Challenge – VEGANUARY !

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Let us know if you sign up!
Sending you all lots of love and all the best in the NEW YEAR!

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30 Responses

  1. Phitome says:

    Veganism is unhealthy. Don`t go vegan!!!!

  2. Ciprian Alin says:

    Why does every vegan on youtube look so lifeless/low energy? How can i and why should i try veganism when all of this bloggers are constantly sick and look like they are about to die in the next 2 days?? Using a ton of light when filming still doesn´t hide the fact that they look unhealthy…

  3. Naomi Eden says:

    Since I've been on my vegan journey I've lost 4 pounds and I'm really enjoying it.

  4. Ester Tamm says:

    I have been vegetarian for long time. I never really liked the taste of meat and that’s the main reason why I didn’t eat meat. But watching videos and reading articles I became more and more aware of animal industry, what hadn’t been ever taught for us and how big issue it is. As soon as I acknowledged these things, I tried lessen my consumption on dairy and eggs to minimum I could. I always would select vegan cheese, yogurt etc over dairy one if there is an opportunity (in my country there isn’t always available in the market) I truly believe eating animal products is not sustainable way to feed the population. Thank you for inspiring to do me more. I agree that anyone who accept this challenge won’t loose anything, but possibly could get something instead of loosing. Monami, I request you to do more videos about plant-based eating habits, or these what I eat in a day type of videos. These videos are always to inspiring and give people ideas how to change their eating habits.

  5. Poppy Flower says:

    Never is the right time to go vegan..becouse veganism is not for humans ..we are omnevores and this is the fact. Our body need animal protein.

  6. Daverr says:

    I ate a stick of butter today.

  7. K says:

    I’ve been trying going vegetarian since nov & im finding it so hard when as a family we all eat together & when I’m out. Also not a fruity person so I’m forcing that on myself meanwhile I’m not into smoothies. However this doesn’t discourage me.

  8. Mc Floater07 says:

    True , except for all the lettuce scares and ecoli these past years affecting produce in the U.S. . But for the most part I agree it's safer health wise . Pregnancy becomes you !

  9. Tonick Moss says:

    that is a really complicated way to sell bunch of t-shirts and a book…

  10. Coupon Star says:

    Oh lol. I just did this because my daughter challenged me. Now I actually signed up!!

  11. Victor Gowor says:

    I actually went vegan like 1,5 month ago lol

  12. Muad'dib 22 says:

    Why would anyone listen to such obvious freaks. Veganism is a cult.

  13. Janet Ly says:

    the only thing you will lose is guilt, hypocrisy and possibly weight 🙂 #govegan <3 You guys partly inspired me to go vegan 1,5 years ago <3

  14. Tessa Essa says:

    Vegan is the only way… coming up 1.5 years in a month!

  15. Eira Paulisdotter says:

    Got my boyfriend to try the challenge! So nice bringing him into the vegan life style, already got him to switch out his products to vegan and not tested on animals!

  16. CostcoPizza says:

    If I wasn’t pregnant I would I can’t really make major changes to my diet right now :/

  17. OP 37ST says:

    I will go vegetarian one year but not this year

  18. Viktória Valentová says:

    You two are so cute together and both very positive people <3

  19. Дарина Ефремова says:

    А когда видео на русский канал?Ооочень скучаю

  20. Cassie Morris says:

    No, thank you!

  21. cannabis catwoman says:

    I'm vegetarian but I'd love to try this

  22. Lalliuu 23/07 says:

    I sign up 😀

  23. mada dada says:

    My boyfriend accepted the challenge and I'm so proud of him

  24. Erectus Maximus says:

    You both look sick AF!

  25. gnubaum says:

    i did this a couple years ago and the month became 4 months. Sadly i have a pretty bad eating disorder and eating at all is more important than eating vegan right now but veganism definitely is in my future. i am vegetarian though…

  26. Inquiring Kevin says:

    If there is no negative comments it means this channel is a lie, much like telling people its beneficial to go vegan!

  27. Rhiannon Roberts says:

    Yay!! So so happy you guys talked about the fact that it’s about health and the environment! I found veganism because of health, then the environmental aspects AND the animals helped me stay. Now, it’s been 14 months and I have never felt better!! I am down over 60lbs, bonus!!

  28. Rita Backus says:

    Just signed up

  29. Niki T says:

    I would love to accept this!

  30. lilbabybunni says:

    Now that i saw this video, me and my fiancé are going to try to go vegan!! Challenge accepted, thanks Monami❤️

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