Ben Shapiro REKTS Gender Studies Students!

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Liberal Tears Mug –

Ben Shapiro REKTS Gender Studies Students!

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  1. YorkieTail says:

    I do disagree with Ben Shapiro on the transgender issue to a certain degree. Gender is not supposed to be disconnected from sex, which is why Gender Dysphoria is considered a mental illness. I just don't agree with him misgendering trans people (and I mean ACTUAL trans people, not the trenders) who actually look like the gender they're trying to portray. They know that they can't change their birth sex, but living as the opposite gender socially is the best chance for them to live a happy and fulfilling life. Misgendering them can be very stressful and can trigger their dysphoria.

  2. John Rodriguez says:

    “In the name BOY SCOUTS”

    Hahahaha ahhhhh I freaking love you Ben Shapiro

  3. George Hamilton says:

    Anyone else admiring how well the police coordinated at that hotel protest?

  4. gamden usane says:

    14.99 for a mug

    Give me 80

  5. Untamesoul5555 says:

    Idiodic people…..

  6. Rebecca Loptson says:

    1:50 if you have a PhD in fluid mechanics in physics, you're not going to know (unless you look it up) the details of the nanotechnology in terms of quantum mechanics etc…

  7. Federico Fernandez says:

    Why the actual fuck are latinos protesting ?

  8. dont talktome says:

    The first guy is so fucking cringey

  9. Pamila Wilson says:

    Until I was 5, I self identified as a pony. My fascist kindergarten teacher would not let whiney in class. I was Triggered (as in Roy Rodgers). ;-p

  10. Aidan Jones says:

    I keep seeing this first clip and it gets harder and harder to watch. So embarrassing.

  11. bruce lach says:

    this world is fuck up ,all of them dumb school kids growing up to be fools ,

  12. Louis Mastrangelo says:

    "I don't need a seven year degree to know bullshit when I hear it", if I was this guy, I'd be looking for the closest big rock to crawl under.

  13. Louis Mastrangelo says:

    0:50 MIke drop moment

  14. Goondock Saints says:

    9:07 The Race Card – It's not just for people of color anymore. It's nothing more or less than a desperation move and let's face it, clueless white kids can be every bit as desperate as anyone else.

  15. Jacob Mack says:

    lol 16 bucks for a fucking mug

  16. Rick rick says:

    He says there’s no evidence that the transgender suicide rate would go down if males who feel they are female are called female. That does not mean it would not go down. It does not mean it would go down either. What Ben keeps saying over and over all over the internet is that a male or female is defined biologically and (presently) this cannot be changed. This is very obvious. It’s just a matter of definition. He’s right about the biology so let’s move on.

    He should talk more about how these people feel. I doubt as he says that they have a mental illness. They used to think gay people are mentally ill but that also is false.

    A male biologically is called a male in biological terms but if they belong to the female side by feelings, emotions, outlook, temperament, etc. (if these characteristics actually exist which is another question, they also can be called female. Ben won’t accept that. He won’t accept anything but the biological definition of male and female. Times change and definitions can also change, Ben. I can be generous with my wife but stingy with charity. I can then be called generous or I can be called stingy.

    He won’t call a biological male a female. That’s behind the whole controversy and it’s pretty ridiculous.

    They say if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and flies like a duck then it’s a duck. Even if it’s a dove, except for the biologists, we’re going to call it a duck. We’re going to say yes it’s biologically a dove so we can call it a dove but since it looks and acts like a duck many of us will call it a duck.

  17. James Burton says:


  18. Chris Cube says:

    The world could become a perfect utopia and a snowflake will make up a problem. If yall want socialism so bad move to a socialist country. Much easier

  19. Brett Hazelton says:

    It always astounds me that in a place of supposed higher learning they are such an abundance of completely stupid assholes.

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