Black Men & MGTOW (Black Women)

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11 Responses

  1. Oie White says:

    I went to school with girl that act like this way.
    O course I look at her like she was nuts.

  2. Desmond Chars says:

    This audio tho….

  3. 8 8G says:

    Some real stupid people out here. You're brilliant bro, extra sharp with it. F Dr. Phil too; psycho mf.

  4. sparkfirehot says:

    Hypergamy at it's finest smh.

  5. Rudolph Manor says:


  6. Kwame Xxx says:

    Man ! These dumb hoes just want some dick and attention ! Trust me . A bitch will say her name is Jack the Ripper ! Just ignore these hoes and support black male media to counter these jackasses .

  7. 326Ka says:

    black women in general are on board with this on all for black male empowerment.

  8. Black Yamoshi Croliflo says:

    This woman got metal illness she need put in nurse home and need help badly SMFH #lockherup.

  9. charlie brownau says:

    Gday My view on marriage
    5 years MONK here
    2 years MGTOW

    Women in today's Duluth & Unfair system is not worth
    * Short Term Dating
    * Long Term Dating
    * Cohabit
    * Marriage

    * Even short term dating and the first date
    Women DEMAND and EXPECT men to pay out money for resources
    just because they are women and they have tits
    and women dont have to give anything back for the transaction

    * Due Process is getting REMOVED for MEN (#metoo)

    * We are getting close to a stage that we will need
    dash cam for ALL MEN in Western society to prove
    we DIDN'T do something and the other person IS GUILTY
    just like cars these days

    What do women really offer in 2010-2020 ?

    Most dont
    * cook
    * clean
    * take care of kids
    * sow/repair clothes
    * garden

    Most do support
    * Socialism
    * Veganism
    * Minimalism
    * Apple phones
    * Apple laptops

    Most DON'T
    * watch or interested in – scifi
    * watch or interested in – anime
    * watch or interested in – Japanese/South Korean culture

    Most choose to work in:-
    * Nursing
    * Teaching
    * Child Care
    * Office/Office Admin

    Most dont or not interested in:-
    * Geek CULTURE
    * Fixing tech/computers
    * Ardino/Raspi/electronics
    * PC gaming coop
    * Linux
    * DIY repair
    * scifi

    In the end of the day what do most geek/nerd men have in same common interest with women ?

    It then falls back to

    If women choose to reject being TRADITIONAL and submitting to the house wife role
    then most of them offer NOTHING TO MEN

    Most men will have their own

    * Car
    * Home
    * Job
    * Money
    * TV
    * Lounge
    * Bed
    * Entertainment

    Why do we "need" dating or marriage
    it then falls back to the only thing we "need" is sex

    If your above a 6 in looks and OVER 6 foot tall then use tinder
    otherwise pay for a hooker or go MONK

    Then the "need" for women disappears completely

    ONCE Feminism in late 1970s changed the LAWS to SOCIALISM
    in the lie of EQUALITY with NO FAULT DIVORCE RAPE
    AND DULUTH MODEL in LAW and COURTS that was two
    of the main factors that killed TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE

    Until ALL WOMEN GLOBALLY stop using Hypergamy to choose men by

    * Over 6 foot
    * Over 6 in looks
    * Over 6 inches
    * Over 6 figure income

    and finally look at men as an PERSON
    not a resource device that you can screw over by LAW

    and the laws ARE FIXED

    and women are WILLING to go back to PROPER TRADITIONALISM

    Marriage is OVER

  10. charlie brownau says:

    How to fix USA/AU/UK/West –

    * One LAW for everyone with the SAME punishment for ALL
    No matter if your female or male ,
    white or black, born in the country or arrived later ,
    everyone is held to the same standard
    No more free PUSSY PASS's for women

    * REMOVE Duluth Model from LAW + Courts + Police

    * REMOVE PUSSY PASS for law/courts

    * Capital Punishment for ALL

    * False rape and False Sexual Assault to be convicted with
    the SAME sentence if it was the vicitm
    eg if its 10-20 years in jail for rape,
    then its 10-20 years for FALSE CLAIM

    * Ban Abortion

    * Remove ALL government funding for ALL activism

    * Remove ALL government funding for ALL religions

    * NO religious clothing to be worn in Schools,
    Universities, government buildings , hospital , police or fire

    * Ban the use of Political Correct and Identity politics in
    * School
    * Universities
    * Government

    * Remove "Gender" studies and ARTS from Universities
    If you want to do arts or socialism (gender) studies
    then you will CHOOSE to do it at a private school
    with your own money, not government funded education
    place designed to teach people to actually get a JOB

    * Remove Child support
    * Remove Vagmony (Alimony)
    * Remove forced 50% of other person's assets
    ( Are we still in the 50's that women dont work or are women accountable for their own life choices and equal , you cant have BOTH)

  11. charlie brownau says:

    It does not matter if women are
    Western or White or Black or Asian or any other background or ethnic history

    They all do the same shit
    Just some a worse attitude then others

    They will all treat men as a wallet and resource provider
    They will all never be truly happy
    NO WOMAN white or black is traditional anymore , NAWALTS and THOTS are a trap

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