Black Women Entrepreneurs: Black Girl Magic or Black Life Delusions?

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  1. Lovenhappy says:

    Yvette is educational and hilarious. It's like sitting at the kitchen table with a "tell it like it is" friend.

  2. Pearl Wherry says:

    Yvette, you are right! I owned a small business for 13 years. Last year I suffered a heart attack and my children convinced me to close it because of the strain on my health. Looking back on most of it, I was in business to pay INSURANCE, property taxes, and I paid 2 employees. It was a very expensive HOBBY. I owned the building so that really enabled me to keep on as long as I did. I got the building for 4 years of back taxes that they allowed me to pay off monthly. The business started out as a dollar store, then morphed into hardware. I am white, but not rich. From start to finish I was a sole proprietor. Never borrowed money, just kept rolling back into business. We lived on my husbands paycheck from the steel mill. After he died I lived on Social Security and his pension. One more crucial thing is this; the 3 businesses and the (foreign guy that has a convenience store)., (RiteAid, Dollar Tree, And Family Dollar). ALL got 10'years of NO PROPERTY TAX!!!!! But I (a widow ) every year must pay all taxes Therefore subsidizing these huge corporations!

  3. sierragoldrush says:

    Wait. Is this good news? It sounds really angry. Fox News rage.

  4. In His Image: Jesus Christ Is Lord! says:

    Great information, as usual! One of the things I've noticed, over time concerning Native Black American DOS is that so many are undereducated, either concerning the realities of life, and or don't have a good solid academic foundation, or trade school education! Also, Black American DOS seem to be terrible at mentoring, which is pivatol to moving up the corporate ladder, or eventually owning and operating your own business!
    Having a business, which you can make a living from, using your talent and skills is great, but not for everyone!

    I had an aunt, who for years, ran and operated her own hair shop, at home, and managed to keep $50,000, in a safe, in her home, for emergencies. She started out, in the early 1960's, or late 1950's, and was trained to run and operate her own hair shop, by a cousin, who had some type of Madame C.J.Walker haircare training program, etcetera, and her first shop was in an old Victorian house split in half, so the business, was in the front, and living quarters, in the back section. Also, this was in a segregated neighborhood, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Blacks were limited to where they could live! If my aunt was alive, she would credit God and poverty, for her success! God first, because she was a Christian to the end raised Baptist, but converted to Holiness/Pentecostal, and poverty second, because poverty was and is a great motivator, for her like many others!

    She was a native of Alabama, and grew up poor in rural Uniontown, Alabama, on her family's farm, and knew what a potbelly stove is, had to carry lunch in a bucket which sometimes was just cornbread and syrup, and walk miles to school, after first having had to do first do some farm, and or household chores!

    Incidentally, her family originally came, from Mississippi, shortly after Alabama was created, and they had sharecroppers working, for them, for awhile, on numerous acres, which has gradually been spilt up, among the generations, and whatever farming done by the families, which inherited the properties, or sold, like in one case to Mennonites to make ends meet, due to changes, in government regulations, which benefit mostly corporate farms, and farmers, with large amounts of capital, for Black American DOS farmers tend to not have much capital, accept on very small scales to survive!

    End the long run, she had fewer and fewer customers, due to increased competition and government regulations! Basically overtime she became a reflection of her lineage! Her father a farmer all his life did ok for awhile, selling milk to a local dairy, and farm fresh eggs,along with various crops, like corn, hay, tobacco, peas, etcetera, however, government regulations stopped the sell of milk, milked by hand, decreasing the sell of unpasteurized milk (in some states it's illegal to sell unpasteurized milk, even though it's not unhealthy, and millions drink it daily, along with eating fresh made butter). So he was put out the dairy business, because he couldn't afford the milking machinery, and things gradually slowed down, because of corporate farming, increased government regulations, and weather, and relied on selling a few crops, fresh farm eggs, fresh churned whole milk, buttermilk, and cream to primarily White customers. Now not much farming takes place. on the farm, by one brother in his 70's, who sort of oversees the farm, along with a sister, who visits every so often, and has deal with possibly losing the family farm, which is about 80 acres now, and once nearly 200 acres, or more, because the grandchildren don't see value other than cash value, and are unwilling or unable to improve the farm, modernize it, and grow and sell profitable crops!

    Furthermore, there's the matter of inheritance taxes, unless you know the loopholes! Inheritance taxes have prevented many Black American DOS from inheriting businesses, etcetera, because the inheritance taxes are sometimes as much, or more than the business, etcetera, like in one case I read about once in Black Enterprise, involving a mom and pop store that was assessed at $200,000, and the inheritance taxes were assessed at $200,000, so the woman had to sell to pay inheritance taxes, like many folk wind up having to do!

