After ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ Prosecutors Ask Alleged Victims To Come Forward | TODAY

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In the wake of an explosive documentary series detailing disturbing allegations of indecent abuse against singer R. Kelly, prosecutors in several states are encouraging possible victims to come forward. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY.
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After ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ Prosecutors Ask Alleged Victims To Come Forward | TODAY

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20 Responses

  1. Kathryn Williams says:

    when did people become so single minded in this country? it seem like people want to just shift the blame and parental responsibility. when i was growing up i had to be 18 before i could go out alone, i had to have an older person or sibling to go with me, somebody who could have told a man to get lost and reminded him of my age. ok, when you first realize your child aint home, do you ask the police to find them? no, u wait until they are grown and cry abuse which i believe they where. you get a court order and have the law go in and get your under age child because waiting until they are grown will be harder. Under age kids are parents responsibility, im not talking about kidnapping or stalking, but a parent should know where their kids are and if they are not home or going to school, then u go a looking and take action. these parents dont want Kelley to talk because he will tell them how many families he took care of in exchange for their daughters.

  2. Evarette Wawoe says:

    Let them call Wendy Williams she knows everything

  3. Derrick Khut says:

    This is not a surprise..

  4. April Merino says:

    Aaliyah's mother needs to help the other victims by speaking out to authorities. I know that she wants to protect Aaliyah's image and she may be ashamed of not protecting her daughter enough but image how much of a victory this would be for Aaliyah and all of the other victims if she could help to put this piece of trash in jail.

  5. Tanning Chatum says:

    I hate black women so much.

  6. Monique Coles says:

    So if they want to see him get what he deserves why has only 2 families come forward and none of the ones in the documentary??? And why is the 2 families story not enough to file charges???? Things to make you go hmmmm!!! If you want Justice they asking them to step up and come tell them or show proof but all you seeing and hearing Is crickets ijs

  7. Hood Standards says:

    They are making this story about “black woman being taken seriously “ 2:10

  8. Jenny Kevin says:

    this ugly women are trying so hard to get attention and fame,

  9. ECKVue19 says:

    Next up Surviving Bill clinton

  10. norene The orange head says:

    Bill Cosby brother can't look at him normally anymore

  11. soursop1972 says:

    Am i the only one that is going to mention those ridiculous looking blue eyes on the mother?

  12. EL PERFUMÉ says:


  13. EL PERFUMÉ says:

    It's a choice

    -Kanye West

  14. EL PERFUMÉ says:

    Yo if R Kelly gets outta this one he's definitely a Kingpin.

  15. jakel griffin says:

    Sometimes you need to forget the system just put the man in jail cuz we all know its true

  16. M E says:

    Let see how this ends it’s just another day in K world

  17. Nini Musta says:

    the Music industry is behind him…. so expect anything they are just like Hollywood…

  18. space ghost says:

    Man R'ah kelly is in real deep now

  19. King cow says:

    Witch Hunt

  20. T Streeter says:

    This is not new news, R Kelly's been sticking his fingers in young girls butt holes for years.

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