A Debate I Had With A Fellow Ivy Leaguer Over James Damore’s Memo (With Sad Results)

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I was on my Facebook talking about how we as consumers can help use the marketplace to encourage more competition. I wanted to start a positive debate about society, capitalism, choice, and everything related to the current state of society. A fellow Penn alumnus decided to engage me and give his views. Unfortunately, he quickly defriends me after deciding that he doesn’t want to actually read James Damore’s memo (which I graciously linked for him). It’s so sad because if an Ivy-League educated smart guy like him stoops so low and can only use his emotions when challenged on his views (claiming that Damore is a “m_ron” and was spewing “hateful” rhetoric), then I have no idea how people in society can ever engage in meaningful debate. In any case, hear my hilariously sad story and enjoy it for what it is. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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26 Responses

  1. Michael Brady says:

    You learned a valuable lesson, Ivy leauge smivey leauge people are retards. A homeless guy can get what you say, what does that tell you.

  2. George Benwell says:

    Intelligence unleavened by wisdom and experience is entirely confounded……I don't automatically believe Ivy League ivory tower intellectuals are necessarily very bright.

  3. kingorpawn says:

    Isn't YouTube owned by Google?

  4. Juil says:

    Use Google's product while blocking all their ads and not paying for anything.
    Promote Adblock everywhere.

  5. Max Dominate says:

    So much for the intellectual quality of Ivy League people.

  6. Max Dominate says:

    DuckDuckGo works very well.

  7. SierraSierraFoxtrot says:

    I find that by far the easiest way to trigger people is to ask them questions that would require them to think about or justify their beliefs.
    In other words: If you tell someone he's wrong he'll be less triggered than if you ask him to explain why he's right.

  8. Nan Tian says:

    That might be part of human nature: “I cannot be wrong, otherwise I would rather die.”

  9. Dennis Wargin says:

    Great video!

  10. Haggard Pillock says:

    I'm using duckduckgo, but the url is annoying to type. But it's my go to for now.

  11. Tracy Barnes says:

    As consumers that is our ONLY power. The choice to NOT use those companies that piss us off. Searching for another fuller platform than YouTube.

  12. E Johnson says:

    Funny enough the EXACT same thing happened to me. I am from Venezuela and studied at a public university there, though now I live in the US. I had an argument about the Damore memo, which also got extremely irrational, with a person from back home who is now at MIT. Things calmed down and then I had another argument about some racism allegations he was making, that really required a bit of mental gymnastics to qualify as straight up racism. Instead of having and intellectual argument, he unfriended me and then friended me back under the condition that I do not have opinions on his politics (pretty much holding a friendship hostage). I did not leave a dictatorship just so somebody else tells me what to say or think, so naturally I told him to fuck off. Glad to know there are free thinking people out there. Keep it up!

  13. a d says:

    Demore used some studies that have been debunked like the boren cohen study on infants

  14. Nate Andrews says:

    That's the power of ideology man. Besides a man needs to get laid, or at least he thinks he will.

  15. hammer untruth says:

    this is nothing new. for the past 20 -30 years colleges no longer even try to teach you how to think I.E. "critical thinking skills" rather they teach you "what to think" . I was in college way way back in the late 70's( had a little blimp in my studies ,(you might have heard of it …called the vietnam conflict ) I am ashamed that the people i went to school with are the ones that Now do their god damn best to brow beat,and warp the minds of college students ,into marxists ,oh my bad !, i meant,of course the Just and dignified, SJW concepts of forced diversity,Matriarchal sexist bullshit !. No matter how much or how loud Sjw'S might scream and shout to the otherwise incongruente logic of their views,men and women are NOT interchangeable,there are BIOLOGICAL differences between the two. you know the great thing about facts are : facts do not give a good god damn if they hurt your feelings,nor do they care if you disagree with what they say.A good example would be this : the sun comes up,the sun goes down,and it doesn't care if you like the times that it does this,nor if you find its brightness to hurt your eyes ! This listen and believe crap is just Lazy thinking ! Asking questions makes my head hurt so google please think for me..i Know you have my best interest at heart! Yep ! that's right and so did Stalin,Mao,lenin,and Hitler ! All of us have a mind,it may well be time that we Use it for something other then a spot to put our hats on !

  16. Jack Crow says:

    you challenged his sacred values as put forth by his religion (PC).

