Annual California women’s march canceled for being ‘overwhelmingly white’

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Humboldt County organizer Kelsey Reedy explains on ‘Watters’ World’ why the annual event in Eureka, California has been postponed.

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  1. William Valentine says:


  2. ZA WARUDO!!!! says:

    So…….what's next? Black Lives Matter march canceled for being too "overwhelmingly black"?!?!?!

  3. knightdrako says:

    Are albinos a bad thing now cause they are too white?

  4. Hinatachan360 says:

    Psst. Hey, Women's marchers. Haven't you heard?


  5. Karla Barret says:

    You shouldnt be racist period against white wowen or men.

  6. Tristan Alexander says:

    1. We never "genocided" native Americans. We killed a bunch of them one or two times by generals who disliked them and in response to them killing us first. Native Americans genocided each other much more than any other race did to them. Look up the "Crow Creek Massacre" if you want a great example.

    2. America is a majority White country, Humbolt County is 83% White. On top of that, a vast majority of the middle class (the class of people I assume would attend that march) are "overwhelmingly" White. It is even possible that 17% of the march actually were minorities which means their community was perfectly represented.

    3. She talks about Capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy like it's a bad thing, it is what made human civilization (particularly western civilization) so technologically, economically, and culturally advanced. Like, she just assumes because we are advanced and the dominant culture of the world we must be evil.

    4. Watters makes an excellent point at the end, if that march had been mostly non-Whites, she wouldn't have stopped it for being "overwhelmingly non-White," despite that meaning that it wouldn't be representative of the community. She just holds the trendy leftist anti-White sentiment and it is disgusting. It is no surprise to me at all that in addition to being a feminist, she is also anti-White and anti-capitalist.

  7. 2067792332977602 says:

    I might be wrong but isnt california like 40% white people 30 something hispanic and around 5% black? (rest of % is asians and others) regardless you are going to have a small group of black women going to the march because it is a very small group compared to white women in california. I mean a lot of us Hispanic look white so don't expect a wave of brown either.

  8. Critical Black Race Hippo says:

    entitled feminist idiot

  9. Lee Johnson says:

    Why would you March in January?

  10. Inspector Steve says:

    Liberals a so stupid. The right doesn't need to do anything the left burries themselves.
    I think it was Australia that did something kind of similar. There military was mostly men so now they are only accepting women to balance out the genders. So they don't want the best for the job. They much rather have male female ratio more even. Just ridiculous.

  11. A C says:


  12. YouTube BANDIT says:

    We are literally becoming as white people what black people were when segregated if you ask me we all have aquired the N word pass my niggas

  13. Rod Pruitt says:

    Just glad it was canceled. That's a win

  14. Devon Smith says:

    That is one ignorant woman. I can definitely not tell the difference between her ass and her face when she talks

  15. Devon Smith says:

    It is what it is. Each person chose to go or not to go. This is a perfect example of reality.thats just the way it is

  16. Derek Watson says:

    Wait, this isn't the Onion?

  17. DragonNinja 365 says:

    Women like this bring shame on our gender.

  18. AGR says:

    This woman has a single digit IQ

  19. just1nmcd says:

    Women Lives Matter, oh wait, only Black Women Lives Matter… The left always pushing racist doctrine and blaming the right for racism. So ridiculous

  20. PoliticallyIncorrectThrowaway Account says:

    Bed. Made. Lie.

  21. Ryan Man says:

    How does one talk about any event being too white in a country where the majority of the people by far is white? Like wtf? Sense, this makes none.

  22. damian herrera says:

    All I hear is blah blah blah blah I'm a dumbass

  23. mamc1986 says:

    This is so bizarre.

  24. Edgelord says:

    HAHAHAHA under the umbrella of colonialism??? Is she thinking of merchantilism????? Such blatant stupidity. Our education system has failed us.

  25. platuim knight says:

    Feminism once again proving that it has long since been hijacked by crazies.

  26. D W says:

    This is what happens when someone tries to sound smart by pulling out a bunch of exaggerated terms to try and make their point. Speak simply to show you fully understand what you are talking about.

  27. Øath betrayer says:

    White people get ready to be discriminated against in the future…even more than today.

  28. Kanga Talus says:

    Yikes!?!?! I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

  29. Mona Lisa says:

    Brown women are too busy working and starting business. Get it while the gettin’ good.

  30. Katie Hamel says:

    Lord help us all. This women should be incredibly embarrassed. There is no intelligence to what she was saying at all.

  31. Go Go Go says:

    When will white people wake up and stand up for themselves I sure do petty for the whites

  32. Nukesdoom says:

    We live in a world

  33. SCE2AUX says:

    Racist idiots.

  34. Dusty Warren says:

    I am starting a demonstration march to allow isis or terrorist memebers to commite attack in California and suicide bombings in California same day of next year in 2020. The attacks should be allowed because off the racists and sexeist women in California.

  35. Dusty Warren says:

    All isis members attack California and more suicide bomber attack California

  36. Dusty Warren says:


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