American Psychological Association deem being “male” a pathology

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For the first time in its history, the American Psychological Association (APA) issued guidelines to help clinicians improve the health of boys and men, declaring aspects of “traditional masculinity” “harmful.”

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21 Responses

  1. Phoenix Smith says:

    This was even shown on Horizions in about 1994 about how plastics leaching endocrine disruptors are causing low sperm counts, low testosterone. And the AMA is the same people that though cutting people's brains, electroshock and insulin shock therapy. and freezing water to produce shock was good "treatments".

  2. gem su says:

    The " War on men and boys" is a primer for a one world Anglo – zionist technocracy. The world ruled from the city of London and New York.

    No pride in ethnicity, religion or family. One race, one religion, one English speaking corporation.

  3. Don Will says:

    It sounds like the controllers are frightened that we might rise up against them, I have a little faith in that.

  4. Randy Williams says:

    Those people are totally mentally ill and don't know squat about reality.

  5. Lavoy Fulcrum says:

    Clearly the APA is infiltrated with the cultural Marxist sabotuers seeking to destroy the family and the healthy fabric of society. Deepstate, globalists, call them as you like; they want to make individuals and culture weak so "they" can dominate. People who buy into the propaganda from these corrupted institutions are "useful idiots".

  6. Simon Matthews says:

    I am dumbfounded for it seems that if you are male or masculine then this is offensive to feminists. We should just respect each other for all our facets & realise we all have different strengths & weakness for that is just nature!

  7. BunnaySango says:

    Men need to be men now more than ever.

  8. anonymous anonymous says:

    I will never regret leaving the US.

  9. Source Hauntings says:

    Sure- take away mans manness and they don't fight back- invent other ways to things- sad

  10. IAtomicBongI says:

    So they want soy boys not men. Gotcha.

  11. Ethan says:

    I used to question witch hunts and other forms of mass hysteria and think, gee I'm glad people aren't like that anymore.
    Boy was I wrong.
    Oh and my masculinity MUST be toxic, because I saw that soy-faced doctor happily DENYING REALITY,and all I wanted to do is smack him.

  12. Duane Allman says:

    APA says we are toxic?I say we go there and bust some heads ! (Relax,it's a joke…oops a microaggression and hate speech)

  13. Linda Cook says:

    This is the exact sort of thing I think of when people argue that there should be mental health tests for certain rights such as owning guns. I'm always saying that it sounds good until they make whatever traits you have some sort of mental disorder to take away your rights…

  14. Manuel Avila says:

    but when women appropriate these exact mannerisms it’s considered bold and brave

  15. Robert Sowell says:

    I have a MS in clinical mental health and worked as a therapist for 7 years. I got out of it because I could no longer be a cog in the wheel of their fraud and BS.

  16. WhiteRose says:

    Ladies get your men shrunk, hell just get them chemically lobotomized! Come at me bro!!

  17. Bryce Courtney says:

    Marlon Brando was a flaming homosexual. He played a tough man on screen but behind the scenes he was a sodomite. Sad but true

  18. vtg100 says:

    I'm sure I saw somewhere that Oestrogen from the birth pill is in the water cuz they can't filter it out and it was changing the sex of fish. Would Oestrogen in the water lower the sperm count?

  19. resurgam75 says:

    The next thing I think is that the Hollyweird MtF's are going to start coming out the closet.
    Where will all this insanity go? Some 'event' will need to happen to reset things a little, or we've lost, the madness is too far gone.

  20. Omni says:

    Avast was a good antivirus. Now I'm on Linux and don't even need antivirus.

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