A Tale of Two Women and Their Careers in Science

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A little video that looks at one of the less-discussed issues for women in STEM – the impact of caring responsibilities. We’d love you to use and share this. If you use it in workshops etc, please let us know at: [email protected]

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7 Responses

  1. Che Rob says:

    Awesome video and this is seen in many other careers as well. I will be using it in my classrooms when I have the opportunity.

  2. Trohn B says:

    It’s hard to know if you are good enough to make it in other stem careers. How do u find your passion early?

  3. Trohn B says:

    Wow! I’m impressed by the realism of this quick video. (A little heavy on the portrayal of grief). My story is similar to katie’s. I’m a high school science teacher. I love it at times but I also desire the depth and exploration that other STEM careers may offer. Is hard to know if you are good enough to make it.

  4. Ketan Deshmukh says:

    really touched my heart , loved them

  5. Fiona Mumoki says:

    Very informative and inspiring. Thank you

  6. susmita mondal says:

    absolutely true

  7. Powerprick red says:

    nice video, you should definitely upload more I would love to her more about your story and career as a physicist as I am looking to pursue such a career. Sorry about Katie 🙁 hope she doesn't give up hope.

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