Bill Maher Politically Incorrect Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sting, Madusa – Professional Wrestling

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Roddy Piper enters the Pantheon of our fallen childhood heroes

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23 Responses

  1. Eric Douglas says:

    Bill Maher will never under an audience the way a professional wrestler can

  2. Drake pendragon says:

    You could just see Bill's eyes filled with fear when Hot Rod stood up and started undoing his belt Medusa was like "oh shit he's taking his pants off…"

  3. david johanson says:

    violence does solve problems. Being vile helps too. And btw: what is real and fake. At 50 years old i have no clue. Everybody lies all the time. opps and RIP Rowdy Rowdy Piper.

  4. david johanson says:

    me too, i miss Roddy Piper, I woulda acted the same way. Scottish rage all the way!!!!

  5. Amanda Fenn says:

    They got so offended when he called put wrestling being fake

  6. Peter DELAROSA says:

    Simply Amazing to Maher out of his element while in it, on the spot from Roddy and Bobby.
    Kudos to the wrestlers for bringing it.

    Rip Hot Rod and Brain.

  7. Cookie72 says:

    BIll “911 terrorists were brave” Maher

  8. Roma Holcomb says:

    Violence isn't always bad

  9. Anthonyjbro Stays High says:

    Bobby H was a G

  10. Anthonyjbro Stays High says:

    Now Bill's PC af

  11. Mike Reed says:

    Piper would fuck him up

  12. rushfan9thcmd says:

    For a guy that hosts actors on a regular basis, he has no clue at all in this area. Maybe since this he got a clue.

  13. Drew Stephens says:

    Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Rowdy Piper, and Bobby Herman would’ve tore him up. Sting is too friendly and Medusa is playing into Maher.

  14. Drew Stephens says:

    Maher telling Rowdy not show his ass, but will tell everyone he masturbates before coming out to do the show.

  15. Country Boy Ogre says:

    Was this before or after Hiraldo got beat up? Think Bill wanted his own beating.

  16. Dalia Zo Sakurai says:

    the violence side of pro wrestling only broke out in "reasonable" wrestling matches among all kids i knew who were fans, who were inspired to "fight." The imitation was more involved with weight lifting and exercise, to be honest

    What i can say for certain is that many kids in my youth had hard lives, and pro wrestlers were heroes that truly filed a gap and gave them hope. Nobody thought they were a pro wrestler, so they didn't do "same." The wrestlers were larger than life, which is why it was loved and really did inspire.

    It wasn't much different from an action soap opera for both adults and kids. from four to ninety, i knew people of both sexes that enjoyed it.

    fighting was more common in schools and on the street back then, and pro wrestling had no impact on who did it. Anyone fought, It inspired people to kick ass no more than a boxing match, or cartoon violence. People just fought, no matter what they watched.

    It's the same with how people judge video games. Fact is, psychologically speaking, entertainment is absorbed differently than things that teach, like parents, adults, propaganda, and other youth. It is symbolic in nature. even the ring in boxing is a symbol that says it is a closed and sanctioned affair, and people inspired by it are more likely to start boxing themselves, than just fight. The moral arguments against violent seeming entertainment don;t follow sound science of the mind, and this matters. I say "seeming" because video games are not violent, because nobody is getting hurt. Pro wresting and boxing is someone else's fight so these don;t "promote" violence any more than a kid seeing his or her dad beat mom would be inspired to it.

    By saying that entertainment would just inspire violence we are saying everyone is mentally ill. People do have the ability to "make choices" after watching a wrestling match, and if one thinks they will now do unreasonably violent things, we are basically saying they are mentally ill and have no moral or ability to filter life.


    Opinion may be a thing all have the right to, but some opinions are more full of shit than others, which have quantifiable evidences behind them. The sky is not falling, except for when it is. Many folks don't know which is which,


  17. Daniel Fuge says:

    Maher didn’t think they were fairly intelligent and just play characters on TV.

  18. mso1ful says:

    I have always loved these four for their contribution to wrestling. If you think about it, they are all ICONS in the business. Kudos for not playing Maher’s games!

  19. Craig O neill says:

    Bobby doesn’t look happy! They should of just took turns doing they’re finishers on bill see how he feels after

  20. Frank Grizza says:

    The only thing Maher could intimidate is a Kleenex

  21. Elvis dinkel Dinkel says:

    Bill Maher is the joke! Freaking immoral loving, God hating, RACIST that thinks he's entitled to say the N word. He must be though, because he's still on.

  22. SuperDuty Zack says:

    WWE are definitely great athletes and they do get hurt. But its been proven they are doing stunts.

  23. bevis 316 says:

    Bill maher sucked then and he still sucks.

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