A socialist radical feminist new year message

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4 Responses

  1. Interdimentional Wizard Wiz says:

    No deal is fine.

  2. Interdimentional Wizard Wiz says:

    Feminism turns young women against men.
    Patriarchy (Fathers love and contribution to society) is being torn down by feminism…. and withdrawn by men…… WOMEN WAKE UP!!! who will build your houses?
    Why would young men build houses for single mothers?… Feminism is idiotic!

  3. Interdimentional Wizard Wiz says:

    Feminism these days destroys family, fatherhood, the joy between the sexes, fairness, flirting… and the reason to live.
    Feminism teaches women that men never loved them only oppressed them…
    I cannot think of a deeper insult to the heart and soul of Man. Civilisation is evidently not going to survive the backlash.

  4. Bango says:

    The Nazis were socialists

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