Buzzfeed Feminist Hates All Men

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Buzzfeed Feminist Hates All Men







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20 Responses

  1. Claire Kingdom says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard while I consider myself a feminist I think that feminism should be about things like equal pay at work and fighting for equality this is why feminism gets a bad reputation because of people like this who think they are being attacked because they are a little bit cold

  2. HEADCLEAVER says:

    When did u come back but anyways I’m happy let’s go

  3. Giselle Crazy says:

    My air conditioner is broken it must be sexist!

  4. the music hub says:

    1998:i bet there will be flying cars and a cure to cancer.

    2018 and 2019:AiR coNditIONing iS sExSiT

  5. :o .n. MEME REVEIW says:


  6. Gabriel media says:

    Brother she look like mia khalifa

  7. Gabriel media says:

    He he heee

  8. Bunnu Rabbittoe says:

    Some dude: ”How does it feel to be the same sex as a feminist?”

    Me: cries

  9. THOT POLICE says:

    Ac is sexist and the kitchen table is part of the kkk

  10. Thepuppy 666666 says:

    Great my dood

  11. name says:

    You’ve come back, but what about Aiden?

  12. Beedrawsthings says:

    "The air conditioning is sexist"

  13. RDSatipo says:

    I'll gladly be the same sex as donny trump. atleast i'm not the same gender as myra hindley

  14. MonkeyDank says:

    There air conditioning is sexiest…then maybe you should stick your head in a fucking freezer

  15. Whuduh Frick? says:

    It's been a bit

  16. Nathan H says:

    Damn u like a lvl 100 boss

  17. Str!ke says:

    Oof I was second…

  18. Rose Ghoul - Etch A Sketch says:


  19. rockethead 1229 says:

    Yay buzzfeed

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