Chat with Men’s Coach and ex-PUA, Sasha Daygame

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Video on rape culture:

Infinite Man Summit:

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  1. transporter78213 says:

    Nothing more wonderful than MGTOW.

  2. Aaron Samuel says:

    I think that is so apt on what they said about trauma based societies. The rape culture story is so prevalent that women live in constant fear. That's why Sasha said his female friends confessed fearing rape is something they always have to live with. Fear is a lower frequency, just like he said. It's not real. There's healthy fear and debilitating fear that serves no purpose except for puppet masters.

  3. Yeaown says:

    Happy to see you're alive Karen.

    A couple of things strike me with this interview. I appreciate his angle. I see a lot of people here instantly dismiss him because he mentions "connecting with a woman" – or more specifically; the divine feminine in a woman. I think this is a particular pathology of embittered men hanging around in too many mra/mgtow echo-chambers for too long. I think their nihilistic, cynical sentiments are kind of pathetic and whiny. If you are capable of falling deeply in love with a woman, you are falling in love with something that your subconscious perceives as divine in that being. And if you're not able to fall in love with a person, you have lost the ability to generate a sense of meaning in life as far as I can see, because the ability to bow to something that's sacred for you is a necessary component of having Meaning. A particular function of your consciousness has been shut off or atrophied from too much bitterness and hatred or arrogance. Without recognising the divinity of love itself, you will decay badly. (This doesn't mean divinity in any sort of religious sense necessarily, it refers to the natural divinity and love you see in your own children for example). I appreciate that this man seems to come from an angle of love, and that manifesting love between man and woman is a worthy goal, even if it's in the form of a one night stand or a marriage with kids.

    I think lots of people who automatically just switch off their brains as soon as they hear "divine feminine" or "connecting with women" need to reflect deeply on what exactly it is they are trying to repress.

  4. Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

    38:25 _ 40:30 100% true

  5. Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

    Girls are narscissistic and egoistic and fearful and fear attracts the fearful

  6. Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

    Fear of rape attracts rape

  7. Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

    The comment section is full of nasty people. Nothing wrong with this guy

  8. The Man On The Mountain says:

    Karen, sorry, but he has nothing to offer. He can´t have a decent conversation, and it´s pretty obvious when you talk about some profound and important issues and he goes with the "trust the universe", universal love, and new age bullshit.

    And regarding the video, is good from a production point of view, but again, is bullshit.
    First, this video is sending the message that men always must to make the first move, and women just have to wait. Waving to someone known or sending back a smile is not a move. Sorry but women created the myth of "signs", which actually is "we don´t have to do anything but to test men and being cold and gross to them even if I like him, because I don´t want to take the risk of being ashamed or despised (because is how I behave with the men I reject)".
    Second, the message of confidence and courage. Bullshit. Modern women only care about if men fit them, as if we were a pair of shoes or a Gucci bag. They see men as a trophy to brag of in social media, another fancy fashion complement, and the list of requirements is exhausting. Women just don´t see a nice face and feel interest. They demand money, glamorous job, being taller than her in high heels (only to start to talk with them, which is fucking disgusting, the most extreme superficial level possible), nice car, nice house, a minimum account of followers on twitter, FB, IG (I am not kidding, this is true, and believe me, they will lose interest in you if you don´t even have got twitter or IG accounts, as myself), and of course, you have to be like fucking Thor, even if she is just a fat ugly 2.
    You can have got a lot of confidence and courage, but it has nothing to do with women nowadays. Maybe in the past, bot not today.
    And 3d, and this is the most wrong message: You will be unhappy, depressed, and a loser, without a woman in your life. Look at her in the whole video. Ol, the plot shows her as slightly interested in him, but she is happy and her life goes on without him. But he is the image of sadness and depression till he finally makes a move and she talks with him.

    The video is really good, and really touching, but is bullshit. Actually is out of reality. The real dating scene out there is a hell full of golddiggers, entitled pedestalized wasted "princesses", and a nighmare of superficial social media female addicts due to their gregarism and a society who rewards hypergamy.
    Sorry for being bitter and not the typical positiveness-only-good-vibes idiot, but I can´t stand any of these gurus always with their "just be yourself, trust yourself, you can do it, all we need is love, world is wonderful, you are special" shit.