  17. Joseph LaBonte says:

    Now you're a 100% right at 0% wrong

  18. TheBlackiwid says:

    I see your point, but you seemed you are really interested why you can't even reach him, and you said you did not insulting him.

    Technically that is true, but using the "ad hominem" is some sort of showing of, I know it should not matter if we would debate only factual and not emotional, but if he was pretty triggered already that could be the small thing that made him so angry to give you no chance.

    We in germany have 2 sorts of "you" a formal and a non-formal, so if we use the formal "Sie" instead of the nonformal "du" we clearly signal that we not liking somebody at least yet to use the "du", in other context it can also mean respect so its a bit more complicated, but using the "ad hominem" seems to me not very personal I would not use that with friends, especially on a public field where 3rd people can read.

    It's not that hard to use the english words like "that was not what he said" if that would really lead to another outcoome I can't predict but the chances would been higher imho.

    Also you make a bit strange claims, I know on the right its a idea that leftists are more dumb, they are more dumb on that topic likely but even there we have a wide range. But in general IQ or something they would pretty shure have higher ratings than at least conservatives.

    So everywhere in the west at universities except maybe some business schools most students are left, which can mean a big range, but wondering that even ivy leage universities have leftists is absurd, oof course there are leftist. On universities are more people on the left spectrum then on the avarage population, even Damore is or was at least clearly on the left spectrum. His memo reads in my ears nearly like a feminist manifest. Which makes the attacks from the femnazies so absurd.

    Its like they attacking him for beeing only a 90% feminist and not a 100% one… I mean come on his whole point was, they should reach 50/50 diversity just use other methods like a more "welcoming environment for woman" if that is not feminist ideas, I don't know what is.

    I would like to see the same effort in hospitals to make them more welcoming for man, like having a computer gaming room for personal or let them drink beer while they work or something like that. Or having posters of naked woman all over the hospital? Something like that…

  19. Kevin Choi says:

    He feels attacked when discourse doesn't follow his confirmation bias. Ivy-leaguer doesn't matter — a lot of people compartmentalize education to fit their needs and still harbor their own narratives about world-view, refusing to be challenged.

  20. Europa Man says:

    "The Unleash Your Brilliance at San Jose City College" ad for this site is about 95% with all the interviews of women.  All of the graduates in gowns are women.   This occurs at a time when women are 60% of the national student body.   At 66%, there are two females in college for every male in college.

  21. Europa Man says:

    Silicon Valley employers discriminate against men in hiring by creating new positions or lowering listed job qualifications to suite female candidates.   Job ad asks for 5+ or 10+ years of professional experience.   If you're a woman,  you don't need any experience.  The larger companies have official mentorship programs for women, but not men.   Internship programs emphasize a 50/50 sex ratio even when the talent pool from engineering is 80/20 male/female.  To get a programmer's job at Google, men need 5-10 years more experience than women.   That's discrimination.

  22. Kauê Carbonari says:

    I advise you not be frustrated because intelligence not equals wisdom.
    Think of bright people have higher resolution of things so they can be lost in useless specifics of a broader picture.

  23. Clay Zug says:

    stop blindly accepting what journalists tell you. in fact, why do you entrust people (the journalists) you don't know and who don't know you to read documents for you!? are you that f*ing lazy? take responsibility for yourself, READ, and understand both sides of every debate.

  24. leung says:

    100% with you. Duck duck go and map quest ftw.

  25. Nancy Bartley says:

    When you are a person who believes in common sense, it is extremely painful to realize that most of life doesn't make sense simply because not everyone plays by common sense. You asked your friend a reasonable question about why he called Damore a moron. Immediately you forced him to realize how wrong he was for doing so. Damore is a brave person. He might have also been naive. Therefore, in the strict parameters of the power our employers have over us to control our expression of opinions, Damore made a mistake in speaking out. It is time to address the power businesses have over citizens of a society predicated on individual rights, free speech, etc. Businesses should have some power over employees when it comes to the product they promote, but political ideas and beliefs should not be dictated.

  26. Zzz Man says:

    I stopped using google too after I heard about this case. The guy you talked about displayed very odd behavior towards you when he blocked you out. I was gobsmacked when you mentioned what he did. For what exactly?

    I think that a growing number of people are getting annoyed/irritated with these SJW types.

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