Anita Sarkeesian UN Speech w/ Zoe Quinn

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Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn recently spoke to the United Nations. Yep. See below for a link to the speech. Source:

Thumbnail credit: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Speech (starts at 1 hour 22 minutes mark:

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27 Responses

  1. Micah Nightwolf says:

    I mean, do these people literally not know what the word "violence" means? Violence is defined as "behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something." Words are not violence. Words don't cause black eyes. Words don't kill or maim. Words might hurt your feelings, but only if you're too weak-minded to ignore them and get over it. Anita has an ego the size of a hot air balloon, and any time someone deflates it with mere words, she reacts as if they shot at her with a gun.

  2. Micah Nightwolf says:

    "Video game critic" Anita Sarkeesian knows absolutely fuck all about video games. She blames gamers for "online violence" when she's the one getting triggered by nothing more than words on a screen.

  3. somfplease says:

    completely missed this. it's the end times. if you don't vote trump don't complain about this shit getting worse.

  4. Sovereign Anime says:

    Know what, fuck the UN it needs to be dissolved like fucking really.

  5. Louie Kaboom says:

    Speaking in front of the UN about cyber violence women have experienced online. Why the UN? Is cyber violence so rampant in Somalia, Haiti, Guadalajara and Czechoslovakia? Simple solution you skanky sluts. Turn off the game and stop making posts on Facebook and Twitter that are so stupid that the only recourse is to call you a dumb assed bitch. If you're playing WOW, then you're supposed to have cyber violence. It's Horde vs Alliance you dumb bitch.

  6. Citizen V says:

    Please define cyber violence to me because I've lost the plot at this point.

  7. jefe Anson says:

    the U.N. just lost any credibility they had left, by even entertaining these nut jobs as if the U.N. is a tabloid news paper daddy, the U.N. should really kick themselves in the ass , and beg people for forgiveness of thier own stupidity, if the U.N. even entertained these idiots , kt shows a major lack of priorities and actual usefulness of the U.N., they are a mockery now, and should be told that every day, until they do something about nut feminists, because the loonies got right to in thier house. now at least the U.N. can see the lunacy that we have been forced to deal with and hopefully never allow another feminist policies to touch thier desks, or invade thier emails.

  8. Rising Power says:

    The problem is the same problem with all attempts to censor information. Who gets to decide what is offensive?
    The whole idea of cyber violence is suspect. If I was to tell you to uck off and die, this is only an idea, not an actual event.
    I think that this would be thought crime This is from
    A thoughtcrime is an occurrence or instance of controversial or socially unacceptable thoughts. The term is also used to describe some theological concepts such as disbelief or idolatry, or a rejection of strong social or philosophical principles.
    Right now, we have laws in Canada against uttering a threat. So, it's already illegal to threaten to kill someone, or to threaten to commit a crime against someone, or to counsel another person to commit a crime.
    When they start to add 'Harassment,' then things are starting to look not so good.
    When someone says to Anita, "You suck," is this a crime to be kicked off the internet?
    Maybe "I think you are lying," should be grounds for the boot.
    Who decides?
    Bad, bad, bad.

  9. sarcastic gamer says:

    er no mention of men and boys on that article hmm sexism

  10. Richard Greeter says:

    I'm still laughing my ass off about this like the joker she can't stand being told see's an idiot so she has to have the UN step in and tell people to stop calling her an idiot I'm still laughing

  11. Thenaturalstyles says:

    "A survivor of cyber violence"

    Someone needs to slap the bitch that wrote that shit, right in the fucking face.

  12. MalciousFishes says:

    Do you have like…any original opinions to voice? Like why did you make this? You're laughing like a hyena for 70% of the video. WHY is it ridiculous? We know it LOOKS that way, why do you think so? WHAT'S YOUR POINT?

  13. Lord Rixuel says:

    cyber violence? they went to the wrong place. they should had go to the cyber police instead lol

  14. momokol366 says:

    Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn do not represent the entirety of women, they have right to preach there own opinions to those at the UN. They need to get off there homemade soapbox and go home and feel guilty for there senseless promotion of censorship.

  15. L1ttleT3d says:

    The U.N. has been a joke for some time. It appears they've finally embraced that and just gone with it.

  16. VividerMirror says:

    This makes me want to kill my self…why have we fallen so far from the light…

  17. Gerff says:

    Filthy fucking whores

  18. Karma says:

    I cam here for the Speech you fucking Dipshit.

  19. Alienshade says:

    You made them they are Now Frankensteins monsters.

  20. SummbuddiesFriend says:

    We are fucked. Oh fuck. We are so fucking fucked. Get them out. How did Anita and Zoe get on the UN.

  21. magoichi75 says:

    Please don't tell me the UN are going to take her serious ._.

  22. Chazzy Chaz says:

    man, this is a fxxking joke, they just wasting ppl time

  23. Coffee & Music says:

    the only feminists i support are the ones who DO call out the misogynistic assholes(you know? the REAL ones). and the Feminists fighting for equal rights in third world countries.

    but these two overly sheltered dim-witted idiots i could give a empty field of fucks. Cyber violence? try ignoring the trolls? -_-

  24. Snake Man448 says:

    Remember when Anita criticized the Damsel in Distress trope, over several videos no less?

    She exploits that shit all the time.

  25. Miguel Garcia says:

    30 rock was right about U.N. they don't do anything, they just waste time and money.
    They could be doing something about the people in Syria, Africa or any 3rd world country where they are dying, women are being literally raped and opressed, but they talk and take seriously this shit?
    da fuck?

  26. Barny Fraggles says:

    Oh god no…they didn't invite these two histrionic simpletons to the UN to speak on behalf of all women…please tell me it aint so…

  27. DerkleBob says:

    0:53 This makes me want to puke.

    These idiots get to address the worlds leaders about cyber violence while real people all around the real world are experiencing REAL violence. This is horrible. I know it's really cheesy when someone says "I've lost all faith in humanity." but I don't know any other way to phrase how I feel about this.

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