  9. Daniel Haarti says:

    Sasha comes off as likable and authentic. Sadly I've also had to delve into PUA theory to make myself less into a 'needy' little boy. It worked.

  10. alswords says:

    Interesting talk thanks. This format often doesn't work as they ramble on and lack structure and flow but you made it work. Game, especially day game was unusual back in 2000 as it was only just becoming consciously practiced and written about and so some of it was nerdy and awkward. I wasn't doing it then, I was married. But my first day game cold approach was in 1980. Maybe I should have persisted. Game has now evolved, a lot. And it occupies a very important place in the world. Nature demands it in fact. And to be honest the alternatives are much more unsavoury. Like many fringe things in society that people don't understand, it gets a lot of flack. Also main stream society is VERY against it so that doesn't help. Thank GOD for people like Jordan B Peterson, he's a living legend and very brave, so sad he has to be brave just to talk about reality and people. There's a lot of very screwed up, confused people ATM thanks to deep state and main stream media brainwashing. BUT we are slowly, finally waking up as a whole I think. OMG did you say 80% circumcised? !!! Holy crap how come ??? Surly it's a minority religious thing?

  11. Venkatesh Subburaman says:

    Feminist wants only right without responsibilities, what to earn without work.

  12. johndrummusic says:

    you can, and have done better Karen… up your game again please…

  13. McGulag's LLC says:

    No respect for pick up artists. Are we going to be slandering pathetic "incels" in the next video?

  14. vfwh says:

    I don't know how out there this thought is, but I've always wondered about the possible connection between circumcision and the intellectual focus and achievement drive of the jewish folks. Could the lower sensitivity in the dick (assuming this is actually true, which I don't know) and the psychological trauma side of it create some kind of refocus of some of the energy to other pursuits than getting laid, which would on average create more people emotionally invested in intellectual pursuits and social status achievement? There's no question that jewish people on average achieve far more in life than the rest of us.

    There would have to be some other explanation for asians, but I hear that their sex drive is also lower on average, which seems quite strongly borne out by this study:

    To validate the jewish hypothesis, I found this survey on sexual activity that has a little contradictory statements about jewish people:
    but the higher sexual activity of jewish and non-believing people could be confounded by other factors, such as the top status people having more sex in general. And college students apparently have less sex than others, too (surprisingly…). Also, just having more sex may not be the only parameter, it could be that if it's less satisfying, it also mobilises less of your cognitive apparatus.

    Also, arabs also mostly practice circumcision as far as I know, but then there's 1001 nights and so on. Apparently there's a relative dearth of data on sexual practices of arabs, AFAICT from a 10 second Google search.

    So more data needed to answer this question, but I'm not going to spend more time on this right now 🙂

  15. Roadhouse Bohdi says:

    Seems like a nice enough dude for a PUA pussy beggar. I do think Karen and most of her audience are past what this dude is preaching.

  16. Billy Clarke says:

    PUA turns hippster hippy

  17. Billy Clarke says:

    Women really have an interest in PUAs.
    MGTOW is more interesting

  18. Societal Cipher says:

    Is it just me or is the subtext here Karen falling over herself for this guy? This dude is beta game all the way.

  19. pll9000 says:

    People who come from trauma, as Sasha puts it himself, later gravitate to cults or ideology, like his hippy-dippy universal love spiel. Others go hardcore activist, religious, or vegan. Whereas if you're from a stable background, you remain stable and don't give those weird cults the time of day.

  20. Bob Anderson says:

    Most gay, lesbian, transgender people are incest victims.

  21. Tad Ficus Catus says:

    I can't cry, to angry and not enough self love probably. Kind of sucks.

  22. CheerstoLife Brother says:

    Hiii karennnnn!

  23. lucky Ben Hebrew says:

    I’m not sure why Karen gave the guy a platform to further blame men and make men look stupid, first of all his an effeminate faggot, he’s too stupid to understand the effects of feminism in our society,
    I blame Karen for not having a standard.

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