Are Labour and the Tories moving further apart? – Newsnight

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Joining James O’Brien in the studio to discuss, were comedian and writer Rhona Cameron, writer Tariq Ali, associate editor of The Spectator Peter Oborne and former Conservative parliamentary candidate, Annunziata Rees-Mogg.

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20 Responses

  1. Anna Bella says:

    Rees Mogg – what a lady – the only one worth listening to here. Calm, concise, polite, intelligent – why can't we have more like her??

  2. S Gurney says:

    2015, in political terms, seems like such an age away.

  3. crimsonbubbles says:

    "the centre ground is what wins elections" a quote by someone who has never won an election.
    don't get me wrong, the British electorate are generally speaking most pleased when politics stays out of their personal lives, and the centre promises to mix and match ideas from everywhere else to appeal to something in everyone and it can be selective for areas they feel strongly about.
    having said that, it's not as simple as that, the concept of substance vs style plays a huge part particularly in the advent of television debates. characters like early Cameron, Farage and Blair have all done well on that, but Ed Miliband and all the Lib Dems are far less impressive and without the substantial policies to back them up. Corbyn has the ideas that can become policies people agree with as Tariq says, and though he's not a looker or young, his energy is overwhelming, since the time of this video he's been all over the country bringing in audiences in the thousands of eager listeners.

  4. Iftikhar Latif says:

    Jeremy Corbyn shall will and hopefully we will be putting people before profits soon!

  5. silversynth says:

    Rhona Cameron just comes off as an arrogant denialist saying her political opinion is the majority opinion when its exactly the opposite that happened in the election. Non partisan people by far make up the majority of voters. Once you go too extreme its off putting for them. 

    To say to a country that has just said no to very left wing policies that they need a more left wing government is just bollocks and sour grape talk from partisan lefties.

    Lefties keep calling for things that are often rejected. They now apparently want PR… Yeah the UK voted against that too recently. And all this rubbish about us living under the most awful times couldn't be more unrealistic.

    It wont help them to keep ignoring the fact that there are more jobs now. And to say there are some people eating dog food and going to food banks. That has always happened! It happened under all previous Labour governments. To say there's more of that happening now when the jobless figures are lower not only makes lefties sound mathematically illiterate but desperate.

  6. Yuri muckraker says:

    one of the more better discussions on newsnight. gotta get into this comedian rhona Cameron, she was spot on. love Peter Oborne, but he was dead wrong what he said at the end, but hey good muckraker nonetheless.

  7. Michael Hester says:

    That ranting Scottish woman is the reason Labour is unelectable right now. Back 10+ years ago it was the Tories who came across as ranting obsessive a with Labour people largely seeming reasonable and centrist. Now the situation has reversed.

  8. Mark Whiley says:

    Yet I don't think it can be said that UKIP scooped up a tonne of votes because people turned to the right. In fact, a large portion of their support were voters also fed up of the neoliberal consensus (ironically) voting for a party that offered an alternative narrative that looked like they could gain some power.

  9. Midnight Rambler says:

    I'm not a huge Tory supporter,but these tragic lefties make me feel sick

  10. Lang Jones says:

    Shouldn't that read – Are Labour and the Tories moving apart?

  11. Dunc24 says:

    Oborne is wrong, there is absolutely nothing 'centre' about the Tories or neoliberalism.

  12. Handsome_Hero says:

    The two English Tories look like a pair of vampires.

  13. Spirit Level says:

    What Peter Oborne fails to realise with his last point regarding higher rates of employment, is that, those who have managed to gain employment are probably on a zero hours contract. Secondly, wages for the vast majority have stagnated, resulting in higher levels of personal debt. Thirdly, job security within both the private and public sector is at an all time low.

  14. redrock1965 says:

    real  jobs? ,part time wage no contract , as and when required ,the people that say we need them should live on them ,and the 7,20 an hour before they start telling other people to have them  real jobs what bollacks

  15. BTL FILM MEDIA says:

    The real centre is socialism, thats the irony of all the talk, neo liberalism is broke and corrupt,thats why there is a lot of support for Corbyn

  16. rpaisley71 says:

    Are Labour and the Tories moving further apart?
    How can they when their both in the same pocket..

  17. Sini says:

    Rhona Cameron is deluded.

  18. W Hudson says:

    Embarrassing BBC bias. Left wing presenter, Left wing Scotch woman, Tariq Ali, Oborne (friend of Hisb ut tahrir) and a token upper class toff. Bravo BBC, Bravo.

  19. Sir Amic Varze says:

    Oborne saying that unemployment has fallen is all well and good, but this conveniently ignored the fact that the working poor have sharply risen. This delusional idea that being in a job alone is enough to get out of poverty is absurd.

  20. Zade Granger H says:

    Can anyone recommend a youtube channel where I can keep up with more of UK politics?

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