Australian voters oust feminist party.

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The labor party has long been controlled by the violent and hateful political movement known as feminism. Just a few hours ago them men and women of Australia sent the labor party packing. This should be a clear message to feminists.

Let us hope that Abbott will reverse the anti-father/ anti-family legislation installed by the Gillard government.

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47 Responses

  1. Brandon Swenson says:

    Either way, cake job. Who couldn't "run" AU?

  2. Brandon Swenson says:

    Crooked Hillary.

  3. J M says:

    She needs a good spanking

  4. Tall Toot says:

    Major bitch

  5. Rex Alfie Lee says:

    Sorry mate but he was a misogynist prick. I'm a MGTOW guy & hate most of the shite that gets bandied around. This cunt of a wart on humanity deserves everything he gets. Abbott is a cunt…

  6. joe robinson says:

    What a bunch of retarded feminist cunts

  7. Brum Kid says:

    Why are most feminists so ugly is that one of the things you have to be to get into that club, i know the other is you have to be brain dead.

  8. Belchy 94 says:

    How many times does she have to say she offended?

  9. GordonVigurs says:

    An outburst of pure misandry, ironically about sexism


    ze leadoor of ze aaaposaition

  11. Wernher Kurz says:

    38 % male still vote for her? this worries me…

  12. david brown says:

    Fuck that accent sounds like an ostrich being strangled

  13. robert mcquigge says:

    What bullshit

  14. wrb3301 says:

    She wasnt offended, she was busy using her bullshit for altering Australian laws to fuck over men after divorce in relation to child support and custody. Gillards a high ranking Emilys lister and feminism champion, and the ALP is filthy. Look at Lauren Southern who the Andrews Government recently issued a bill around 50k for police services because she might be attacked while giving her opinion which the ALP disagrees with. Shes not everyones cup of tea, but SHE is getting billed, not those who stated they will attack her….Labor, the party of SJW's feminists, and feminist ideals.

  15. Malcolm L says:

    lol hahaha I'm Australian AI remember this lol

  16. Indian Boy says:

    Feminism should be made a legal offense

  17. JR Mathes says:

    Wasn't the grub Gillard having sex with a married man? you we're a failure of a P.M who tried to stand on the feminist ideology and a great day your defeat was.

  18. Crane says:

    Always offened.

  19. Alex Varela says:

    Jack, no need to repeat the same line x10. We get the point. It is hard to listen to her "argument".

  20. Appa says:

    Moral of the story – think with your brains, not your vagina.

  21. ElectKoopa says:

    fuck feminism.

    – everyone, 2018

  22. montsouthern says:

    Feminists claim we live in a highly oppressive patriarchal society however when this woman was Prime Minister we had a woman in charge on every level of government. The Queen, GG Quentin Bryce, PM Julia Gillard, Governor of NSW Marie Bashir and Premier of NSW Christina Keneally. But the feminists still weren't satisfied.

  23. DrAL00isin says:

    Feminism is not about equality anymore, they are the definition of sexism. It's like trying to please a spoiled child during a temper tantrum, they won't ever be satisfied. If women ruled the world they would just fight other women.

  24. George Jensen says:

    "Wah wah wah I'm offended", no body gives a fuck.

  25. Colton Anderson says:

    How many times do you have to say “I have been offended”

  26. Tumbler90 says:

    hahaha if a woman can be a feminist A man can be a misogynist just saying

  27. McGyver777ATGMAIL says:

    Women like this are the fault of weak pussy men. They aren't taught to be strong, self reliant, questioning, independent, truthful, non-victims by strong men (their fathers). And by such become whiney cunty feminazi bitches.

  28. McGyver777ATGMAIL says:

    I wish someone would make a fucking meme outta this bitch that basically says, "no one gives a fuck about your feelings."

  29. Jaquie Leon says:

    These women who ascribe to feminism don't understand what feminism was originally created for, and what it originally stood for. Feminism's historical figures would denounce them for their actions.

  30. joseph maton says:

    We heard you we heard you we heard you wwwweeeeee hhhhheeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrddddddd yyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu

  31. Frank Moras says:

    You’re fkin pathetic Julia.
    Australias most unpopular prime minister. You accomplished absolutely nothing. Its always easy to play the gender card to divert

  32. knightchef says:

    Like a broken record.

  33. Gizmo Thewytchdoktor says:

    the redheaded twat in the blue blazer….
    i wouldn't even rape her either.
    to think that someone like her got into office is astounding!
    she probably sucks islamic cock too.

  34. Backyard Music Feedback says:

    She is offending them

  35. lentmain says:

    Lady…, you just can't lose gracefully….. Shame on your Mother for forgetting your other part of life…. You are very evil…………

  36. MTCoblivsicas12345 says:

    They wonder why Australian women couldn't find a man and there is a man drought, well just look at this crazy feminist for a start.

  37. not lindale says:

    Look at her side. No one is agreeing with her lmao

  38. Chase Scott says:

    I can't take her seriously because of her accent.

  39. Joseph Stalin says:

    Word of the day

  40. flow repins666 says:

    Ok, now how is your personal offended feelings and sexism will help Australia's economy, education and health system?

  41. flow repins666 says:

    Why there even is a feminist party? Shouldn't it be like democrats, social, left, right parties debating stuff about economics, health, education, security plans and stuff? So weird i don't see how a sexism debate would help solving some country's problems, am I missing something?

  42. amanda cabrera says:

    Labour: …Manspalining…
    Real people:what?
    Real people: i understand that but…
    Labour:its a term that is used
    Real people: by who?
    Real people: im amussed…
    Real people….. hippocracy thy name is labour

  43. Manhattan Man says:

    The lady in blue is in need of a well known medical procedure: She would feel a whole lot better and benefit immensely if a good stiff cock was inserted into her big fucking mouth.

  44. Manhattan Man says:

    Feminism is a consequence of what Sigmund Freud called penis envy.

  45. Luke says:

    What the hell is it with Australia & Canada? How do these jackasses get a foot in the door?

  46. A'Murica says:


  47. ChaotiX says:

    kinda like what happened here in America.
    People got sick of Hillary screaming Sexism so we used our votes to tell her to shut the fuck up.

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