Chicago prosecutor asks alleged abuse victims of R. Kelly to come forward

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A Chicago prosecutor is asking alleged abuse victims of singer R. Kelly to come forward in the wake of the Lifetime docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.” The office of the Cook County state’s attorney says it has received numerous calls from family members of alleged victims. Multiple women have previously accused the Grammy-winning singer of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Jericka Duncan reports.

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27 Responses

  1. A.D.Kause † says:

    #supportrkelly #playrkelly The White Media Needs God

  2. reformer6666 says:

    These relatives had stars in their eyes as well. Now, they want to scream abduction since the daughters choose to stay.

  3. Jeff L says:

    So.. what is the status of the Catholic church who been molesting little boys? Oh.. I forgot, it's a Catholic church and it's okay…

  4. your highness says:

    If you're not stupid and your on to media outlets… Which everyone should be look at the panel and what it consists of…. All women emotional thinkers only hear what they wanna hear

  5. EL PERFUMÉ says:

    Yo if R Kelly gets outta this one he's definitely a Kingpin.

  6. Get IT J says:

    Arrests parents and bystanders too.

  7. cas4040 says:

    “Recent” allegations…

  8. K TC says:

    You goin to prison if you on CBS!!!!

  9. Bernice Perry says:

    Black women MATTER , put him in Jail THROW away the key !!!!

  10. Princess Kelly says:

    IF YOU ARE REPORTING ABOUT HIS SEX ALLEGATIONS WHY ARE YOU PLAYING HIS MUSIC ???? JUST TELL US WHAT HE DID ! This is why his music spiked & is becoming popular , there isn’t a need to promote his music along with his wrong doings !!!!! Wtf

  11. Lydie Romulus says:

    Let God be the judge and let him live his last days..Gods punishment is worst than humans.

  12. Cotrina Dixon says:

    All these mfs need to be arrested

  13. Tommy Cease says:

    Lady Gaga and jay-z are pathetic.

  14. Mirquella Santos says:

    I have no problem with arresting R Kelly. My only objection is that only blacks and rich blacks are targeted while white pedophiles and rapists are given free passes. Check Kavanaugh, free pass. Trump has 6 filed complaints for molesting children and abusing women and free pass too. Dog Dwayne Chapman killed, mugged, raped, molested, robbed still was awarded with his own tv show. Why? He was born with privilege and it pays to be the elite in America.

  15. Eschaton Zenith says:

    Whites attacking blacks again SMDH

  16. dianesunny204 says:

    Hopefully the community will rally behind the DA's Office this time instead of rallying behind the predator R Kelly. You can't have it both ways, you're either on the District Attorney's Office side, or you're on the Predator R Kelly's side. Which is it?

  17. Joel Maejor says:

    He's going to end up killing himself. Suicide

  18. Vincent Washington says:

    Took long enough but glad this is motion

  19. Nicholas Brewer says:

    That's a pisser

  20. Andrew Dickson says:

    Ya'll just jealous of Kelly smdh

  21. BIG A says:

    Art Kelly is a pedophile.

  22. Front Runner says:

    The demonic spirits of fallen angels… live in these guys!

  23. Indieanna jones says:

    About time but don't just throw him in jail…help him.

  24. Trevor Phillips says:

    It's crazy after that documentary R.Kellys Spotify views or whatever went up instead of down. What does that tell you about society? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  25. Dk Thebag says:

    If they would have got there law suits Money they wouldn’t

  26. Dk Thebag says:

    Just remember a white men got y’all reacting like this not R Kelly actions because everyone on the planet knew this. Stop acting like y’all care because it’s a popular to say now.

  27. Josif Maracine says:

    It's what happens in Democrat run city when your people are leaving your state and have less taxes coming in. Here's another person they can look at, Obama. He lives in Chicago, look into his criminal activities. I hear he has millions.

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