Camille Paglia in ‘The Watermelon Woman’

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From 1996.

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9 Responses

  1. Joe Pecoraro says:


  2. Navy Blue says:

    Love Camille! Reading Sexual Personae right now and her breakdown of beauty ideals through ancient times to now is fantastic

  3. Marcel Magi says:

    There's a humble brilliance about Camille!

  4. Agnes Philomena says:

    Operatic charm.

  5. Blond Thought says:

    She was kind of attractive here.  I'm vaguely turned on. 
    Makes me want watermelon. 

  6. Agnes Philomena says:

    Earthy. One sees now why Eve is called 'mother of all the living.'

  7. Agnes Philomena says:

    Note her graceful movement, animated in harmony with her mind, operatic. What presence!

  8. Agnes Philomena says:

    Stunning, transfixing, magnetic, lovely, brilliant, a force of nature. Brains and Beauty. What God hath wrought!

  9. Agnes Philomena says:

    Camille Paglia is glorious!

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