Bill Burr – Feminist Listener Writes Bill

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Bill Burr’s Legendary Philly Rant:
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Bill Burr is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster who has released several stand-up comedy specials. Outside of stand-up comedy, he is known for hosting the Monday Morning Podcast, playing Patrick Kuby in the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad, and creating and starring in the Netflix animated sitcom F Is for Family.

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8 Responses

  1. SkankHunt 69 says:

    I’m completely on your side Bill. Fucking women TRYING to get you fired and they normally would give two shits about is reprehensible!

  2. Vanessa Vestal says:

    "I don't necessarily believe that but there is some truth to that"

  3. Richard Head says:

    "Not a fight fan"? Aren't you the scheduled announcer for the next Rough n Rowdy FIGHT competition? They're selling it that way. I just purchased pay for view last night.

  4. bmoraski says:

    curious where my comment went ?

  5. Optical Clarity says:

    Feminism came about for equality. TODAY'S feminism isnt about equality. It is about power. Feminism is dead. Femfascism is strong. Fuck then.

  6. BlinD i says:

    “Not everyone can bat clean up in the order, ok, if your fucking batting 8th, quit your crying and get on base”

  7. Daniel Sutfin says:

    Please stop showing that picture of that horrible red haired layydee .

  8. Because You'd Be In Jail. says:


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