Chattel! (1 hour version)

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Mangina extraordinaire Matt Binder will be remembered by the history books, not for his achievements, but for his words.


No they weren’t:

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18 Responses

  1. Olivier Tilanus says:

    Thank god some real music to listen to while studying

  2. The Cubed says:

    Why would you do this to us?

    This should be viewed as a hate crime against humanity as a whole.

  3. Vulkan He'stan says:

    Hello Binder, my old friend.

    I've come to laugh at you again.

  4. White CIS Cum says:

    I had jalapeƱos last night and my arse piece is stinging yet it's more comfortable than watching this.

  5. SJ NM says:

    I dare anyone here to try to get to sleep with this on in the background…

  6. Deli Cheese says:

    I can safely assume we are all here because of Sargon? This never gets old.

  7. ClaudiousMaximus says:

    Of women were chattel in the past why were there so many privileges given to them in the past. The first thing I can think of is, send them to war instead of their male owners; or why have a big wedding, her opinion wouldn't matter….

  8. Jayfeather - Classic C&C Speedruns says:

    Made it three minutes, I think I've suffered permanent brain damage as a result. I can literally feel it.

    I'd still rather watch the entirety of this than watch an Angry Aussie video though.

  9. zevex747 says:

    Ohhhhh my god I can't believe that this exists. Hahahaha

  10. That Corvid says:

    After an hour…I still don't believe him.

  11. Alternative Facts says:

    The new Nyan cat.

  12. TheBechtloff says:

    I still view Matt Binder as chattel.

  13. Belltrizzy Banizzy says:

    Thank you

  14. youtuber says:

    here you go masochists: 60min free session.

  15. sirLamperouge says:

    Hello nightmares

  16. Phil McCracken says:

    YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!

  17. TheGoverning BodyBag says:

    Good sample material. Fuck he is annoying regardless.

  18. Basil the Porphyrogenitus says:

    nice! i am not convinced that he knows what the word 'chattel' means

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