Black Women are the Most Rapidly Growing Prison Population

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Caryn York, executive director of the Job Opportunities Task Force and Nicole Hanson, director of Out for Justice, talk about why black girls are punished more harshly  than any other demographic and are the largest growing population in the prison system. Black women are given stereotypical handles like aggressive and hostile. Instead of dealing with the trauma that comes from a lack of investment in and support for black women, we criminalize them.

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21 Responses

  1. Elijah Obadiyah says:

    This is not a gender issue; this is an anti-black issue. There are far more black men in prison than there are black women, and both of those situations adversely affect the black community as a whole.

  2. Karen Camille says:

    are white women committing more crimes than black women? are the black women being imprisoned innocent of the crimes for which they are convicted?

  3. Ra El says:

    Well when you have a group of women who are not held accountable teaching daughters to not have accountability you teach them to despise structure, order, and discipline when they are forced to adhere rules they tend to break rules and sometimes those rules are laws and the rules are applied to them. Black women are getting their nigga moment from white liberals now once they took out many men. These same judges locking black women are liberals as well. I wonder why when it comes to law enforcement these liberals don’t show black women mercy: the same liberals that they vote for? Hmmmmmmmm.

  4. kkmichelle 314 says:

    I've never been to jail and my bank St Louis community credit union denied me life ins bcuz I have panic attacks remind u I been with ths bank for 10+yrs.

  5. Deck Chair on the Titanic says:

    Ask the thousands of White women who are brutally killed by black women every year. Don't forget to ask the unborn babies that were CARVED OUT of the White women who were also pregnant when they were brutalized by what can only be referred to as subhumans.

  6. Asa Zuberi says:

    I love how the white people passing judgment. Poor people when denied legal means to survive will seek other means to survive. No one ever look at how institutional racism is. These underground economies finance the justice system. Why are black people no longer business owners in their own communities? It is not for lack of ability. We have had independent black communities. We have priced out through red lining that previously existing businesses could not survive and that new ones were to costly to start. And all this happened just an intergration is beginning. So we go into a work force that discriminates. Then our schools deteriorate. Other groups have been invited to come here with small business ie Korean, Eastern Indians to open businesses that used to be owned by black people. So this is a design.

  7. christopher synthesis says:

    i know why,,,,,not color,not hair,not single mother,,,,because of something about time,exactly speaking,that is …..

  8. Peter-john De Jong says:

    Serena williams

  9. Willard Branson says:

    I call BS… Black women are not women, they are BT1000's (Courtesy of Tommy Sotomayor)

  10. J Dineen says:

    Future teachers be advised, this is how you will be regarded by too many of the people you have dedicated your life and finances to help.

  11. Dan Man says:

    maybe black women should obey the law?

  12. Tafari Dummon says:

    Everything this system is doing to our women they've perfected on the black for hundreds of years. They used our women to help them brake down the black family structure through the removal of the black man from the household. It was always easier for our women than it has been for our men especially after Feminism. Feminism is crazy, it promotes seperation. In a lot of cases our women throw the black dream away in the pursuit of materails popularity foolishes and excuses that society deems acceptable. Our women cant that so blind and selfish that they dont see the american agenda has addressed the black woman along many other races multiple times. If they can do this to your men, how much mercy do you think they can ever possibly have for you? They know youre vulnerable without the black man thats why they made sure our women were comfortable disrespecting the blackman through calling the cops and there many other devilish tactics. It was all part if their plan. Lock the men up the come back for the women. They get our women to deface the integrity of our people through the simplest things like this video. If you proclaim you love you're people so much, There shouldnt be a single time in current day America where the black agenda is addressed without the black and the black family being put in the right light.
    Theyve promoted the transformation our black women mentally and physically. Shit crazy.

  13. Chuck Wood says:

    It's because they break more laws than other ethnicities.

  14. Rachel K says:

    Almost every single black woman I’ve worked with in the healthcare field has treated me badly from the start – when they didn’t even know me! They are from the get-go angry, hostile, resentful, argumentative and very tribal. I have worked with MANY black women and rarely have I had a pleasant relationship.

  15. TeamDanielBruno SwiftCoin says:

    if you are Black in America, you should be angry. At the same time, American women of all races have become unattractive. Women need to become feminine and act like ladies again. A high percentage of Black women are obese and unpleasant. Make a change.

  16. toni tommasi says:

    13% of the pop over 50% of violent crime.

  17. LADY DAY May says:

    Maybe they should stop protesting and fighting for BM. Just a thought.

  18. David Isaacs says:

    Whites in the comments are whiting again.

  19. creamsykle says:

    It isnt that "Black Women are seen as more hostile aggressive and angry" It is some of them ARE more aggressive, hostile, and angry. It is the home environment that controls this kind of behavior, and the fact that most black children do not have a father figure in the home means they are missing half of the social dynamic in life. Mothers are nurtures, fathers are dominant to everyone except the mothers. THAT is how a family works, and that is what the black community on average is missing.

  20. Friendly Fire says:

    No other race has this problem… look within

  21. Malicxy says:

    Here's an Idea. Try being better women for starters. I dated a great dark skin girl who was born in Germany then she moved here. We almost got married but she was killed in an auto accident. Then I met another dark skin girl her thinking she would be great. Though American raised dark skin girls are so privileged by mom and no dad. She tried to convince me to commit crimes. So I say if you don't like your circumstances move the he'll out of America and see if you can get better in another country. Good luck to that. Just be better women.

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