidance.
    Male is male. Female is female. Sometimes the parent needs to reinforce that.
    It may seem easier to let that child cross dress and cross gender at the time cuz the child is distraught but they WILL get over it later!
    I was an only female child adopted by two wonderful people who were not able to have children. I was raised mommy's girl…daddy's boy. I didn't cross dress but if they would have let me I would have cuz I hated dresses and pink….still do. But it really screwed me up later. I played with dolls and girls stuff but also rough housed with the boys until puberty. Stuff kinda evened out after that.
    I think being raised female/male hindered my ability to totally appreciate feminine qualities in myself. Felt like I didn't fit in with the women and of course not with the men.
    I'd tell any parent nowdays….plzzzzzz do not let your child decide on such a serious thing as this. Encourage their true gender. Tell them the good qualities of their particular gender. We need to keep that boundary and stop blurring gender roles/lines. It's not healthy.

  14. Biking with Éric McCurry says:

    Me is Homosexual but at 9 age me had to choose between going deer hunting with me Uncle or making Apple pies with me Aunti , me always chose baking hot apple pies 🙂 Me Uncle made me join Chibougamau Junior Boxing club in Quebec when me was 9 age because me told my single mom me though I am a Homosexual at 9 age and my Uncle say that boxing other boys would make me more masculine and it did because me loved fighting with other boys on the boxing ring so my uncle helped develop my masculinity and today me will go deer hunting with him , but me now live on Montreal Gay Village here on quebec and me is happy 🙂

  15. BluCassRed Bay-B. says:

    Sometimes when I read about Zucker's treatments I end up crying.

  16. AngryAtheist says:

    How exactly does a three year old girl feel like a boy? Outside of clothing and toys, a three year old does not have the life experience of determining such a thing. If a girl is born a girl, it stands to reason she's not a boy. If she is not a boy, how the hell does she know she wants to be one? "If" it comes down to clothes and toys, then I call bullshit on the whole thing.

  17. ConservativeAnthem says:

    This conversation is surreal.

  18. Sheryl Goh says:

    We have to realise that Ken Zucker's scientific perspective in this discussion puts him at a disadvantage because of the target audience of this media network. Within the discussion itself, he is outnumbered by people who – despite being educated in their own rights – are invested in the gender identity problem much more emotionally than they are academically.
    The host/interviewer asks questions that prompt dispute, such as how they each feel about the classification of Gender Identity Disorder. Zucker attempts to answer this question from a technical standpoint – which is quite likely the only way he knows how.
    Now, the mere fact that he doesn't seem to disagree with the existence of this classification easily makes him look like the antagonist of this issue and thus of the community that most of the viewers probably are some part of. However, of all the members of this panel, I would say that he has less of a personal investment in the issue and thus more of an altruistic one. Being a part of psychosexual research and the scientific application of gender studies, he is doing way more of a public service to the trans community than the mother and the FTM transexual are.
    To go further into detail in support of Zucker's views: Psychological disorders (not just Gender Identity Disorder) are classified, as he's said, based on statistical norms. They are used as references for diagnoses, and these diagnoses in turn help distressed and impaired people function in society.
    Many of us agree that it is the state of society that could do with changing – but this is not Zucker's job. He attempts to do his part by helping out people who are urgently in need.
    If you feel so strongly about the welfare of the trans community, you could do with empathising (and collaborating) with the scientific sector of this community. We are all on the same side. Arguing semantics may help with social perceptions, but arguing them with fellow comrades is pretty fruitless if you ask me.
    However, I do believe that academics would benefit from losing the technical terms and speaking in a more 'layperson' language, to help more people realise that science is not alien to humanity, and could instead serve as a very useful tool.

  19. shadowflare77 says:

    I love this moms points of view. Such a level of understanding and love that really makes me smile.

  20. Jeffrey Grace says:

    Ken dies NOT look happy

  21. Khadijah Brown says:

    The information set forth in "Gender Dysphoria Treatment" really reduce the suicides. That should be enough.

  22. The Dog That Died says:

    Telekinesis is alive and well

  23. deanna smith says:

    zucker is an asshat… you should get a real trans expert on to talk instead of someone who has spent the last 30 years trying to pathologize the trans community.