    One more thing, the value of currency is steadily decreasing, which is to be expected, because the value of currency is more or less dependent, on human capital/ human resources, because of human labor, minus national debt! So, while Black American DOS shouldn't wait around, for reparations we should be working to get our reparations and have something similar to Native Americans in terms of education, and other programs, and legislated so no one can steal,or misappropriate what's ours, like what has been done with Affirmative Action! Time is running out! Warning there's not much need for human capital/human resources, as AI, robots, and other technologies take over! So, what do you think will be done with the many not needed? Every great empire collapses and the Trump presidency is a stay of execution! How many of you are even aware of the Real ID Act, which requires real ID, by 2020, with face recognition technology? The U.S.A. people think they know is changing right before their eyes, and many got a rude awakening coming, because they forget most laws, rules, and regulations don't take affect immediately, and some are written, for example, by corporate lobbyists, to exploit citizens, like the H1B visas, L1 visas, etcetera for the benefit of corporate America!

    Finally, do be aware the local, state, and federal U.S. governments are constantly being lobbied to give our hard earned taxes away to others,many not even citizens, because according to them, local, state, and federal government can afford it and should do it, because we have it good here, in the U.S. A and have no poverty!

  5. nutgeb says:

    Wow… I have been trying to tell certain people that its a side hustle… stop calling it a business. Now it's confirmed that I was right. I hate it but its truth.

  6. Ncrypt Solutions says:

    Also blogging, news websites and informational articles are businesses if you structure it that way. It's called the "Content Business". " Search Engine Land" & "The Outline" is an example of a blog that's a business. The content business has a business model and is accepted in the field of business, as a business. So even though you personally feel like its not a business…it is, or at least it can be. You can't change the definition of what a business is. Maybe her specific blog isn't a business , but that's case by case.

  7. Ncrypt Solutions says:

    31:16 Blogging doesn't make any money? lol haha Yvette I like you but you are so wrong about that. Unless you consider $10k a month "no money". I personally have made $2,500 – $4,500 a month from my blog for 2 years. I can show you screenshots and a live video of my Adsense. As of the time of writing this (September 16) im currently at $1,192 this month. You just need to know what you're doing.

  8. Delynn Turner says:

    Just reading some comments and some of these females entrepreneurs are defensive about their brands. Be open to the truth ladies. This is what it is. This show is real. I also have my own 501(3)c. But I'm more of an advocate not looking for a salary and still doing the work for my people.

  9. Delynn Turner says:

    I am enjoying this topic. Everybody want to say they got their own business charging you to buy into their program to teach you how to own a business. Do they realize what it takes to develop a business. Jeff Bezos, Theil, Zeckenberg. You might have better luck hitting the lottery. You need capital to start a business in hopes that it succeeds or fail.

  10. Steve Lamb says:

    A LOT of people start a business when they become UNEMPLOYED. So a 300% overage in Black as opposed to other women starting businesses COULD indicate a higher rate of unemployment. Then a higher rate of ownership than men well can you say Mass incarceration?

  11. Dos First says:

    The top 5 Jewish banks older than 1920 owed BLACK slaves by the thousands, Wells Fargo Wachovia, Rothschild bank of London…..

  12. BrewCity44 says:

    Jimmy Dore former Democrat become Independent is right… corporate and banker money is in the Democratic Party just as it is in the Republican. While interviewing Tulsi Gabbard he goes in on how the Democrats rigged the elections in California against liberal progressives wanting to reform the Democratic Party. If true, funny.

    He is right that the warmongering Democrats are serpents full of lies about Assad using chemical weapons. The forensic science carried out by an independent, internationally respected organization, on ground in Syria taking soil samples and samples from human corpses concluded no evidence of chemical weapons are to be found. Forensic science which is a lot more credible with a lot more predictable powers then this BS called "Climate Science."

    I knew Assad did not use chemical weapons, or more specifically that the calm children in that video being water hosed weren't exposed to lethal chemical weapons, because I went yearly through the gas chamber in the Marine Corps inhaling non-lethal CS gas. On grown men the symptoms were worse than anything you saw in those children that supposedly breathed in lethal gas. So, the Democrats are as Satanic and evil as the KKK. Period. Full f*cking stop. Hillary is as much a liar as Adolf Hitler and Southern Klansmen. Period. Same with establishment Republicans.

    But likewise I know "Climate Change" is not purely "catastrophic" in which no human life will exist on earth in "a couple decades" (t 20 f*ckin years, Jimmy Dore) with the temperatures rising to be 8,000 degrees or something. LMAO!!!!!

    How do I know? Same f*ckin way I knew the gas attack claim was a BS lie: f*ckin life EXPERIENCE.

