An Aussies Guide To Buying A House

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There is no hiding from the fact that buying your first house is very bloody hard. But here is how you can do it.

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26 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    Why don't people living in cities consider rural areas as an option? Honest question.

    The argument is always "I can't get a $900,000 loan so I've gotta rent"… Why is it never mentioned that you could get a $250,000 loan and work on a nice house somewhere outside of the city? Obviously it's not what your parents may have had (ya lucky big city cunts), but it doesn't mean the option should just be ignored.

  2. Hannah Jeffrey says:

    I agree but your in Sydney i used to live in Sydney ITS EXPERIENCE ALRIGHHHT MOVE TO VICTORIA ITS CHEAPER, lol

  3. Nicholas Baker says:

    Moister than an oyster

  4. Quarters_Gaming says:

    This guy is so funny other Isaac Butterfield fans pls sub to me and him cause I’m a fan

  5. Shannon Charlton says:

    The Australian life if fucked

  6. john smith says:

    get a Mobil home

  7. Martin Allen says:

    And My friggin house is 1.7

  8. unfading89 says:

    I used to live next door to people in a band that only played Metallica songs poorly on weeknights

  9. yesfrat b knowin says:

    how have I not heard of moister than an oyster me, new fave piss funny

  10. yesfrat b knowin says:

    two of those hobbies sound good but fuk takin up the durries baha

  11. Josh Salway says:

    The great Australian dream is dead

  12. Astto says:

    I actually think it would be more practical to purchase a mobile home, for example a Caravan or Camper. Far cheaper. You can live anywhere you want, never need to worry about land rates or what ever, if your neighbour's a cock head you can pack up and move at the drop of a hat. It really just makes sense to me.

  13. Jayvyn Mason says:

    I have found my new favourite video

  14. Jeffperson 222 says:

    One of the funniest videos of yours

  15. Alexander Marks says:

    I love this guy

  16. Bunnies Beauty says:

    Anyone else notice his radio is back?

  17. Wood & Forge & D.I.Y. says:

    How to buy a house:
    1. Buy a van
    2. Make it home
    3. Save up for 5 years
    4. Buy a house

  18. Peyton Bartlem says:

    My sister pays more less money now then she was wen she was renting and she is Paying of there house

  19. NO ANIME says:

    Remember fellas…

    No anime

  20. Brodie Bashford says:

    Yeah boi…. rick and morty

  21. Random stuff with Luke says:

    I like your coles minis in the background

  22. Matthew Antonello says:

    its plainly not unavoidable.
    It might be unavoidable for a single person under 25 but if you have a stable partner and anything approaching average yearly earnings you can afford a house.

    Problem is nobody wants to sack up and make sacrifices for a year to save for the deposit and dont want to commute in a bit further to work every day.

  23. sharethatsnap says:

    This is actually the funniest thing I have ever seen bro

  24. FxckTheToys says:

    Hey we have the same Makita Radio!!!!

  25. Sarah Thomas says:

    Bond in my town is about $1700- $2500 but it cost almost as much to move out because they require all curtains dry cleaned (last time it cost $800) Professional bond cleaners, Pest control as well as getting all the carpets cleaned. I almost feel like telling them to just keep the bond and do it themselves but it would screw with my rental history.

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