Battle of the Sexes

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Emma Stone and Steve Carell bring their A game to this crowd-pleaser based on the electrifying true story of the 1973 tennis match between women’s champion Billie Jean King (Stone) and former men’s champ Bobby Riggs (Carell). Filled with heart, humor and biting wit, Battle of the Sexes is a triumphant celebration of the historic contest that changed the game!

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15 Responses

  1. Charles Woodley says:

    The entire match was rigged, pun intended.

  2. Wine Adventure Club says:

    Good movie.

  3. Roy Loeffler says:

    I Remember This !!! Billie Jean King was NOT That Good Looking and Bobby Rigs Was a Goof so That Part was Cast Right

  4. Gagan KP says:

    Its good

  5. Eruera Ahomiro says:

    Sexy movies

  6. Sarah Burroughs says:

    Idk why the lot of you think they put to much emphasis on her relationship with the woman the relationship with her is important because she was fighting for women's rights and at the time women didn't have them so she was trying to not give the wrong impression is actually very simple and get straight to the point I think this is a great movie

  7. Shawn Feldt says:

    I really like this movie

  8. Aerin Gossett says:

    How is it that with a very likable cast and a great story that this movie is boring? 🙁

  9. feistybastard says:

    Too heavy on BJK's sexuality. Ok, we get it already.

  10. PenDragonjmb says:

    Looked good. Didn't really know the story. If I had known I would not have rented this. Could not watch. I have no interest in watching a woman cheat on her husband, much less with Another woman.

  11. mark ruane says:

    beauty vs. the beast

  12. Don Shuler says:

    I really liked this movie…

  13. B Garcia says:

    Feminism BS

  14. Nigel knows Movies says:

    Anyone else think this looks very black and white

  15. Darthsimpletext says:

    AAHH Cinderella and Gru in the same movie WOW!!

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