    I've experience Florida, California, Arizona, and Wisconsin. What I experience was 4 f*cking different climate just in the US alone never mind all of planet earth. Any every f*ckin year–to no surprise–it get f*cking freezing cold in Wisconsin during the winter. Riddle me how the f*ck that is possible, that Wisconsin has outdoor ice bars during the winter, Jimmy, when in 20 years all of planet earth is going to be roasting thousands of degrees more than humid Florida already is? A bunch f hysterical horse sh*t meant to appeal to emotions (fear, hysteria), which Black-Americans loge calling it "church." Progressive whites love it because they like to preach "church" in which scientist and them are the only Noah savers of life on earth. Makes them feel holy and powerful because combined together the idiots won't solve the tiny problem of Skid Row LA. Something they can fix. Just like East Cleveland is fixable. Instead I have to hear Santa Claus tales about Climate Change and no f*cking ice in Milwaukee during January, with 90 degree temps and white women sunbathing in bikinis.
    Tulsi Gabbard Takes On Her Critics Inside Dem Party
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    Published on Sep 14, 2018

    Reality of "Climate Change" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

    Real carved blocks of ice, sustained outside in temps that freeze water:
    SO COOL! St Paul Fish Company Ice Bar / 3rd Ward / St. Paul & Broadway (36 seconds)
    Published on Feb 1, 2017
    Toasting winter with ice bars
    Published on Jan 3, 2018

  13. BrewCity44 says:

    East Cleveland seems to be a thriving town of flourishing, wealthy black businesses. Thank God life in the USA is so easy that Public Schools indoctrinate Black-American children from the earliest of their years on, that ALL you have to due to be safe and obtain the American Dream as a black person is vote for Democrats like Obama, there is no need of learning the social sciences of economics and math in their relationship to acquiring wealth over generations. Just vote.

    East Cleveland than Vienna-like jewel.

    The we have Trump. You give this mutha f*cka a singular mission of stopping the USA from militarily and politically f*cking around in Syria, don't get the US and world into WW3, and he acts like once elected he's dumb (can't hear) and f*ckin retarded.

    You have to love power in the Democratic and Republican regimes, the 2 party dictatorships, I mean… mo matter what voters say or want the regime rulers do whatever the hell they want.

    Well… at least Obama on behalf of the oligarch run Democratic Party regime is going to deliver an emotionlly charged speech and promises to Back-Americans in East Detroit. Know how Black-Americans love them some emotionally charged "church." The Black-American community winning in life Black-Americans don't care too much about. Oh well, white people won't be "winning" as Trump says if the cabal of psychopaths in Congress, banks, military weapons industry, and White House get the US into WW3 with the Russians and Chinese over Syria. You know… Syria that grand vacation destination white and Black-Americans have for decades regarded as our 2nd home. Home away from home.
    Democrats Are Desperate For The Black Vote
    Millennial Millie
    Published on Sep 15, 2018
    Millie Weaver scouts out an Obama rally in East Cleveland, Ohio to get an idea of how the Democrats are going to perform in the midterms. Upon observation Weaver finds the rally demographic turnout was predominantly white middle class attendees that don't appear to be East Cleveland residents.

    East Cleveland is a historically poor area consisting of a 90% African American population

    Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, woman of color, Hindu, military veteran, Congresswoman that makes more since than any of the oligrach controlled politicians in both political parties. Of course, the US could not field a Presidential candidate of her caliber, no, the USA could only field Hillary and Trump as options. You know that is a sign of a fading empire. But hey! Obama can "preach church" with emotionalized rhetoric in East Cleveland to Black-Americans. Get everyone all angry and warm and fuzzy. That's all that matters.
    Tulsi Gabbard Explains Why She Resigned From DNC (pt 1) (5 minute video)
    Published on Sep 13, 2018
    Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Trump's Syria Warmongering (25 minute video)
    Published on Sep 14, 2018

    I swear… if I were strolling through East Cleveland and its flower lined boulevards I would mistake it for being in Vienna, Austria. The two look so similar. Thank you Democratic Party and Obama for the magnificent gifts you have bestowed the small black town of East Cleveland. Such a Black Wall Street in envy whites have fled leaving about 4% of the city made up of whites.

    USA! USA! USA!
    East Cleveland Struggling to Survive (2 minute video)
    What to Do in Vienna, Austria | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times (6 minute video)

  14. iTalkData says:

    Anytime someone says they have a successful business, ask them to show you the income statement, if they even know what that is.

  15. Thorium Gallery says:

    This episode was church. AND the fish fry after. Somebody hold my mule.

  16. Shawn Cox says:

    Thanks for being blunt. We are being deceived by our Capitalist society. There
    is nothing wrong with taking government money if it is going to help you make money.

