Boy or Girl? Best Gender Reveal EVER!!

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We are ecstatic to welcome yet another precious little spirit into the Bingham Family! After three straight boys, it’s anyone’s guess what baby #4 will be…

Video shot 100% on the GoPro Hero4 Silver and Black Editions… also members of our family đŸ˜‰

Aerial footage shot on DJI Phantom 2

Still photos by the incomparable Jessie Eyre (she is unreal!)

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19 Responses

  1. abbey L says:

    No matter how many times I watch this I cry every time knowing you now have Hazel and such a beautiful family you all are.

  2. Palm tree Life says:

    2019 anyone??

  3. Ellie Carroll says:


  4. • Troödoseon • says:

    Doing it near the beach was a terrible idea. A dolphin or turtle will swallow the balloon and die.

  5. Donna Cully says:

    That was beautiful!

  6. Starfire 86 says:

    Who is watching when little Hazy has already been born and is in pre-k

  7. Chelsea grinnbarrett says:

    I was waiting for the balloon to pop in the parking lot when she brought it out of the store.

  8. CarolineGo Oof says:

    3 brothers and 1 sister so beautiful

  9. Lee West says:

    Hahaha the youngest one just stands there in disappointment

  10. SURPREET KAUR says:


  11. kierra lewis says:

    I think it's a girl tho

  12. kierra lewis says:

    0:53 she has boys so it will make sense if u got another boy and if it's a girl
    She's lucky or blessed

  13. kierra lewis says:

    Dis is cute

  14. Dog and Butterfly says:

    Gosh this made me tear up!!! I have 3 boys and 1 girl too. Thank you for sharing it brought me back to the same beautiful moment only it was 20 years ago for me.

  15. Gracie Felichio says:

    At 2:23 the youngest looks like he is saying "What have my parents done.?" LOL his facial expression is so funny

  16. Desiree Roque says:

    Ur family is so beautiful

  17. oumou barry says:

    My mom had five days before she had a girl.

  18. Jayashiper Jaya says:

    Wow their whole family had only boys they must be happy to have a baby girl

  19. Israel Yabuki says:

    Alright! Looks like they're having a girl

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