Cassie Jaye vs The Disgusting People of the Mainstream Media

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  1. JamesT Kirk says:

    Seriously, fuck the project! Besides all the main problems, how horrid are the accents of the presenters. The manner in which they speak is the sound of barking. They make the rest of us look and sound dumb.

  2. jeff says:

    I have a hard time believing these "Main stream" folks aren't fully aware that these types of interviews do more to promote than shut down. I see it as the process of weaving their way through the mine field of special interest groups and their lawyers. While still accomplishing their jobs of informing the public… but idk ……….. they may just be as dumb as the SWJ folks 🙂

  3. Curtis says:

    Pretty soon all these main media channels are going to obsolete due to biased opinionated broadcasts from journalists that claim to be professional when the reality is that they merely read off teleprompters. They're just talking heads playing it safe and have no real opinions of their own. Just like washed up celebs joining movements to gain popularity back so they can get cast again. It's sad…. The future of news broadcasts isn't looking good. Even YouTube filters through video's and removes them which shows bias opinions towards what we can see and what they don't want us to see.

  4. Naughty Goat Farm says:

    As a male victim of domestic violence I find 'the projects' bullshit reporting on this film disgusting!

  5. Avery Brooks says:

    It's been very hard to find negative feedback on the film, where the people can remotely prove they've watched the film. If anyone has any links out there I would appreciate it. The Red Pill Movie really opened my eyes and I believe the name of the film is justified.

  6. misterkel says:

    LWHF – love women hate feminism. Trying to coin a new meme.

  7. Luc Del Casale says:

    The project is nothing more than an elitist feminist brainwashing ..stay the fuck away from mainstream media..its poison to your mind.

  8. Matthew Moodie says:

    Lol anyone who believes the project is any more than a cluster fuck, is in themselves – a cluster fuck.

    Also love how they completely shrugged of a dead boy. “I’m sorry that’s what you took from it?” What walleed? That a little boy died and the mother is still alive.. yeah, that’s a problem mate.

  9. buddyduddyful says:

    Men receive ZERO positive messages through out popular culture but will be barraged daily with anti-male negative messages.

  10. The_British_Bandit says:

    Id love to go on these news shows i would of started with "is this live or are you gonna be able to cut this up to run along your narrative"

  11. Steven Baal says:

    The Left want it banned. I'll watch it for sure.

  12. Michael Fung says:

    I hate Carrie Bickmore

  13. John Carbone says:

    What about the men that commit suicide due to the psychological pressures put on them by women

  14. Demarco Bufford says:

    is that James Blake "Digital Lion" playing in the background @6:08 randomly? lmao

  15. John Tate says:

    They clap after a fucking News Story in Australia? Or Fake News story I should say.

  16. John Tate says:

    And kinda like white privilege RAPE CULTURE DOESNT EXSIST !!!

  17. John Tate says:

    I would bet both my nuts and this media lady’s nuts and little brown boys vagina that Paul Elam never ever said “Women Want to be Raped” I would then double down on my wager that Elam was taken waaaaaaaay out of context in how these media criminals report what he did or didn’t say about women being raped.

  18. Jacques De Morton says:

    Van Badham has huge tits. Too bad she is a lesbian. That is all men think about her.

  19. Michael Dix says:

    who do these media personell think they are.
    my god,egotistical people with minimal substance.

  20. Michael Dix says:

    The media is ,as its been for a very long time,misleading the public.The media personell in australia especially are a discgrace with the infomation they are allowed to present.

  21. Pommie bears says:

    MEN GET KILLED TOO…..but, let’s not talk about the high numbers of men that suffer domestic violence but have absolutely nowhere to go to get help. Most men don’t report their abuse for fear of being called weak. Women can be just as vicious and twice as cunning as men! No one cares about that?? No, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Disgusting.

  22. Pommie bears says:

    I haven’t watched the project since Lisa Wilkinson had her insincere blubber about men and how we should teach them not to rape! Instead of blaming a crazy man for raping and killing a woman……she relegated ALL men to rapists! It angered me so much!

  23. brutal penguin collectables says:

    I know she probably faced a lot of criticism from her former comrades. But it is very encouraging to see she did get some recognition for shedding light on the hypocrisy that is "modern feminism".

  24. jdjewellpa says:

    She is the perfect woman in my opinion. If more women emulated her the world would be a joyous place. Her fiance is one lucky man and she is lucky to find such as a man as well. Thank you Cassie for one of the best documentaries I have ever watched.

  25. Paul Manning says:

    KISS THE KIDS GOODBYE. (Written by Paul Manning) For Elliott my son.

    Kiss the kids goodbye while your heart is breaking with a tear in your eye, you don't understand it and you really don't know why.
    Kiss the kids goodbye, as he asks: 'Dad I will be seeing you again, won't I?'… 'Why of course you will my son', your reply, but you're afraid to look him straight in the eye, not while you lie. (You can't hurt your angel like that.)

    Kiss the kids goodbye, while streams roll down your face, for you know now the game is lost and dads can easily be replaced.
    Kiss the kids goodbye, as they stand at the door, the threshold of your life, because the winner takes all and usually its the wife.
    You've kissed the kids goodbye and now all that's left is the pain, for you know the courts have spoken, and you'll never see them again. Kiss the kids goodbye, just kiss the kids goodbye.

  26. Max Power says:

    This is why I don't watch free to air tv anymore. Havn't tuned a tv for 8 years now.

  27. Jarryd Watts says:

    LOL! I fucking hate the project, especially that little Walid prick and the gnawing shit that falls from is face.

  28. Kitayuan says:

    seriously, there issues that men suffer from and issues that women suffer from. If we stopped arguing about these men issues and women issues and just tried to make life better for everyone I could finally stop wasting my time watching these videos lol.

  29. Drake Lim says:

    When feminists mansplains and womansplains themselves. Oh, the irony.

  30. Daryl Younger says:

    Project is shit….Waleed is a self righteous wanker with extreme Muslim views. Watched that show a couple of times and found it to be totally biased. So many journalists just give their own stupid opinions that no one wants. I’ll make up my own mind after sorting through the facts instead of the bullshit rubbish these loud mouthed self righteous blowhards. Project….hahaha sob sob sob bleeding heart dick heads.

  31. miloraca says:

    Waleed fists his own smelly vagina

  32. Divine Intervention says:

    Cassie Jaye, Carey Wedler and Lindsay Shepherd are the most honest and truest feminist who fight the good fight

  33. Mark Jones says:

    How condescending are these fucks. The media is as shockingly stupid in Australia as it is America

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