  17. Estelle MCKNIGHT says:

    Yvette, you posed a very interesting question, "What is Black business? To be called a Black business, is the only requirement for the owner to have black skin? Or, are there socio-economic elements involved that ensures a living wage, adequate health care, life insurance, a retirement plan, sick days, maternity/paternity leave, disability, collective bargaining? The criteria for Black business should have measurable standards. Black business lobbies for and builds Black communities.

  18. MissChicago says:

    I don't understand why a Black entrepreneur, hustler, etc is assumed to be enterprising solely to "mask" the effects of being a historical Black underclass. Most Black business owners aren't starting their busy day focused on being praised as beacons of hope for the BC. They don't see themselves as some barometer of the Black condition. They know the community as a whole suffers from generations of black disenfranchisement.
    Most go into business for the same reasons as other races. Passion for an idea, flexibility, extreme dislike of corporatism, or wanting to pass down a asset to children.
    The fact that more Black businesses are being started does not mean Black people including the owners are suddenly convinced everything is peaches. Because even Black business owners are disenfranchised and often times they require MORE work/and have more challenges than punching a clock. You should know this more than anyone as a YT entrepreneur. You have your side hustle yet, you aren't deluded. So what makes you think other Blacks folks are trying to push a narrative? They just happen to be business owners but they got issues like the rest of us.

  19. Swiss Lady Driver says:

    I could write myself a check for 75K, or if I want to save my money, I'd just get it from my husband.

  20. Jack Willis says:

    The word "magic" itself being used in the phrase should be a red flag, American DOS need our solutions to be based on reality. Leave the magic to Dungeons and Dragons.

  21. Christopher Cager says:

    "Analysis is not negative, analysis is just what it is!" – Yvette Carnell *I wish negroes would understand this more, and stop being so emotional!

  22. Ah Ha says:

    To echo +tonetalks, There is a category of business models called " Lifestyle Business " – The idea is the help others get into business by establishing a false image of authority without receipts. " There is gold in those hills " and while true, it lacks context and meaning. The point is to sell you mindset, shovels, water, pots, etc; everything that you will need on your journey. Put another way, you need coaching, marketing, and various subscription based tools to help you be successful. Again, the insidious part is, you actually need all of that, but you only need it at certain times and under certain conditions, that is the nuance that determines your success or failure. The one degree of nuance is an elusive target between liquid and solid; success exists in a narrow range of variables. Most of the non-black people I meet in business are struggling to make it! So now lets throw the cost of your lineage on your back and watch how the difficulty quotient increases exponentially! Your genetic optimism is being leveraged against you, the life vest being offered provides no buoyancy, only a false hope for the unprepared. Your best chance of survival is political power, 2 bucks a month X 15 causes that can lift the collective boat with a greater ROI than you realize.

  23. makinmoneyova says:

    OMG!!!! "YOU CANT DEAL WITH EACH OTHER LIKE WHITE PEOPLE DEAL WITH THE WORLD"______Alexander…..You just said a mouth-full. My goodness….A lot of times we don't understand white ppl deflect responsibility of what they have done. Kinda like the same way "we" deflect holding them accountable for what they have done to "us". That is powerful my dude.

  24. Natgirrl says:

    I started a business 19 years ago, but I was lucking enough to have a good job, which allowed me to save money to start that business. I was also lucky enough to have parents who had money to loan me when I needed it, being that bank loans weren't and still are not available for small businesses. I now have 15 employees, all employees out on the job are union, so they get health and welfare benefits and my I pay health insurance for those employees in the office. Could I do this starting out today? I seriously doubt it. I did not have the extreme student debt that folks coming out of college do today. In fact, when I graduated from the private university back in the early 90's tuition was $7000, per year. Now, it's $35,000. The good job that I had 20 years ago that allowed me to save money in order to start my own business hasn't raised the salary for that position in damn near 20 years.

  25. makinmoneyova says:

    If you are watching this video and you feel that what she is saying is "putting down" or "demeaning" to black-women entrepreneurs then I challenge you to pause, and really reflect on why you might feel that way. Before you draw a full conclusion, you might even have to watch the video a few more times. We gotta learn how to think critically, without having to give an immediate reaction. Especially if that reaction is based off of emotion. Sometimes if you react to quickly, you might miss the whole point that someone was trying to communicate to you. This is a very important skill, that we have to develop in order to be able to make our "own" decisions without being deceived………….IN ORDER TO HEAR THE TRUTH, YOU HAVE TO BE READY TO RECEIVE IT……..

  26. Estelle MCKNIGHT says:

    I guess if instability was everywhere, you'd need dreams thinking the grass was greener across the tracks. If you understood the percentage that actually succeeded, and they understood how social networks, policy, and capital works, then you'd understand unicorns are not real.

    If you are arguing about the data from here, the Federal Reserve, IRS, SBA, or other government agencies, it tells you are not a business person, you are aspiring and that reality rock hasn't hit you yet. Stop pretending.

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