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38 Responses

  1. Benny x says:

    Thank you for this great show. You definitely "talked black" to us. "Planting seeds" to one-day hatch into the mind of God.

  2. Michael Create says:

    Black masculinity is under SERIOUS attack …..

  3. EbonySweetness Sweetness says:

    The Black Man is God – The forces and power – My Father was a classic, strong, hard working and masculine – My Husband is too, handsome, intelligent and masculine. Both Loving and present in my life.

  4. Yamada Garner says:

    The writer of that article is correct " Ice Man Inheritance "

  5. walt7500 says:

    To realize how stupid you are, you've got to be…

  6. Margret Lang says:

    The white men are very jousilous of black men, love you sister Vick

  7. Thunder Reign says:

    You do know that most of us don't want to know. To know means dealing with the cowardice that has been breed deep within us all. It really ain't a lot of so called white people as compared to the other so called races. A planned genocide or holocaust would easily destroy them. But, black people are not willing to get that type of blood on their hands. They are only interested in their own personal issues as if they are just that important in the grand scheme of things.

  8. bigbaba1111 says:

    This APA radical leftist junk is toxic. Imagine we take ONE mentally ill woman and describe her personality as "traditional feminity and toxic feminism".
    That's exactly what this leftist man haters did.

    And it's amazing how many people of colour still vote for the party which promotes this leftist ideology which destroyed entire black communities.

  9. Solomon Burke says:

    The Gay agenda on steroids.

  10. Photo Eight says:

    Obviously he nor did that bogus agency ever looked into the FBI stats thats distributed every three years!

  11. trin bre says:

    Its bibical. If they hated our heavenly father, then they will hate us. We are in his image

  12. J. S says:

    The answer is definitely NO. That's utterly ridiculous. A couple other channels are talking about this also.

  13. Kush Yisrael says:

    Terrycloth Cruz, just showed how feminine he is, he's scared and has been converted.

  14. Mr Stjohn says:

    Very eye opening and intellectually presented. Bless.

  15. Audrey Lane says:

    The cult is white supremacy not masculinity! Manhood is not negative it’s the abuse of one type of man on the universe!

  16. Audrey Lane says:

    Masculinity is not a mental illness but the hindering of masculinity is toxic and unnatural. The statistics used in the article that malign black men are untrue and are just one more attempt to criminalize our people and our men! When a system continually place men in the role of a child, then natural instincts will come forth and rebel!!!

  17. Delilah Johnson says:

    Black men know who TF you are! Know how much power you have! They are afraid of YOU! You are superior to these subhumans! Know who you are!

  18. ghost7days says:

    The book, War on the Horizon Black Resistance to the Homophile assault speaks on where this behavior comes from.

  19. Rose Garner says:

    Amerikka can NOT subscribe it’s Medical MUTANT Marijuana (which feminisms men) to black men without a disorder in the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). If the disorder is not in that book the medical mutant weed can not be subscribed AND PAID FOR by each state. Understand that real marijuana has a medicinal purpose (if used correctly) BUT can NOT be patented bcuz it is a natural substance MADE BY GOD. Sooo ‘‘this mutant stuff feminizes brothers and when it becomes patented and legalized in each state the platform (claims that masculinity is a mental disorder) for this system will already be in place to feminize the black community AND get paid at the same time.

  20. Ebony Russell says:

    Powerful message Queen

  21. Mama Zeke says:

    Terry Crews is speaking from the lens of Hollyweird and their sexual proclivities of course. I’m annoyed about ppl speaking “on behalf of the Black Community”.