  24. Kristjan Birnir says:

    I was given dolls to play with as kid, never did that make me a girl.  

  25. Kristjan Birnir says:

    What is right without a wrong any way?

  26. Bruce Nielsen says:

    Hershul is right. GO HERSHUL

  27. Bruce Nielsen says:

    Im in his *project*

  28. Bruce Nielsen says:


  29. Clothahump1 says:

    And he's absolutely correct.

  30. VS1 says:

    I don't think adults should be messing with kids heads when it comes to gender – it's cruel. Children are not social experiments.

  31. TylerJaden24 says:

    i met hershell in person

  32. Joshalynn Mullins says:

    Becoming transgender is not about attracting others of the opposite sex. It is about expressing yourself as the person you feel you were meant to be. A female who prefers men can still feel wrong about the body they were born in. And vice versa. Sexuality has nothing to do with gender, that is why females who are sexually attracted to other females are considered lesbian, just because she is attracted to a female does not mean she wants to be male.

  33. amanda hunter says:

    ken zucker lives in his own world. he has harmed so many children over the years. if a boy plays with dolls he has to be fixed same goes for girls , what is wrong with kids having fun with toys. has anyone asked him if he is the one who should be cured or fixed?

  34. amanda hunter says:

    you are digging a very big hole under your self

  35. Annette Breton says:

    Why did that male ( Hershel Russell) change from being a female? Now he just seems like a strongly effeminate man. What is the point in that? I will never understand this. A female who wants to be a gay male. Hence attracted to the original opposite gender. CONfusing!

  36. ZaraPaz696 says:

    it´s not important to spell it just to know it´s form. I know what it is, it is hate and oppression cuz of ranking some ppl higher that others and this is exactly what so-called "expert" Zucker does. Its nothing else than projection, damn ridiculous and sad to see that history repeats and repears, blaming, pathologizing and excluding ppl for the shape of their body, esp. genitals that´s more than disgusting.

  37. Jess Fawcett says:

    Learn to spell fascist and learn what it is.

  38. Mychemforever99 says:

    I don't care if it's a dissorder or a boys body; wich I feel like I belong, then I'm going to transition do I can feel like I'm in the

  39. MajorqueenB says:

    He states that it is misinformation that there are pre gay children coming in and that they will try and change them into a straight person. Listen, sometimes kids are their gender and hit adolescence and then find themselves profoundly confused. Then they start hating themselves and their new bodies. As a result they think they must be the opposite gender especially if their are strange emerging sexual behaviours which cement this fallacy. They need counselling just to help them feel normal

  40. MajorqueenB says:

    Nobody is feeling deprived of expression of their gender. A lot of the time there ARE psychological problems and strange family dynamics which contribute to the issue of feeling different and sometimes they default into false assumptions about their own selves including mislabelling of their own gender as the culprit.

  41. Transgenderkloprod says:

    I think that Zucker has been educated into a monster, now he wants to do revenge on girls born wirh dicks and boys born with vaginas. He is one of the evilest sons-of-a-bitch-scientists I know.

  42. KayTuck22 says:

    These panels are always so unevenly balanced.

  43. ZaraPaz696 says:

    Zucker is nothing else than a modern bodyfashist.

  44. Rhonda Williams says:

    Zucker also fails to point out about a chemical hormone imbalance inside the womb.

  45. kuwaizair says:

    if i was some kind of immortal, I would test these on people. i would experment.

  46. The Amethyst Cocoon says:

    Zucker is a tool. Giving him equal status with genuinely qualified professionals is tantamount to saying that his views are widely accepted by practicing gender therapists, which they are most certainly not.

    Shame on the media for giving him a forum to preach his bigotry.

    He refuses to account for sociocultural prejudices against trans people; cannot perceive anything outside the gender binary; is a biological essentialist; and simply does not listen to anyone except himself.

  47. a;lsdfjk says:

    @JoanBeatrington001 then remove yourself from it.

  48. senseijosesuave says:

    More insight from Jewish harlots…er…experts.

  49. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A says:

    Kenneth Zucker is reprehensible. He does enormous harm to the transgender community.

    I also wonder at why the mother of the trans boy feels fit to call him "her" over and over again even though she says that he's been expressing his identity as a boy for years.

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