Bonobo Orgies Will Stop Patriarchy: Estelle B. Freedman’s Feminism: Part 2

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Apologies for the audio. I couldn’t find my macbook dongle so I made the decision to go ahead and do a new video with my built in mic.

I used a creative commons by Ltshears. Here is the license:

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3 Responses

  1. Troy Riser says:

    I've (weirdly enough) read several books by Jane Goodall and others about chimpanzee and bonobo social structures and behaviors. Freedman's reference to Bonobo sexual behaviors is the second time I've seen in brought up as some sort of ideal. What the author of the book I've read (whose name escapes me) seems to be doing is a weird kind of projection onto Bonobo behavior. Bonobo's are not 'free spirited' or 'uninhibited' or whatever other human traits she seems to apply. For one thing, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a human hellhole, in a near-constant state of human strife & unrest. It is a largely lawless place, and Bonobos are hunted for food and poached relentlessly. We are not seeing Bonobos in their natural habitat. We are seeing them made neurotic by an even more neurotic human population. That's my take, anyway.

  2. HPGWellscraft says:

    Very insightful video. Well done.

  3. Aric Hutfles says:

    I never have understood the "Animals do it so we should base human morals on that!" argument. Grow up on a farm and/or study animal behavior in any capacity and you should quickly conclude how that is a stupid position.

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