  22. BlackStar 100 says:

    Black entertainment is the new COINTEL pro it seems

  23. ALionInTheWinter says:

    If masculinity is a disorder them feminity is surely a disorder. What testosterone is to masculinity estrogen is to feminity. Masculinity is energy and that energy is divine in origin that energy is at the foundation of manhood. You see it in its b=various stages as boys grow into men. IT IS NOT A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT! Any boy not given proper guidance will grow to abuse others, does that mean his masculinity is this issue? No, the problem is it becomes aberrant and destructive and The Power to Build and destroy is a facet of the Masculine divine energy. If masculinity were a mental disorder why are so many feminist concerned with gaining the power to do, what they believe men do? and what they want to do is an example of aberrant male behavior. In this hellish society, men have little to no sexual accountability, feminist see this and see this as a power or a privilege afforded to men. It's not a privilege, its aberrant behavior and talks such as these are based on that behavior. Now, what of feminity will you say the same for toxic/aberrant feminity? Of course not, their plan is to twist and destroy the BLACK MAN! Our masculine energy gave definition to the world. When Allah(SWT) asks the angels informer of these things, they said we only know what you taught us. THEN he turned to Adam the first man, formed of Black mud that giveth sound and said Adam…inform them of their names, and he did so? Then the angels understood why Allah said to them "I know what you know not" when they questioned him about the creation of man. To define is a gift given to the Masculine divine it's in OUR/ BLACK MENS DNA. Can it become aberrant? yes, it can, can it be denied? At great pain and suffering, yes it can; but its always there and it's always sought. White men would castrate us believing that they could capture said energy…WHAT MAKES US MEN, IS NOT A DISORDER.

  24. Alkamist says:

    The White man and their women are the mental illness/disorder. Truth be told.

  25. UnderRatedBeauty88 says:

    Is femininity a mental disorder to?

  26. Tarek Jabal says:

    The answer to the question is a resounding "Yes"–but only in America and parts of Europe. We fail to realize that some of the world's wealthiest multi-billionaires are gay and White and they are quietly behind the scenes controlling America's propaganda machine Hollywood and controlling the media narrative and Congress. In any event, because of Black low self esteem we can hardly wait to jump on ANY bandwagon that ATTACK Black people (right or wrong–remember the mantra "my country America right or wrong love it or leave it"? Its amazing that we as Black people do not have a similar mantra: "My people Black right or wrong love them or leave them"). Look at how we responded to R Kelly docudrama even though Alyiah's mother and several others came out and said that many things about the movie is not true. If people believe that I am somehow defending R Kelly's conduct then I really have nothing to say. The point is 2-dead Black men were found in the home of a wealthy Hilary Clinton donor (the same woman that Black people voted for at 95% clip); Harvey Weinstein had charges against him dropped, lawsuits dropped by federal judge, Les Moonves (the man who signed Janet Jackson's contracts) had 12-women accuse him–some of some graphic sex acts, and I can't see the level of Black vitriol from Black people that I see when a Black male is accused. Now they are about to release a documentary about Michael Jackson accusing him of child molestation despite the fact that he was found not guilty and the children came out AFTER the trial and said they lied!! We are forming lynch mobs against our own people in order to get White approval. Right or wrong if Whites are not doing to their own what they do to us, then we should not aid and abet them

  27. Sun Raised says:

    Beautiful sister, great information but godamn a lot of weave… no hate my wife black

  28. Vanessa Rogers says:

    Love it …. let's raise our black kings up

  29. Chandra Chronicles says:

    I don't think people really realize how powerful people like Malcolm X was. How tragic that he was murdered.

  30. Grand Reaper sending you to hell says:

    You're beautiful Ms.Dilliard. Are you going to speak at the next All black national convention sponsored by Dr. Boyce Watkins?

  31. SexyRuna says:

    This is wrong on so many levels.

  32. Tamara Hickman says:


  33. Lastname First says:

    Fam if you guys haven't done so watch the gay manifesto. It explains the gay agenda. It's an 1970 something documentary.

  34. Lastname First says:

    At the end of the day all this gender fluidity is leading ppl back to the fallen angels as in genderless. You see the coming of "aliens" demons really with the big head n eyes no gender. Sounds nuts but masses are being prepped to accept perversion on a whole another level.

  35. Lastname First says:

    Terry Crews is married to a biracial white passing woman. In their reality show she wears the pants. She gives orders he followed. He had an interview regarding a hollywerird exec of some sort grab his penis he didn't beat hin down. He went on about it stating he ask the guy why he did that n added he didn't beat him down only "felt" violated. Then he runs around wearing women shoes clothes wigs and make up on commercials and tv shows. Yep masculinity would be an issue for him……he like the submissive passive role on and off set.

  36. Jordan Goodson says:


  37. Shoulders29 Shoulders says:

    Rod Dreher has a bit of a history. He exposed some old podcast shows from Tommy Curry.


  38. Aline1918 1498Ernest says:

    Since 1997 their plan is to turn everyone gay specifically the black male.

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