Are We All “Frightbats”? Panel, All About Women 2015

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But what does it mean if women can still be dismissed as crazy, emotional, or “hysterical” when they express strong opinions or simply raise their voices? Three women of ideas discuss being trolled, insulted and not taken seriously.

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  1. hexonatapeloop says:


  2. Malcolm Alley says:

    Women will save the world.

  3. Johnny Marlin says:

    Nice male arms there on the left.

  4. Jarrett Williams says:

    After taking a literature based gender analysis class and watching this lecture I still cant understand the place feminism has in the world. Feminist search for equality ,but also see them selves as different and the same as other social fractions

  5. Jinji Tronic says:

    Oh and feel the misandry. 

    God I love feminists.

  6. zellfaze says:

    I thought this was a great panel.  A lot of things were said some of them quite important.

    I wanted to give a few thoughts on some of the discussions that were had.  When the discussion was happening about masculine and feminine thinking I wished that I could have just shouted "gender identity" to the panelists.  To me this seemed to be what they were really getting at.  It gets down to the difference between sex and gender.  Stories for girls and stories for boys are different because of the gender roles that have been assigned to the male and female sexes.  I think that women can read "manly" stories and men can't read "girly" stories primarily because of these gender roles.  Perhaps men are afraid of looking "girly", personally I think this is likely the case.  Gender roles themselves seem, to me at least, to be tools of oppression.

    There was also a discussion about having men on these sorts of panels.  I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this.  I definitely understand the argument that having a man on a panel like this would be like having a white person on an NAACP panel.  Such a proposition would generally be considered silly.  At the same time though, and perhaps because I am a male ally (or at least consider myself one), I do wish that there were more ways for myself, and others like me, to participate in these discussions.  Being lucky enough to have been born a white male, I will never understand exactly what it is like to be a women.  I can sympathise, but never will I truly be able to empathise.  That said, sometimes I do feel like I have something to contribute to the discussion, and I often feel like I can't.  I'm not sure how the best way to move forward in this regard is though.  For the moment I'll likely relegate myself to some comments on videos and blogs periodically as opposed to truly interactive mediums.

    Towards the end niceness was discussed.  I don't have much to say about this other than rock on.  While I think that in an ideal world we would all be kind to each other all the time, I understand that is not the reality that we live in.  Women should be expected to be no more kind than men are, and as was mentioned, men are not terribly kind.

    Thank you all for having this panel and I look forward to watching the other discussions that were had at All About Women 2015.

  7. Helen O'Neill says:

    @Jane whilst this conversation is so critical to have and lm grateful for it, it serves no one to stereotype women, point in case "the typical girl who enters into the field of medicine' unconsciously, you just denigrated a whole heap of women and their families. It further adds fuel to the elitist and white privilege bullshit story. It just demonstrates to me the depth of social engineering esp in this country and the further oppression of women on a much broader scale. P.s. women and mental health could do a lot better than still referring to them as lunatic asylums … calling the negative labelling out and making the point during the discussion would increase awareness tenfold. Thank you

  8. sirskeptic says:

    Good to see such a "balance" in the "discussion".  Talk about an echo chamber of hate.

  9. The Noble Savage says:

    Wow. Started off pretty bad. Got worse toward the end. Nothing new though.

  10. The Noble Savage says:

    These people should read up on the relevant science. They're just pulling shit out of thin air. Incredibly unimpressive.

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