Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Bringing Moral Courage to American Politics | The Daily Show

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Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains how democratic socialism can help America and doubles down on her commitment to refuse corporate political donations.

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45 Responses

  1. Max says:

    she is so fucking dumb

  2. Darth Haggis says:

    Never trust a woman with a hyphenated last name.

  3. Bike Maurice says:

    Beautiful, Intelligent, and courageous o_o

  4. Froilan Gonzalez says:

    Rosario dawson is a politician

  5. Sharpness3v says:

    4:46 math doesn't add up… the population is 325.7 million

  6. bonzology says:

    That’s a smart cookie right there!

  7. Spink Pinkey says:

    There is nothing moral about Ocasio Cort. She has lied about her background, has no clue about politics and taxation and speaks absolute nonsense. fawning presenters will not save her when she goes up against experienced people in politics.

  8. Ana Carolina Andrade Damasceno says:

    11:04 "I speak to people's needs." Gave away her populist self right there cause that's what socialism is about, that's why they say it's so appealing. Because there is no trade off, she is saying to americans they can have all these things like medicare and free college without sacrificing anything. Take minimun wage for instance, unemployment rate WOULD RISE, no doubt about that, just facts.

  9. Tara Martin says:

    i don’t really know if i agree or disagree with her on some things, but i definitely respect and support her. hope she goes far & gives a voice to those who need it most!

  10. Virginia Andre says:

    But facts don't matter when you're morally right —–AOC.

  11. Anthony Villegas says:

    she said “PERIODT” at the end. she’s my favorite wow.

  12. Todd Lichtenwalter says:

    Very inspiring, all power to her.

  13. D Fernandez says:

    I loved her when this first came out and i still love her today. She is the future and I hope her all the success

  14. IS M says:

    Haha!!! What a title. Right, the socialist is bringing morality to American Politics. Lord have mercy

  15. Nattalie McShan says:

    Woow she is 28! That is inspiring!!!

  16. 1lolofred says:

    My girl..

  17. Bobby Brown says:

    This is why Trever Noah sucks and John Steward was the man. John would have never let her ramble the bullshit

  18. Tony Ayala says:

    Great job this was better than trumps prime time ..

  19. Gonzalo Salinas says:

    What she proposes in this interview is Adam Smith's economics…she calls it socialism to make it sound radical…and maybe because she has not read Wealth of Nations

  20. Ben Abraham says:

    I love you Alex! I have one question. Why do the ceos make so much money? They should distribute to their money to their employees.

  21. Carmen George Weddings says:

    LOVE HER!!!! Female young version of Bernie Sanders. He also got elected without corporate money.

  22. Qurkee1 says:

    200 million is 40% of the american population, Quick maths

  23. Spencer Munjone says:

    200 million Americans make under $20k per year? 40% of the country?

    There’s only 320 million people in America……fact checks people. Her math doesn’t add up. The Dems are using her to appeal to the youth who don’t do research. Books have been written to talk about how to deal with millennials. You think the old Dems haven’t caught on? We believe every quote we read on social media because Will Smith’s picture is on it. We don’t even research who actually said it. We need to realize she is just a distraction. You ain’t gonna tell me these 70/80 year old Dems in government all the sudden believe in this socialist crap. They believe in what makes them money. Give it another year, and you won’t hear anything about this whack job. Thankfully.

  24. Jenn smith says:

    The democrats just get nuttier.

  25. Raymond Johansen says:

    Talking like a Norwegian:)

  26. CM C says:

    Cortez is moral? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Priceless!!!

  27. Tyrone Malone says:


  28. Joe Barker says:

    200 million equals 40% of our country, obviously she is not a math wizard

  29. Gilly Gil says:

    January 11, 2019: Ocasio-Cortez proposes 70% taxes on the rich. New York's rich people immediately make plans to move to Pennsylvania and Connecticut. With the property taxes, state and local taxes imposed already, the rich no longer receive the fruits of their labor. Socialism is at the point of a gun. Rich, educated people understand this. So does Alexandria. Having grown up in West Chester, she knows exactly what she is doing. Globalist dupe.

  30. joe 90 says:

    I'd date her I like dumb stupid women with nice bodies


    Congratulations Alexandra Ocasio Cortez!!

  32. X S says:

    Dip shit.
    Another clueless millinial bent on undermining this country.
    She is so ignorant of facts, she is just riding the wave. It will be a great story to tell her 57 grandkids…

  33. Ecohumanworld says:

    You Americans have a real problem with the notion of "socialism". Perhaps you have it and you still associate too much with communism. For us in Europe, the concept of "socialism" have a positive connotation, as social justice, care for the elderly, guaranteed pension, for all available free health and education …. After that, we measure the greatness of a country and not according to how a country is military strong and business successful. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a great person and I hope she will one day be president of USA.

  34. Dan Vaught says:

    Feminist and Cucked men agree AOC is ok!

  35. Nathan Rae says:

    Just a barrage of critical questions… Trevor Noah should’ve asked more about HER instead of what her critics (on both sides) have to say. Honestly talk shows are almost as politicized as the news is. Money talks I suppose. GO CORTEZ!!!

  36. LINDA WILSON says:

    she needs to grow a hole in the head

  37. ivan date says:

    remember , they said Latinos will rules after this 30 year …
    so this kind of leader intelligence will lead , wtf

  38. Mike Plimpton says:

    I would love her to sit for an interview with Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder.

  39. Shane Thompson says:

    This is bad. This woman has no clue what she is talking about and confuses most of the population with clever wordplay. Dances around questions when actual facts and numbers come up.

  40. Mikael Lindroos says:

    All immigrants are not criminals and rapers and all americans are not stupid morons.Strong personality women.

  41. Ree's Purpose says:

    She is awesome.

  42. SABRINAJANE says:

    She's literally dumber than many 3rd graders.

  43. Vasilios Poulos says:

    4:50 ….. "200 million Americans make $20k or less a year. Thats 40% of this country"……. Math is hard Alexandra, isn't it…. Considering the population is approx 320 million…. If the simplest of facts is incorrect, what else is? I love the passion, but she will be politically shredded in the coming year(s)

  44. Ria says:

    A real journalist would ask her questions about the inaccurate statistics.

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