Ben – This Is Just Too Much!

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23 Responses

  1. Charlie Hustle says:

    those weren't "guys" that raised that flag at Iwo Jima… those were Marines.

  2. Felicia Gallo says:

    Who cares what foreign audiences think? Obviously, they can't be that upset, they are coming to see a western movie; if it really bothers them they wouldn't bother to see it at all.

  3. Andrea Vlasis says:

    I boycott all Hollywood movies . All. NFL for 4 yrs. I don't do any Hollywood.

  4. Diane M says:

    Wasn’t La La Land an SJW thing?

  5. Geoffrey Harford says:

    Here is how I know that they didn't go to the moon. The temperature of space. Not things in space where the sun is shinning on them like the moons surface where the temperature of the surface is 123 degrees Celsius, 23 degrees hotter than boiling water. Ouch huh? So what is the temperature of space on the dark side of the moon when Michael Collins was orbiting around the dark side of the moon in the command module (read tin can)? Near absolute zero or minus approx. – 270 degrees Celsius. Poor old Michael Collins would have been frozen to death. Snap frozen, wouldn't even had time to die of hypothermia. Yet he came back alive and well. How is that possible? Simple explanation, they never went to the moon. And the real reason they didn't show the planting of the flag, because Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists will tell the flag was flapping in the breeze when that isn't possible because there is no atmosphere on the moon

  6. Peter Johnson says:

    so I guess if they do a remake of "Saving Private Ryan" we should not show anyone getting killed on Omaha Beach, lord know`s we do not want to offend anyone…..

  7. Peter Johnson says:

    I will never watch this movie…… I will never watch any movie made by the same people or with the same so-called stars…….screw these pigs………try and change history to what you think it should be, assholes…….hollywood sucks & should be boycotted

  8. Phil says:

    We had a similar issue with the liberals in the UK. They tried to ban Christmas trees because they 'might offend non Christians'. Nobody was offended, except the self-loathing liberals who hate everything about the country they live in and the people they live with.

  9. eLEMENTARYimage says:

    He could have produced an edited version for the China market if he wanted, not an unusual practice in that industry. He omitted the Flag because he didn't want it in his film. And to claim, in so many words, it's what Neil would have wanted, when Neil is no longer around to say different?

  10. Functional says:

    Ben shapiro has bad taste in movies? I am shocked!

  11. 2serveand2protect says:

    I'm SURE that Ryan Gosling NO "leftie" – that's not the "case"! …HOWEVER! … I also strongly believe that Ryan Gosling is a 100% SPINELESS TURD, who would follow all the nut-job, crazy "modern trends", JUST TO PROMOTE HIS (& hollywood's) STUPID MOVIES (given the "quality" of the industry's product I see today they LITERALLY DROWNING!) – EVEN IF THESE "TRENDS" ARE TEMPORARY AND WILL PASS, as this "hatred towards the American flag" will pass, too – rest assured! One thing though! When that leftist bubble will finally BLOW, then me – as MANY OTHER PEOPLE – WILL STILL REMEMBER what Gosling did! Actually I will NEVER go to see a hollywood movie to the cinema …EVER again! Afterall – I got everything I need on (free) streaming – sometimes even BEFORE THE "PREMIERE"! LOL! 😀 (…and there was even a time when I thought this was somehow a "bad" thing – today I AM GLAD they are RIPPING THEM OFF!) >: )

  12. taffwob says:

    When you do something good, the whole world (well those sections who can't do anything for themselves) want to get on board and take some credit. When you do something bad however. . . . . . . .

  13. Anne Wedell says:

    No flag patch on their uniforms either.

  14. Claudine Ann Schultz says:

    Why don't go live there hollywood, good bye, don't come back

  15. Robin Nelson says:

    weird movie…since we never landed on the moon in the first place.

  16. DabFaceKillah says:

    Ask Brazil about slavery 😮

  17. Jean Shirley says:

    I just think it's pretty sad that these people come to work in our country and how dare they how dare they put down our American flag it's just like these NFL players that will not stand for the national anthem everybody chaos about Donald Trump get a life nobody with nuts and tore things apart and you can Furious over Obama and his SmackDown on our country he tore it apart America is truly a wonderful country and that's why their asses are here send them back losers I quit watching them years ago and I will never do it again fuck Hollywood and fuck anybody who is not for American flag people have died so you can have freedom shame on all of you good karma will come back to

  18. Fam Mader says:

    What they also forget that it was paid only by American taxpayers!
    Greetings from Germany

  19. Chip IS POWDER COATING charles brann says:

    The hard leftist mindset is absolutely absurd what a bunch limp wristed weaklings.

  20. Welks says:

    Stopped supporting Hollywood all together.

  21. Intense Pete says:

    I am British when America put a man on the moon we were spellbound as was the rest of the world, It said everything about how success, freedom, and capitalism take the world forward. everyone needs someone to look up to! (ie MAGA)

  22. Ramen Gladiator Comics says:

    Up yours shapiro you apartheid loving bitch.

  23. mama cathy says:


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