ANDROID 17 REACTS to Dragon Ball Z Characters Gender Swap

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26 Responses

  1. Jose Garcia says:

    Snapped my neck

  2. True-Blue-Pikachu says:

    So apparently 18 will freak you out if she had black hair. Which reminds me, I expected the male 18 would just be you as a Super Saiyan, 17.

  3. KingNazaru says:

    Could’ve gone my whole life without seeing Jiren gender swapped.

  4. Peace Ecaep says:

    Female Hercule is cringy AF!
    And girly zamasu is kinda cute….I feel dirty

  5. Country Girl says:

    You Spock too soon about kale

  6. PrinslyIfGamer PFG says:

    It's not vegeta blue it's super Saiyan god super Saiyan vegeta

  7. Xavier Hodges says:

    Half of them looks weird

  8. fallout brotherhood of wasteland says:

    2:15 2:16
    At least female Broly is cool
    Doesn't make Sense lol

  9. Julian King says:

    Eh these videos suck but you are cool but do ya know who is cool Frieza’s brother is cooler

  10. Darnumi says:

    17 please get a new Television that thing is too small for your BOWERFUL content

  11. ThunderSpeakVA says:

    1:34 I realized that female Gohan is wearing a training outfit from my hero academia, no lie I can imagine gohan actually going to that school lol XD

  12. 『ȷǝꜰꜰrǝy ツ』 says:

    My PFP is a boy with girl eyes

  13. david peralta zapata says:

    South is that even a man or a woman

  14. Naruto Uzumaki 『Iиƒαмσυѕ Orange Ramen Ninja』 says:

    Did Anyone noticed that the female version of Gohan was wear the U.A. Gym uniform at 1:33? (U.A. Gym uniform: 'My Hero Academia' for those of you who don't know)

  15. Totally TheTruePancakeBoi says:

    Yes… Plz let's not genderbend it's weird. Nice video though 😀

  16. Your Mom says:

    Noooo I'm not a dragon ball fan!


    "Well at least they didn't use a picture of Kale." a few seconds later "Oh you son of a bitch!"

  18. Dres2000 says:

    I swear these memes vids are just… Cancerous

  19. InfiZ9001 says:

    1:14 wow….you don't have to know a lot about Dragon Ball to know that Goku isn't Vegito -_-

  20. Darius The Wolf says:

    Hi 17 leave that guy alone

  21. alex ramirez says:

    Yup doing this again

  22. Sonic and DBZ fighter 770 says:

    I agree with you in every way

  23. Duskbringer says:

    So, when we get more let's plays? Just curious!

  24. Rose Bendy says:

    O god its 17 worst Nightmare a Female version of Cell which is Worst

  25. Qsc _slime says:


  26. SharkBoi34 says:

    Oh no not this again….

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